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Binomo manager arrested in Bali

Binomo boss arrested in Bali Directorate of Special Economic Crimes or Special Crime Investigation Unit Directorate of Criminal Investigation Police arrested Bryan Edgar Nababan because Bryan, who is known to be the manager of Binomo who was arrested in connection with the case that ensnared Indrakesuma alias Indra Kenz wearing a white sweater was also seen among the three policemen. Then what was Bryan's career like before, investigators from the Directorate of Special Economic Crimes of the National Police made an arrest against a person on behalf of the initial B in the Bali area who was arrested in connection with the case that ensnared Indrakesuma alias Indra Kenz, who was examined as a suspect on Friday, April 1 then. once studied in Russia in 2014 and also in October 2018 there was a 404 group process in collaboration with Binomo, then the suspect was accepted as a customer tasked with receiving complaints from Binomo players, especially from the Asian region in Indonesia. Then in February 2019 he got a position as development manager for Binomo whose job is to offer influencers in Indonesia to become Binomo Affiliates with the profit-sharing system the suspect is always sending funds amounting to 120,000000 to Indrakenz in February 2021 and then the police immediately detained him for the next 20 days of detention itself as of April 1, 2002, and the articles that are suspected of being against the TNI are article 45 for article 27 paragraph 2 and or article 45 paragraph 1 junto article 28 paragraph 1 of law number 19 of 2016 concerning amendments to law number 11 of 2008 concerning Information and electronic transactions, one by one, the Binomo case and the people behind it are starting to come to light, follow the progress of the case at Simkom Media.

The new suspect in the fraudulent investment case under the guise of trading Bryan Edgar Nababan also recruited 50 other Aviators, the police admitted that they had been deceived by the suspect.

because the Binomo development manager was quite agile when the police found 1 new suspect in a fraudulent investment scam under the guise of trading in Binomo who was arrested by the police in Bali, allegedly trying to escape from the Samarinda police from traveling to Surabaya and ending up in a villa in Seminyak for quite a while We are revealing it because it is indeed enough to eliminate evidence by the police. This was done because from the start the police had suspected that Indrakesuma alias Indrakenz did not act alone in committing fraud. Through the Binomo application, from this arrest, it was even revealed that it was not only Indrakenz who was recruited as an Aviator. recruited and threatened with the same fate as Indrakenz, his job from the time he entered until he became a management development Binomo was to find meaning or Indonesia was even stated in his statement that he had contacted several options to join together in Indonesia with a profit-sharing of 70% Affiliate and 30% are in Indonesia, there are approximately 5080 people who he contacted to pause his affiliates but and 50 or 10 people, we are even though in reality whoever it is next month maybe we will reveal Whoever becomes an affiliate of Binomo, one of them is none other than Fakar Suhartami Pratama alias Pak Aris, a figure who is said to be the teacher of Binomo Indra Kesuma alias Indrakenz. The special economic crime unit of the National Police-Criminal Investigation Unit arrested Brian Edgar Nababan in a case of alleged fraudulent investment using the Binomo platform involving the police Indrakenz, calling Bryan Edgar a recruiter for the Binomo public relations affiliate of the Indonesian National Police Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadan in a press conference Monday, April 4, 2022, announcing the arrest of another suspect in an investment case. bodong Indrakenz namely Brian Edgar Nababan Brian was arrested by the police in Bali On March 31, 2022, and immediately taken to Jakarta for examination Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadan said Bria was suspected of being the manager of the Binomo application who played a role in recruiting affiliates. seen from the flow of funds concerned sent a sum of money to the suspect. as the Police Criminal Investigation partner, named a new suspect. The Binomo application fraud case involving Indra Kenz, namely the development Manager of the Binomo platform Brian Edgar Nababan, was previously arrested in Bali on March 31, 2022, the police also confiscated a laptop belonging to Brian Brian Edgar Nababan. a 404 group company that has a partnership with Binomo, he was tasked with receiving complaints from Binomo players, especially in Indonesia until finally serving as the development manager of the Binomo application who is now being held in the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police Headquarters for the next 20 days, according to the results of police investigations, Bryan Edgar played a role in offering Indonesian influencers to Becoming a Binomo affiliate with profit sharing, he was tracked where he sent funds amounting to 120000000 rupiahs to suspect Indrakenz in February 2021 then suspect B was as an affiliate seeker and also sent money from the flow of funds seen from the flow of funds. The person concerned sent some money to the suspect. Further information the police have arrested a new suspect in a suspected fraud case through the Binomo application on April 1, 2022, then 1 person who was arrested named Brian Edgar Nababan this arrest is a development of a case that previously ensnared influencerIndrakenz Brain It is known that he has studied in Russia since 2014 and has also registered with a Russian company. 404 the group of companies has collaborated with Bo's video. Apart from that, Brayen is known to serve as customer support at Binomo whose job is to receive complaints from users of these factors, especially in the Indonesian National Police-Criminal Investigation Agency Brigadier General Wisnu Hermawan as well. added that since 2019 Brain has to offer influencers to become affiliates of the application by offering profit-sharing systems.

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