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 In Story Film this time, I will summarize the plot of the 2017 Wonder Woman film produced by DC Film, directed

 Patty Jenkins Distributed By Warner Bros. but can also be said to be the 3rd sequel after Batman versus Superman, this film stars Gal Gadot as the main role, namely Diana Princess or Wonder Woman Chris Pine as StepTrafford and many other actors, Diana Prince who goes on her adventures. Stop the Gods who want to destroy the lives of mankind, how is Diana's story next? Let's see the storyline after the Batman versus Superman movie, Dayana Prince visits love as a member of the when Ester Prince enterprise. He receives a suitcase sent by Bruce Wayne. Inside, there is an old photo of Dayana with 4 people during the first world war in the suitcase there is also a note from Bruce Wayne he says that he wants to hear the story behind the photo and the story of Diana begins Diana grew up on the Island with Amazonian women who are very strong she often skips school just to watch the warriors train is led by General Antiope (Robin Wright).

 from a small child aspiring to be an Amazonian warrior but Queen Hippolyta as Diana's mother forbade her to be a warrior a story for bedtime Gayana Hippolyta tells that the god Zeus created humans with good qualities. human minds and make humans suspicious of each other until finally, humans kill each other to defuse chaos in the human world the gods created Amazonian women as male fillers but it did not last long the Amazonian women led by Hippolyta carried out a rebellion against the incitement of Eres, Eres also killed all the gods and leaving Zeus to see his rebellious son imprison Eres with all his strength but one day he will be free and cause trouble again, therefore Zeus makes weapons for the Amazons in his last power Zeus creates a special island for Amazon women named Temi Scera den Bro, a magical barrier to hide it from the outside world Hippolyta shows Diana a sword weapon left by Zeus, known as the Gold Killer, the sword can kill God Eres, only the strongest Amazon warrior can use it. Long story short, Diana is already a teenager and she secretly trains with Antiop later. Queen Hippolyta came to catch them both Queen was a little disappointed that the General trained his son without prior permission here Antiop explains that Eres will appear soon and maybe he is already out there, Antiope convinces Hippolyta to let him train Diana finally Queen realizes and had Antiope train Diana at 10 times as much as the other fighters. the years have passed and Diana has become an adult She also looks superior to other Amazonian women at this time trying to fight Antiop a little off guard and cornered by Antiop's attacks Diana accidentally unleashes her powers sending Antiop flying far away, Karan Feeling Guilty Diana goes to the seashore and saw a plane enter his world fell into the sea to save him on the plane seen a pilot named Steve Trevor was trying to get rid of the iron stuck in his body Fortunately someone came to help step and dragged him to the beach while outside the German soldiers were chasing their step too found the barrier and started heading towards TemiScera Diana was so surprised to see a man for the first time in then the Germans came to hunt Steve, the Amazon warriors didn't stay silent they prepared to fight the German soldiers who managed to break through the barrier they started to fight then shot the German soldiers the German soldiers also released their bullets, causing several fighters to die in battle. It was inevitable that General Antiope also became a victim while trying to save Diana. Finally, the Amazonian woman was able to defeat the German army. General Antiope, in her last message, told Diana that it was time to use it. gold Killer after the death of Antiope step was brought to the kingdom for interrogation forced to tell the truth and finally step frankly that he was a spy from London He also explained about the First World war that was going on before Steve came here he managed to steal a notebook belonging to a chemist Doctor Isabel Meru, who at that time was making weapons in the form of lethal gas under orders from a ruthless general named Erik Ludendoorff, Steve fled by plane and was chased by German soldiers until he was finally trapped in the tense era, finally heard Steve Diana's story. concluded that Eres was the mastermind behind all of these war scenarios, he decided to go with Step and aim to destroy Eres, but Diana's intentions were rejected by her mother that night. Diana decided to take the gold Killer equipment or kill God by sneaking into the Tower. Diana managed to enter then took Lasso's shield then took the Gold Killer sword, Diana also didn't forget to take her war costume after taking everything Diana met Steve then made a deal with him he would help her step out of here and in return steve had to take Diana to the battlefield to fight Eres. finally, they agreed and started going to the beach Arriving at the beach To get on the boat Queen Hippolyta came now the Queen blessed the departure of her son in order to defeat Eres the Queen also gave a crown of hers to Diana after that Diana and Steve started sailing for London. leaving Temiscera on the other side Ludendrof meets his chemist Isabel Meru Gives a formula that can make Ludendrof's energy above the average human, Meru has also found the formula on a paper so without the formula book Meru can make mustard gas, while steve and Diana had arrived in London they also met Steve's secretary named Etta Candi before giving the formula book to Steve's boss Diana was told to change clothes so that it didn't attract attention and then went to meet Steve's boss, but in the middle of the trip they were surrounded by German intelligence who told Step to hand over the formula book one of the Intel immediately fired his gun at steve Diana managed to fend him off then he started to counterattack and managed to defeat all the Intel. after that steve and Diana headed to a meeting held by Sir Patrick Morgan to negotiate a ceasefire with Germany but the meeting Disturbed when Diana stood in front of them immediately took Dayana out of the room then Patrick came to see step giving Doctor Meru's formula to Patrick which was then given back to their superiors. They immediately discussed the German plan by reading the book. But the writing was in Sumerian. Fortunately, Diana understood hundreds of languages ​​and knew the symbols you say that Ludendorff and Meru plan to make a new type of hydrogen-based mustard gas that will be far more deadly to humans, Steve immediately offers himself to go to war to stop Ludendorff's plan but his superiors refuse the offer of step because the British are negotiating with Germany the problem truce plan, they don't know that the gas planned by Ludendrof can be fatal to human life Diana and Steve finally leave the room feeling disappointed here steve plans to carry out a mission to destroy lude's weapon drop is secretly but he needs immediate reinforcements steve invites Diana to meet her friend first at the coffee shop 177 step meets summer, summer is a soldier who is skilled in disguise and fluent in many languages ​​next there is charlie the sniper when the four of them are busy talking suddenly Eta comes with Patrick Morgan reason Petrik meet the staff, namely to help step carry out the mission of destroying Ludendrof's weapons by giving him pocket money. In the morning the four of them started to travel to the front line Arriving in their war zone Planning to meet a weapons smuggler the sims who would later help steve's mission on the other side Ludendorff met with several of his colleagues to discuss what he had planned but all of them even doubted Ludendrof's abilities and doctor Meru it made Ludendorff angry he came out of the room and threw deadly Monstrac gas at them then Ludendorff closed the door. long story short steve and the others managed to find The Sims they decided to spend the night in a tent while gathering strength for tomorrow, the next morning they continued their journey to the front line Arriving at the front line they had a chat with the village women who told Diana that the enemy had killed many people and snatching food from them, hearing the complaints of the mothers immediately put on her souvenirs and turned into Wonder Woman she stepped into the battlefield the German soldiers started shooting at Diana but Diana quickly blocked every bullet that went to her body the German soldiers replaced her rifle with a gun successively they shot Diana son without anti until Diana stopped walking to see Diana was able to withstand the German attack Steve and his colleagues immediately helped Diana by shooting the German soldiers one by one it aroused the enthusiasm of the British soldiers to hunt down all the German soldiers. After that Diana Steve and y the others headed to the center of the village that had been captured by the Germans Diana returned to action she beat all the German soldier Steve and his companions did not stay silent they helped Diana as much as possible after the German soldiers were defeated there was one who was still alive, namely the sniper who was in the tower, Steve had an idea to make an impromptu shield with pieces of iron plate, invites his colleagues to build a foundation for Diana. With their cooperation, Diana finally succeeded in destroying the sniper and the building. now Diana is a hero in the village, some even immortalize Diana's group to make history the result of the photo is a photo that Bruce Wines managed to find to give to Diana at the beginning of the film, Steve contacted Eta and told him that he had crossed the front line. eta also told step that Ludendorff will have a party not far from steve's whereabouts, Patrick morgan with Eta takes his phone and forbids steve to go to the party but steve ignores Patrick's orders that night steve invites Diana to dance to celebrate his victory In the morning Diana steve and his friends go to the party what Ludendorff was doing Arriving at the edge of the building step and summer took over disguise and told Diana sims and Charly to keep waiting, Diana secretly went to meet a woman then Diana grabbed her clothes so she could enter Ludendorff's party, Steve managed to get into the party and approached Doctor Meru to get more information, but at that moment steve saw Diana enter wearing a blue dress Ludendorff who saw Diana's beauty immediately invited him to dance Ludendorff called his friend then Diana took out a sword to kill Ludendorff but steve rushed to stop Diana this made Diana sulky and left the party, outside the building and seeing a gas bomb being launched towards the village she immediately rushed to the village to save the residents but when she arrived at the village Diana was too late because the gases had spread throughout the village area and there were many victims. killed steve came later Diana was angry with steve because at the party did not allow himself to kill Ludendrof Diana decided to go to see Ludendrof steve immediately told Diana that he had to go to the gas storage base because Ludendorff was now there. Diana and steve immediately headed to the Base Arriving at the base Diana beats up soldiers who try to block her steps. Diana manages to meet with Ludendorff Iya and Ludendorff get into a fight Ludendrof uses his formula to make him strong but Diana manages to beat Ludendorff, Ludendrof's death makes the soldiers still push gas bombs into the plane and arrives and Diana is caught hat is confused because death is considered not to end the war explaining that humans are not always good Steve asks Diana for help To stop the launch of the gas bomb but unfortunately Diana doesn't want Steve to finally fight alone to stop the bomb launch after the step left Diana saw Patrick Morgan who was already in Ludendorff's office here Diana just realized that the real Eres is sir Patrick Morgan and sure enough Patrick or Eres tells Diana that he only gives influence to Ludendorff and Dr. Meru to carry out their work but their own crimes and the darkness of others caused this war to occur. when Diana kills Ares easily God Keller's sword is subdued and Eres tells Diana that God Kaler is Diana herself and only Gods can kill other gods by trying to tie Eres with a lasso after that Eres uses the back Lasso function there Shows Style what can happen if Diana and joins to get rid of humans and restore the world of the gods but Diana refuses and there is a fight between Diana and Eres while steve intends to fly a plane containing a Bomb to detonate it in the air steve also asks his partner to help clear the path for Diana's fight and Eres now extends to the runway running approaching to say I can save today But you can save the world after that steve gave the watch his father gave to Diana then after leaving Diana to catch a plane carrying a gas bomb and he managed to pilot the plane. Eres finally managed to corner Diana with his pincers at that moment Diana saw Charlie summer and the sim had given up. Steve's plane was also getting higher and higher in the plane. Steve took a breath and blew up his plane seeing the explosion. Diana screamed loudly and became very angry. She killed all the German soldiers. very briefly then Eres tries to take advantage of Diana's anger by bringing Meru in front of him and taking off his mask to show his flawed face Eres tells Diana to kill Maru which in the end Diana lifts the tank but Diana remembers Steve's words that Steve can save the day but only Diana can save the world, in the end, did not kill Meru and instead chose to fight Eres to end his influence on humans Eres was angry to take out all his power and attack Diana But the power instead merged with Diana and directed it back to Ere s until it was finally destroyed for good the war ended with several soldiers shaking hands with each other the next day everyone was celebrating the end of the war while Diana was seen observing the walls of the heroes who died in the war including steve Sin changing to the present where Diana will send message to Bruce Wayne plus thanking him for the original photo Diana confirms that she will continue to dedicate her life to justice.

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