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Horror Story Staying in Bali

 For horror mania, this time I will tell you a horror story that was experienced by several female students while they were on vacation in a villa in Bali and if according to me, the disturbance they experienced was no longer a disturbance. right Intense from the start, just watched briefly until they were followed when they had moved hotels, it used to be there, what else needed to be picked up in the next videos Okay, let's start with the story. The last year 2019 was experienced by 5 female students who were at that time on 5th semester vacation these students are Ajeng, Dea, Salma, Dini, and Nesya to fill their semester vacation this time they plan to rent a villa in the Bali area so a few weeks before they leave they all gather at Dea's house to look for a villa that is roughly I think it's suitable for them to rent after they searched for villas in various applications, they finally found 1 Villa which seems like C It's ok for them to rent Oh yes, for the photos of the villa, I won't mention the name of the villa because I'm afraid that if I mention the real name of the villa, it will harm the manager and the owner says that they will rent it, it is located in the Ubud area, they are deliberately looking for it villas in the Ubud area which are famous for their beauty, besides that they are bored with the atmosphere in the Kuta Seminyak area and its surroundings for the building. The villa itself consists of two floors on the first floor there is one room and is also equipped with a private pool, kitchen, and gathering area. on the 2nd floor, there are 2 rooms and what makes these 5 students interested in the villa apart from the new building and complete facilities, it turns out that the rental price of this villa is cheap when compared to other areas, the rental price of this complementary Green Villa is only IDR 235 .000 per night whereas when compared to other villas with the same facilities as their rental price it must have been above IDR 600,000 per night for fear of someone else booking the villa faster, they immediately booked 5 days, finally the day they had been waiting for arrived and they arrived at the villa around 3 pm Arriving at the villa they walked around while deciding the distribution of the bedrooms. After it was determined that Ajeng had finally shared a room with Daya and Dini had a room with Salma and the four of them chose Nur to sleep in the upstairs room from their room, there was a window that directly faced the swimming pool and also the kitchen, while Nesya slept alone in the downstairs room and if from yesterday Indonesia could see the kitchen, swimming pool, gathering room and also the entrance after they finished cleaning that each of them was gathering again in the living room and they were planning to just leave the villa to look for food around 7 pm all of them this goes to a cafe not too far from their precepts by walking along with them when the road to the cafe on either side of the road is filled with quite large trees and there are also some Kila who seem empty. Arriving at the cafe, they ate and chatted and only finished around 9.30 pm when they were about to pay at the cashier, it turned out that the one serving was the owner of the cellphone itself immediately asked where they were staying. Then answered the name of the villa, didn't hear the name of the villa, the owner of this cellphone looked a bit surprised and immediately asked, oh Fila, in the end, you see there is a (Canang). Is it not included? Mr. Oh, it's okay, just be careful when they talk, they end there while they walk back to the Villa, they're all still wondering what the grandfather's owner meant but Indonesia immediately said Don't think about it too much, we're going to make it happy -happy Oh yeah, between the five of them, Nesya is a little bit sensitive. Nesya is indeed quite able to feel supernatural things and sometimes she can see them when they reach the front of the villa and before the door is opened, Nesya feels like she's behind the door there will be a figure as soon as the door to the villa is opened by Salma seeing a man whose eyes are red with jet black skin and his whole body emits smoke like it's been burned where the figure immediately runs and immediately disappears behind the wall even though I've seen it quite often scary figures but this time it's really different Nesya is really scared until her body is big This meter, Abah needs to be called and pulled into the villa but I don't dare to tell his friends for fear of ruining their holiday atmosphere, so inside their villa they don't take a break so they all gather beside the swimming pool while chatting and discussing plans for tomorrow when they were chatting, this sound like throwing stones at Mbok djilah them repeatedly but they didn't really think about the voices and not long ago they decided to take a break around 2 o'clock tonight It's a shame to sleep alone in This downstairs room woke up because I didn't hear the sound of the chairs and tables on the second floor being shifted many times and didn't stop because of Nesya's disturbance Try WhatsApp Dini Din Still awake but here Not responding because he didn't Make this table I was able to sleep only at 3 am the sound stopped when I looked at it, I just started to sleep, suddenly there was the sound of chicks which came from the swimming pool at first, Nesya didn't really care about the sound of the chicks and she kept trying to sleep but over time the sound of these chicks kept increasing, the number that was 1 chick suddenly became many who didn't care about the sound It became even more surprising where the voice came from because from the time they arrived at the villa in the evening, at first they only saw something black, but over time it became clearer that it was the figure that the Indonesians saw when they finished dinner last night. on the water in the middle of the swimming pool the eyes of the figure slowly changed their color they did not hear the sound of a chicken nearby out of curiosity finally Neisya tried to peek from the window of her room just as she was able to see out of the room suddenly the sound of the chicks disappeared The sound of so many chicks suddenly disappeared in an instant, amid that confusion, Nesya watched from in the swimming pool a figure slowly appeared, a direction that glowed jet black. So now it can be seen that everything from head to toe in jet black. It fits Nesya's eyes and slowly smiles until her jaw drops and suddenly sticks out a very long tongue that touches the water. from the swimming pool who saw the figure immediately screamed and fled to the 2nd floor to go to his friends' room. When he got to the second floor he saw three small children playing with the table and chairs on the second floor, the three figures were full of wounds. some have lacerations on their foreheads their necks, on their hands their feet, some have eyes that are big than normal human eyes and fit others, and some want to have sharp ears and a broken neck. Seeing the three figures, Nesya is getting hysterical and goes straight to the room. Ajeng immediately wakes Ajeng and her and cries profusely from the room next to Dini and Salma who heard the sound of crying from Nesya came to the room and tried to calm Nesya, these four friends tried to calm Nesya but at the same time they spoke to Nesya. The five of them slept in a room around 7 in the morning they just started to wake up and when everyone woke up then Nesya was asked to tell what happened last night. while getting ready to go to dinner Dea heard a fairly loud sound of falling objects from the kitchen but when they checked there was nothing and when they came home from dinner they saw a white cloth fly from a villa and disappeared in the trees and if only he didn't hear the sound of people taking a shower while singing from the bathroom i below Even though at that time they were all gathering beside the swimming pool after they came home from dinner that night Well after they told the story they all decided to change lodgings at that time and finally they decided to move to a hotel in the Kuta area. the villa but it turned out that the terror didn't stop there, when they arrived at the new hotel they were required to rent 2 rooms but because they were still scared they finally decided to sleep in one room and one room turned on so it was used to put their belongings after they arrived at the hotel room, they tried to find out about the villa they had previously stayed in. Once they found out they found a review about the villa, the review explained that they had also experienced horror and were terrorized while in the villa, even until they returned home. to their city they are still followed by the figures there after they en Didn't read the really scary review, they became even more scared that night when they finished eating and returned to the hotel. Nesya saw a jet black figure in the villa following them and the figure entered the room they used to put their things. the five of them continued to enter the room they used to sleep and from that room, Nesya could hear noises from the next room, finally Neisya told their friends that no one should go to the next room until tomorrow morning. Where is her friend? Yes, I understand Nesya, if you say that, it means that something is not right. Finally, Nesya obeyed. The next morning, when they entered the next room, it turned out that all the suitcases and bags had been unpacked. The clothes were scattered everywhere. Nesya just told me that last night she saw The jet black figure who was in the villa entered this room and it didn't stop, the five of them finally decided to go home that day from what was planned for a 5 day vacation so it was only two days but after they arrived at their respective homes, it wasn't. there is no disturbance at all, wow, that's crazy, yes, a vacation that was planned to be refreshing and having fun turned into terror and made me even more stressed.

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