Criminal and Legal Issues

 This money laundering case is a criminal activity that harms many people. This activity aims to obscure or disguise the origin of the source of funds obtained from crimes such as fraud, gambling drugs, prostitution, illegal fishing, and other crimes. from the proceeds of fraud then the origin or source is obscured or disguised to make it look legitimate or legal when in fact money is illegal for a while you also need to know that there are several ways to commit money laundering crimes, this is the most famous case in the world is the case of Alcapon he is a gambling mafia who famous from Chicago He has a fortune worth 100 million dollars obtained from looting, smuggling and prostitution but the police can't find where the source of the money from his crime is because Alcapon admits his money comes from legal activities such as restaurants and bars. n laundry and this is where the term money laundry emerged. Alcapon was eventually punished not for his crimes but for the tax evasion that had been carried out according to the lecturer at the UGM Faculty of Economics and Business, Rangga Almahendra. There are at least three processes in money laundering.

1. the proceeds of crime into various legal or legal business activities, either domestically or to be more secure. Can be placed abroad. This activity is similar to what the former President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, hid money worth Rp. 100 trillion

 to various countries such as the Monaco archipelago and other countries

2. layering or transfers after the money has been kept away from various countries, the perpetrators will disguise the source of the funds by transferring money to fake companies, creating fake invoices, or being able to buy and sell luxury goods such as expensive paintings cars to real estate. Another way of money laundering is by making gambling or Casino because the velocity of money in the casino is so fast that it is ideal in this layering process.

3. Using assets or integration in this process, the perpetrators of the crime will put the money that looks clean in their account, this can be done in various ways, ranging from reporting unreasonable profits or receiving sky-high salaries from their own puppet company. This puppet company is usually called a special SPV. A purpose vehicle is defined as a fake company and has a specific purpose, this company usually has no business activity in it but is legally registered from the outside, it can only be seen on the skin but is empty or empty inside, so this company is also called a shell company or reporting center cell. transaction analysis. The head of the PPATK explained that providers of goods and services could be subject to the law and sanctioned, this might happen if when questioned for information the providers of these services and goods did not report the transactions for the purchase of luxury goods. In this case, an investigation of the provider of goods and services or what needs to be done so that the road is as good as possible also reveals that so far PPATK has found a car dealer who has not submitted a report on the purchase of transactions by the parties involved in the case of the binary options. Is the car dealer the property of, as is known, several times buying vehicles It is also necessary to know that many of these money-laundering criminals donated the illicit money for social activities such as education and the campaign and even distributed it to the general public? that makes criminals look like helping angels.

According to Prof. Rheinald Kasali, a lot of dirty money goes where certain people move, including to the Bahamas, Nassau, the cloth islands, or the desire and flow of money is also accepted by online gambling sites managers in Russia. There is a problem that young people are facing today. almost all young people want to make a startup, yes, the start-up is good, but of course, we need to remind them that not everything can be started, right? Now if we want to set up a startup, of course initially we have to Bootstrap, Bootstrap means spending our own money from family savings and so on but as soon as we get big we start to get overwhelmed because paying for technology is not cheap, paying experts is not cheap and finally we invite other people to come in. Who enters here then people who sometimes worry if they don't understand think someone is there which includes the capital, the capital is used for business activities or maybe it's also to show off because this show can also be said to bring in income, bring in sustenance, can make work in promotions, and what's on display is not half-hearted, luxury cars, airplanes, big houses and so on, even though maybe behind it is money deposited from certain people we know. I don't know if this is real money or fake money. What is meant by imitation space is what is being discussed in the media called dirty money and what is done by placing this money in young people is known as Money laundering. wash the dirty money to certain people's place Watch carefully If they send it in kind or in cash this is a big problem Why is that because here there is a problem called dirty money so money laundering or moneylaundering is always related to dirty money dirty money is usually a bit hard to save besides the large amount, maybe if you put it in banks that report to PPATK So they are also worried that the next thing is that the tax currency will stare at you because you get an unfair income if you think you have to pay VAT and the problems faced so then the owner of this dirty money is usually afraid to keep it in an official financial institution for a short time then this money is distributed to everyone again leaving many young people who do not understand this or pretend not to understand sometimes and they enjoy the proceeds of other people's crimes other things, the money from this crime is usually very large, the drug money is very large, the money from the fraud is also very large or the money from tax evasion, corruption money, there are many other activities that violate the law Is it related to environmental problems, for example, there are people who hunt animals forbidden wildlife Harim elephant tusk Au Sumatra and others, basically this is forbidden and the value is high and because he keeps on capturing it, the money becomes very large, so this money laundering is also related to things that are in the Environment and Forestry or in other issues so the scope of this is This financial crime is indeed very large, it is not limited to the financial sector, banking crimes, capital markets, theft and so on. The value is so large that they are also afraid to keep it in the form of money in the bank, then they end up having large amounts of cash. then they try to launder this money, how to hide it from the eyes of the officers who will investigate or the officers who will arrest this person, and in the end this money is not only deposited with other parties but also disseminated.

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