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Lifestyle Example 1

Less Is more is a well-known slogan from a minimalist lifestyle. The minimalist lifestyle is a concept of living life with simple and minimal goods or assets, but can maximize the benefits of Marie Kondo's popularity with the house cleaning technique called Konmari in her book The Life-Changing Magic. of tidying up and the minimalist life story Gumiho Sasaki in his book Goodbye Thank you Japanese minimalism in the newspaper is the reason why this minimalist lifestyle trend has increased recently, a lecturer and researcher at the Center for Socio-Economic Studies from Airlangga University Surabaya, Rumayya Batubara, explained that there are three reasons behind someone living a minimalist lifestyle.

1. Because it is inspired by beauty or aesthetics that a small room or even a few items can function a lot like a more spacious, tidy room so that it calms the person's psyche.

2. The factor of concern for the environment is that having a lot of goods but not using them often plays a role in cultivating pollution and waste on the earth.

 3. This focus on financial independence, this lifestyle makes some of them choose to be frugal in owning the things they need to maintain economic stability through their social media. This decision was taken because they felt that most of the things they owned were rarely used and therefore less useful. I'm taking revenge because in college I could never buy it, so like I used to be, I was very good with a brand that when I was in college I thought was very expensive. makeup, skincare, to electronic goods, from there, I have a habit when I buy this stuff I have to think about whether I need this item or not start thinking about living a minimalist lifestyle for the record there is no one sure way to do it. things to live a minimalist life for word for them might not work for us the method chosen must be following the conditions and abilities, the aspects can also be chosen to start from clothes, books, and other things. The purpose of a minimalist life is happiness, this does not mean when you decide to live a minimalist life always throw away all the things you have but look at it from the point of view What is its function or whether this item gives happiness effect.

Lifestyle Example 2

Jakarta There is two friends of Andrian Firman Andri and Firman who just graduated from college and they immediately got a job at a company. Andri and Firman are both hard workers and they occupy quite important positions and they get a fairly large salaries. The difference between Andri and Firman is style. Andri is a person who always follows the trend of contemporary lifestyles, while Firman is a simple-looking person who always buys something according to his needs and functions. He lives in a rented apartment and has just bought a new car, while Firman is still living with a used car and living in a boarding house. Even though Andri and Firman's income is almost the same, Andri's expenses are much more than Firman's. Andri's consumptive lifestyle is inversely proportional to Firman's character who is wise in managing his finances at the age of 35, they are both married. Andri still lives in a rented apartment, while Firm When he moved into the house he had just bought, it turned out that since receiving his first salary, Firman had invested his money in a plan to buy the house. He only started thinking about buying a house after having children without realizing that the financial burden was getting bigger, which was different from Firman Yang, who had already invested by preparing the cost of his child's school needs. And even after retirement, Andri and Firman met at an event. Their conditions were very different. Firman already had a nice house and enough money for living expenses after he retired, while Andri was living in trouble because he didn't have enough spare money for his expenses. life after retirement is a picture of Andri's life journey and Firman Andri doesn't have a good financial plan, while Firman from the start has realized the importance of having the right financial planning that will help make things easier in his life. We need proper financial planning, our productive age has limits, while we live have many needs and obligations, we have many goals and desires, such as the school needs of our children, the obligation to pay bills, our health needs, the desire to buy a good house, go on a pilgrimage, Mother and family, for that we are We need to plan our finances smartly. The three principles of smart financial planning are to manage your financial budget properly. Save and invest according to your financial goals. You invest regularly.

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