Public service innovation of Tembok Buleleng Village entered the Top Finalist of KIPP (Public Service Innovation Competition)


Kominfosanti District Office. Buleleng is represented by the Secretary of the Service, Ketut Merta, S.Sos. attended the invitation to the Presentation and Interview Preparation Meeting for the Finalists of the 2021 Public Service Innovation Competition (KIPP). The event took place in the Meeting Room of the Organizational Section of the Regional Secretariat of Kab. Buleleng, Wednesday (23/6).

This meeting was chaired by the General Administration Assistant, Ir. Nyoman Genep, MT. and accompanied by the Head of the Organization. In his direction, Assistant Genep said that of the 13 public service innovations proposed by the Buleleng Regency Government, only one innovation passed. The "Poskesdes and Village Health Insurance" innovation, the only innovation that passed was a proposal from Tembok Village, Kec. Tejakula, and at the same time managed to enter the 99 Top National Best Innovations.

The Head of Tembok Village, Dewa Komang Yudi Astara, in this meeting briefly explained the process of forming the innovation. According to him, the key to the emergence of this innovative idea is the accessibility and geographical location of Tembok Village to health facilities, which are quite far away about 10.7 km. This is what underlies the emergence of the idea to make it easier for community members to get health services, ranging from promotive, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative as well as delivery package services. With this innovation, public awareness will increase to maintain their health by coming to Poskesdes.

Innovations that pass the KIPP will make presentations and interviews which are planned to be held virtually on July 12, 2021, from 11.00 to 11.20 WITA. In these activities, the Department of Communication and Information Technology Kab. Buleleng is asked to facilitate these activities and ensure a stable network and it is recommended to have internet access speeds of 20 Mbps upload and 20 Mbps download. Tembok Village is one of Buleleng's representative villages that passed the top finalists for the Public Service Innovation Competition (KIPP), this was achieved because of the hard work of the Buleleng Regency Government in synergizing with the Tembok Village Government in providing universal health to all communities by sorting waste. This was conveyed directly by the Regent of Buleleng, Putu Agus Suradnyana, who was met after the KIPP 2021 presentation and interview virtually in the Meeting Room of the Buleleng Regent's Office, Monday (12/7).

Furthermore, the Regent who is familiarly called PAS said that the Tembok Village innovation in waste sorting will be able to maintain health and the surrounding environment. “This is directly proportional to the improvement of environmental sanitation. With waste, people can maintain their health," he said.

Therefore, his party hopes that this activity it can encourage other villages to realize various innovations so that they can overcome the problems and challenges they face in their respective regions.

Met at the same place, Tembok Village Perbekel Komang Yudi Astara explained that in achieving as one of the villages that passed the top 99, Tembok Village had made various innovations proposed in the 2021 KIPP competition. in the health sector, namely the Village Health Post (Poskesdes) which is provided to serve the health of the village community while at the same time realizing awareness of health access for the community," he said.

He added that this village health insurance is a cross-sector program that synergizes with health and environmental policies by making an insurance model that is paid for with a commitment to sorting waste and keeping the environment clean. Three things have become a program for every resident, anyone can be a participant in village health insurance. “When they have become participants, all health care costs, starting from the cost of childbirth, ambulance, and other costs, are not charged. Only in the awareness to sort waste, join the waste bank and play an active role in maintaining environmental cleanliness," said Perbekel Yudi.

In addition, he said related to the current handling of Covid-19, the function of Poskesdes Tembok is more than socialization and education about preventing the spread of Covid-19 to anyone. In addition to education, the function of the Poskesdes Tembok also helps survey tracing when there is a confirmed case of Covid-19 and every citizen who is confirmed positive and is self-isolating with psychological support and providing other health assistance.

Related to this, Perbekel Yudi hopes that with the inclusion of Tembok Village in the top 99, village commitments can be realized by placing regular doctors at Poskesdes, so that Poskesdes can be upgraded to first-level health facilities.

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