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 Pay later(Spay later)The PayLater facility has recently become a hot topic of discussion on social media. The reason is that there is content that displays a PayLater user who is then billed until he falls sick. What exactly is PayLater? Here's the explanation:

Quoted from the official page Cigna. co. id PayLater is an online loan service without a credit card. This service allows consumers to transact now and pay for it later. Pay later can be a useful option if you don't have a credit card or don't want to put a large balance on your debit card. However, it should be understood that pay later is a form of debt, so it is important to be realistic about the ability to pay it off. This is because users can face late fees if they do not make payments on time as agreed. Some platforms will automatically charge your debit or credit card when payment is due, and if you use a credit card, you may incur interest charges.

Pay later services to allow consumers to transact now and pay later. PayLater also provides installment facilities or direct payments.

Pay later can help in several situations, namely if you want a product that is in high demand right now before it sells out and if you want to buy a holiday gift at a good price. But don't let the impression of a low payout keep you from spending more than you can afford.

PayLater also provides installment facilities or direct payments. Usually, PayLater is provided in ticket purchase applications, e-commerce applications to electronic wallet applications. For example, Traveloka also provides this PayLater facility. From the official page, it is stated that the PayLater payment method can be used for all products except bill payments and top-up credit. Then Gojek also has the GoPay PayLater service that can be used to pay bills, top-up GoPay balances. GoPay PayLater is also called interest-free because it uses a subscription fee system with a fixed amount without gratuity. Next, there is ShopeePayLater which is an installment product in collaboration with PT Commerce Finance with Shopee International Indonesia. Quoted from the official page, it is stated that this product is a payment method on the Shopee platform that allows users to buy the desired item and only pay at a later date when it is due. OVO also has a PayLater service provided by the company PT Indonusa Bara Sejahtera ( Taralite) in the form of a credit limit used for transactions on the OVO application.

Quoted from the page, the PayLater service was stopped indefinitely. This is done because the company will evaluate and develop a more comprehensive PayLater service.PayLater Gojek is a payment method in the Gojek application that provides 0% interest loan maturity without the need for a credit card according to the given limit. How does it register and work? What if you are late paying? There is a subscription fee that you must pay attention to because the amount is not small. Follow my experience using PayLater on Gojek.

Gojek is one of the primary needs of urban communities. Almost everyone touches this service in various aspects of life.

Recently, Gojek launched the PayLater feature which provides an alternative credit payment method for users.

If so far, Gojek only accepts cash payments via GoPay, now it is available to pay by credit, namely PayLater.

I got the PayLater facility on the Gojek application. I put my experience using the PayLater payment method in this article. PayLater is a payment method on Gojek for ordering GoFood, GoRide, GoSend, GoBIlls, GoPulsa and GoTix.

Note that the payment method using PayLater is limited to the above services.

What is Gojek PayLater?

In the "Terms and Conditions" of PayLater listed in the application, read that Gojek has mentioned in point "1.1 "PayLater" is a feature in the Application which is the provision of information technology-based loan facilities provided by the Lenders to you ("Loan Facilities ”) through Findaya as a P2P Loan Operator.”


Based on the description, I also read and understand that PayLater is a joint loan, through a company called "Findaya" which is a P2P Loan Provider Registered at OJK Indonesia.

PayLater is a P2P credit product or Peer To Peer Lending Indonesia in Jakarta from Gojek partners – Findlay. How do I register for PayLater?

How to Register PayLater

Users need to pay attention to two important things in PayLater registration, namely:

#1 User Invitation

Not all Gojek users automatically get PayLater in the app.

Gojek provides PayLater invitations to selected users. Only users who pass the selection will get an invitation.

Check on the Gojek application, whether you already have this loan facility.

If there is, the feature will appear in the application, while if you haven't waited until there is a PayLater invitation to you.

How do the criteria determine which users get PayLater?

Gojek did not explain this criterion.

My guess, my speculation, Go-Pay determines based on:

There is an ID card or not. Identity is important because of the requirements to apply for a loan in P2P

Transaction activities on Gojek and GoPay. How often do transactions on Gopay and how much to pay using GoPay, are two important data to determine the ability of users to pay for loans taken.

But the real criteria about users who get PayLater, only Gopay knows.

#2 PayLater Limit

For users who receive this facility, this service from Gojek provides a credit limit.

This means that Gojek has determined the maximum amount of financing for you with this facility.

You cannot use PayLater above the limit that Gojek has set.

How big is the loan limit?

The PayLater limit that I received on the Gojek application was IDR 500,000.

This means that I can use PayLater payments up to IDR 500,000 at most.

I also don't know if the PayLater ceiling or limit is the same for all Gojek users.

Every time you pay a PayLater obligation, it automatically returns the limit that has been used.

For example, a limit of IDR 500,000 and I will use IDR 300,000 for GoRide payments, the remaining limit that I can still use is IDR 200,000; which if I pay a PayLater bill of IDR 300,000, the limit will return to IDR 500,000.

For those of you who have used a credit card, you may be able to see that the way PayLater works is almost the same as a credit card in terms of loan limits.

What are the features of PayLater?

GoJek brings a number of new features to this loan service.

#1 No Signup Required. Features It's an Invitation.

You can get PayLater directly on the Gojek application without the need to fill out a form, especially for those of you who are selected.

Gojek chooses users who get this service feature.

#2 Use Anytime, Anywhere

With PayLater, you can order various services on Gojek anytime and anywhere, without the hassle.

Because PayLater is integrated into the Gojek application, you can immediately use it as a payment method to pay current bills.

#2 Pay In One Bill

Gojek PayLater bills in one bill.

If you want to order this service, the bill will be one at the end of the month. Just fill in the balance once to pay for all transactions.

How to use Gojek PayLater

In the guide in the application, how to use PayLater is as follows:

PayLater activation. Click 'More' in the GoPay menu, click PayLater, then activate it to be able to use it.

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