Tourist attractions in the west of Buleleng Regency

 Buleleng has extraordinary tourist destinations, starting from the west of Grokgak sub-district there is Giliputih Island, a pile of white sand that was converted by nature into the land which is now in the form of a white sand island, this white sand island is in Sumberkima Village, Grokgak, West Buleleng, next, Pura Jaya Prana which is believed to be the first place of saints from Java to Bali, then Menjangan Island is an island that is protected as a nature reserve in the West Bali national park, especially the white starlings of Bali, besides that on Menjangan Island there is a temple that is widely used for spiritual tourism by Hindus in Bali, next Object Banyuwedang Hot Springs, which are natural hot springs, are believed to relieve various itchy skin diseases, etc., the beach and Pemuteran Village, which are coral reef tourism, and the efforts of the Buleleng regency government to keep coral reefs sustainable. 

Next Tour of the Pura Pulaki, Pemuteran Temple, Pebean Temple, Pasar Agung Temple, Melanting Temple, Kerta Kawat Temple, Bukit Batu Kursi Temple which is a row of large temples in West Buleleng which is visited as spiritual tourism by Balinese Hindus. Next is Celukan Bawang Pier where the docking of a luxury yacht

visiting Buleleng takes tourists by sea, then the Celukan Bawang PLTU located in Celukan Bawang Village, Gerogak District is a collaboration between Indonesia through PT General Energy Bali with PT China Huadian Engineering and PT Merryline International with a budget allocation of 700 USD, supplying Bali's electricity needs with a capacity of 380 megawatts (MG) while several vital objects and tourist destinations

several tourist attractions in the Seririt sub-district, Grand Surya Waterpark, a family vacation spot that uses water as a means and vehicle for games, complete facilities for the sub-district city waterpark category, further tours of Durian gardens and fruit in Bestala Village and the Mayong terrace which serves beautiful terraced rice fields

style="font-family: arial; font-size: medium;">Tourism in the Busungbiu District includes the Titab dam, the newly inaugurated dam by Mrs. Megawati Soekarno Putri, and the Tukad (river) Saba dam which functions as irrigation for agricultural land, electricity generation, and flood control, which has the potential as a tourist attraction that has very beautiful scenery. terrace cering Kekeran, presenting views of terraced rice fields that make the eyes feel at home

see it, the irrigation arrangement uses the Subak system which is very well known throughout the world, in ancient times it was enough for kings to see a peaceful society in the distribution of water, then it was a sign of a prosperous and happy society.

Snake Titab Dam.

1. Banjar Hot Water, is a tourist attraction that is quite liked by foreign and domestic tourists, relieving fatigue and body aches by soaking in Banjar hot water pools is quite refreshing, as well as those who have itchy skin disorders several times the soak will reduce some even disappear

2. Brahma Vihara Arama is a spiritual tourist spot that is also visited by many Buddhists in the world because of the beauty of the place

in the highlands of Banjar Tegehe and is the largest temple in Bali

3 Lake Tamblingan Buleleng Regency has twin lakes, the other is Lake Buyan, located in Sukasada District, and Lake Tamblingan, located in Banjar District. The beauty of Tamblingan Lake in the middle of the forest makes a quiet and sacred atmosphere used by school children, Scouts, etc.

suitable for family nature tourism

4 Melanting Waterfall which is located in Gobleg Village, Banjar District and is located in a plantation area

coffee and cloves so the atmosphere is very cool and refreshing

5. Dencarik Village Winery, which is a black Balinese wine plantation, besides being consumed and used as offerings, Hindu wines are now used in a mixture of wine

Balinese production is highly favored by foreign and domestic tourists who love wine.

style="text-align: justify;">6.Cempaga Tua Village. is one of the Bali age or Bali mule villages. The original Balinese people who already existed on the island of Bali before the bitter Javanese came, the original traditions such as the row Jojor, the anchor dance, the Cempaga village in the highlands of the Banjar district, many villas and lodging on the hillside, and the view overlooking the sea and Temukus beach, Banjar district.

7 Tua Pedawa Village is a tourist village in Buleleng Regency, a Bali age or Bali Mule village that does not know Wangsa or color chess in Bali In Pedawa Village All humans are the same, Pedawa Village has a typical commodity production, namely palm sugar or sugar

Red and Sugar Ants also have a photo spot called the hobbit camp

8. Sidatapa Village, is one of the Old Bali Age Villages or Bali Mule that maintains

an old building called Bale Gajah, which overlaps with each other. 9 Sing Sing Waterfall.

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