Dadali band lost keyboardist and guitarist


Goodbye Friends, Later We Follow, Rixx Dadali-died-due-covid-19-Dyrga-goodbye-friends-later-we-follow. Dyrga, vocalist of Dadali's band, shares screenshots of his last conversation with Rixx, his bandmate before he died from Covid-19.

As seen in the message, both of them discussed the symptoms of the sense of smell which had problems due to exposure to COVID-19.

This article has been published on with the title Rixx Dadali Dies of Covid-19, Dyrga: Goodbye Friends, We'll Follow Later, Rixx-Dadali-died-due to-covid-19-Dyrga-goodbye-friends-later- We follow. The keyboard player for the Dadali band, Rixx, has died due to exposure to COVID-19. However, according to the management, Sakti, Rixx, have mild symptoms.

"OTG has fallen, the symptoms are very mild," said Sakti when contacted by reporters, Tuesday (13/7/2021).

Rixx's condition deteriorated after learning that his partner in the band, Yuda, had died who was also known to have COVID-19. But the family at that time had difficulty finding the hospital because it was full.

"Because after the drop he had shortness of breath, he immediately looked for oxygen, the hospital was already difficult," said Sakti. "Until finally yesterday morning he asked to be escorted, just wanted to go to the hospital. Looked for PMI, no PMI, all nothing, Siloam doesn't exist, got it at the Bogor Hospital, and even then there is no room, transit first in the temporary emergency room," he said

Until that night, Rixx still didn't get a room. His condition was getting worse. Last night until I arrived at the hospital, he was still in the emergency room, but the saturation had dropped, already 77," said Sick. Until finally Rixx was declared dead at the Bogor Hospital, West Java, Tuesday (13/7/2021). ) at 04.50 WIB.

"The one who is waiting for his wife, his wife has not received the news yet, the call was gone," said Sakti. For these six days, Dyrga has continued to share the sad news on his Instagram page. On July 4, Dyrga uploaded a photo of his family's antigen swab. He, his wife, Novita, and their son, Langit, tested positive for Covid-19. They decided to self-isolate at home.

On Wednesday, July 7, 2021, Dyrga Dadali uploaded a photo of the guitarist before being shrouded by his family. "Yuuuuddd, you left me so quickly," he wrote, adding a crying emoticon.

It is not clear what disease took Yuda's life, but judging by the photo uploaded by Dyrga, it shows that the handling of the corpse did not use the standard Covid-19 protocol. From the comments that appeared, some explained that Yuda had chronic stomach acid.

Dyrga re-uploaded Yuda's upload on March 22 last. Yuda uploaded a photo of himself. "Good morning temporary world... #don't forget to be grateful #don't give up," he wrote. When uploading Yuda's upload, Dyrga gave a statement that showed his sadness. "Your post, Yud... Oh God, the caption is already a hunch, mate," he wrote, six days ago.

A day later, Dyrga Dadali uploaded a video showing their togetherness in their work. "Goodbye, my friend. I will take care of your work," he wrote, captioning the video of his expression which uploaded a photo of the Dadali group together and a song with farewell lyrics. "Let me go...." Dyrga's expression was seen crying.

Three days ago, Dyrga was still crying over Yuda's departure. He uploaded a video when he covered the song Kuluk Hatimu in memory of his best friend.

A day later, Dyrga gave some comforting news. He uploaded a picture that reads, "Recovered from Covid-19," accompanied by a caption for the upload of gratitude to God.

But ten hours ago, Dyrga uploaded a photo of his conversation with Rixx Dadali in Indonesian. "Last chat," he wrote to indicate he had now lost his keyboardist. After that, Dyrga reported Rixx's death due to exposure to Covid-19.

Three hours ago, Dyrga wrote his farewell to his two friends in the Dadali group. "Goodbye my friend @rixxdadali calm down with @yudadadali, wait for us, we'll catch up later," he wrote while uploading a photo of Rixx in action with his keyboard.

Dyrga also uploaded his conversation in Indonesian with Rixx who both shared their experiences as Covid-19 patients. "The smell has been normal since two days ago," Rixx wrote in the Whatsapp message. Rixx also asked Dyrga. "Until you feel like throwing up?" The intimate conversation between the two Dadali members showed that both of them were optimistic that they could overcome this infectious disease.

Dyrga's upload about two of his friends in the Dadali band has brought sadness to the band's fans. "Speaking of sorrow for the passing of @yudadadali and @rixxdadali. They are good people that I know. God willing, Husnul Khatimah and all sins are forgiven," wrote @ari_zaenal.

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