The Implementation of Changes to Emergency PPKM Rules is Still Special Education Today


Following up on the Circular (SE) of the Buleleng Regent Number 1679/Covid-19/VII/2021, regarding the recent changes to the Implementation of the Emergency Community Activity Restriction (PPKM), that there has been a change in regulations where non-essential sectors are closed or WFH (work from home) is enforced. ) 100% and the implementation of the wedding reception was abolished, the Buleleng Regency Government together with elements of the TNI/POLRI swiftly carried out socialization throughout the Buleleng area. This was stated by Dandim 1609/Buleleng, Lt. Col. Inf. Muhammad Windra Listrianto When met after giving directions to the joint forces at the Buleleng BPBD Office, Sunday (10/7).

It was said that the follow-up from the Buleleng Regent's SE was for the time being only socialization or education to the public. “Today, we are carrying out the instructions of the new Regent's SE, we are providing socialization related to non-essential sectors. There will be no action, today only the emphasis is on education so that people understand the Regent's SE,” said Dandim Listrioanto.

Dandim Listrianto reiterated that the Regent's SE was a new thing from several things that had changed the rules. Related to that, his party only provides an understanding regarding changes to the rules contained in the Emergency PPKM until next July 20. "We hope that the community can understand the changes in the SE Regent in this Emergency PPKM so that when we carry out our duties, things will not happen," concluded Dandim Listrianto. Meanwhile, the Buleleng Regency Government continues to work to increase the body's immune system, where the Task Force for handling Covid -19 has targeted ages 12 and over or teenagers. The vaccination for youth 12 to 17 years old was carried out on July 5, 2021. Yesterday, Saturday (10/7) as many as 18,500 teenagers in Buleleng Regency had been vaccinated against Covid-19. This was conveyed directly by the Coordinator of the Data and Information Sector of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force (Satgas) of Buleleng Regency Ketut Suwarmawan through a press release on Sunday (11/7).

Furthermore, Suwarmawan explained that the Covid-19 vaccination in Buleleng had entered the category for residents aged 12-17 years. The overall target for the vaccine is 20% or 84,034 adolescents, while 18,500 adolescents in Buleleng have been vaccinated or the percentage is 22.01 percent.

Meanwhile, the target for vaccination of people aged 18 years and over has reached 369,064 people from the target of 494,515 people. So that the total vaccinated people aged 12 to elderly as many as 387,564 people have been vaccinated or 66.99 percent.

Furthermore, Ketut Suwarmawan who is also the Head of the Department of Communication and Information Technology of Buleleng Regency hopes that this vaccination can increase immunity in addition to implementing health protocols for yourself and your family.

"The point is we have to take care of each other and implement health protocols as recommended by the government," he hoped.

Meanwhile, regarding the development of the handling of Covid-19 in Buleleng Regency, Suwarmawan said that today there were 82 new confirmations, 26 people recovered and 5 people died.

Cumulatively, the number of confirmed cases in Buleleng was 4,747 people with details of 4,097 recovered, 201 people died, 449 people were being treated in Buleleng and 5 people were being treated outside Buleleng.

While the cumulative suspected cases in Buleleng were 5,429 people, the cumulative close contact in Buleleng was 22,519 people, the non-suspect confirmed case/close contact was 282 and the confirmed traveler case was 2 people. The government's efforts also don't forget

Pray together, Assistant Ida Bagus Suadnyana Hope the Covid-19 Pandemic Ends Efforts by the government and all Indonesian people to keep this country free from Covid-19 continue to be carried out. As religious people who believe in God Almighty, efforts to be free from Covid-19 are carried out with joint prayers led by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Joko Widodo virtually attended by all institutions in the territory of Indonesia. In Buleleng Regency, Buleleng Regency Government and Welfare Assistant Ida Bagus Suadnyana representing the Buleleng Regent attended the prayer at his residence, Sunday (11/7)

In his remarks, President Joko Widodo said that currently the government and the world community, especially Indonesia, are continuing to struggle in the face of Covid-19 where by working together, helping, and working together. “The spread of the virus continues, the government cannot work, cannot solve this problem alone. All parties must collaborate, work together, help each other, and work together to overcome this very difficult test," he said.

Furthermore, he expressed his gratitude to all elements of the nation who have been faithful to build optimism and the spirit of togetherness in various social and economic service movements to ease the burden on the community.

Meanwhile, Ida Bagus Suadnyana when confirmed after the joint prayer activity said that the prayer activity was delivered by 6 religious leaders from Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, Confucianism, and Buddhism in turns within 2 to 3 minutes.

Furthermore, his party hopes that this prayer will become a powerful spiritual weapon for the people in supporting the government's success in overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic so that it ends quickly.

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