Ksp Discusses Handling Covid-19 with Village Heads in the Java and Bali Regions


The presidential staff office discussed the handling of covid 19 with village heads in the Java and Bali regions, a budget of 8% of the Village Fund was still considered too minimal when providing isolation facilities for residents who had to self-isolate in the village the presidential staff office held a virtual dialogue forum with village heads in the region The islands of Java and Bali are waiting to receive information regarding the handling of COVID-19, the obstacles faced at the village level. The dialogue held through the KSP program was attended by 84 villages from a total of about 26 thousand villages spread across Java and Bali. This forum aimed to hear what has been done. by the Village Government as the vanguard in preventing the spread of covid-19 and supporting the imposition of restrictions on PPKN community activities through the Village movement against covid19 ja Diputi IV KSP jury ardiantoro in a Jakarta press release the jury explained that the organization of this forum was to listen directly to voices from the village and get information In addition, this forum opens up as many opportunities as possible for the village to present problems in the pattern of handling Covid 19 while asking them to provide suggestions or ideas as a solution to these problems, we will facilitate to find solutions to overcome the problem. faced by villages by conveying to the ministry or agency if the source of the problem is in the central government, said the jury Yuri highlighted that compliance to reduce activities outside the home during the emergency PPKM period is still low. According to data held by the government, the reduction in community mobility is still around 30%. If you want to reduce the spread of COVID-19 significantly, you must reduce buyers of people's bags outside the house by up to 50 percent, said the jury, based on field observations, community activities in suburban and rural areas are still running as usual, according to June, the reduction in mobility should not be caused by people. but rather from a strong awareness from within the community, the security forces are limited in number, so there must be parties in the community such as villages that are culturally and structurally able to encourage the mobility of this person, he said. Therefore, the jury hopes that the movement against covid19 from the village can revive this time. the village task force to effectively carry out preventionIn that forum, village representatives who are also members of the association of village government apparatus throughout Indonesia (Pa Desi) conveyed all forms of efforts that had been made to the obstacles encountered in handling covid 19 in their respective villages, several village representatives mentioned one of the biggest obstacles from handling covid 19 villages is budget constraints as information for domestic leadership in last February instructed that a minimum of 8% of village funds must be channeled for handling covid 19 and supporting PPKM in each area. These funds can be used for the procurement of command posts, supervision, isolation houses, as well as tracing and testing activities, but according to some village heads the budget of 8% of the village funds is still considered too minimal, especially to provide isolation facilities for residents who have to self-isolate. In handling covid 19 in villages, there is a difference in perception between the government at the regional and village levels, for example in determining the level of emergency and managing data for COVID-19 patients, a serious policy from the central government is needed to encourage regional and district governments so that pressure is not given to the village, said Wahyudi Therefore, Wahyudi proposed data integration to facilitate coordination between the central government, district and village governments. Wahyudi assessed that this would also make it easier for the community to gain access to health services and the jury, Ardiantoro, said that KSP appreciated all input from village heads who were also present in the event. KSP forum heard this KSP promised to continue intensive communication with village heads and discuss all issues that have been raised with the relevant Ministries.Meanwhile, 15 regencies outside Java-Bali apply emergency PPKM starting July 12, this arrangement will take effect on July 12, 2021, until July 20, 2021, spokesman for the Ministry of Communications and Information and Communications and Information Technology Dedi Permadi said as many as 15% of cities outside Java and Bali will start implementing the implementation of restrictions on emergency PPKM community activities from 12 to 20 July 2021 in a PPKM daily press statement on Saturday Dedi said the decision was taken following the exponential increase in COVID-19 cases including Java and Bali based on the direction of President Joko Widodo for several areas outside Java and Bali. The implementation of the emergency PPKM, he said, explained that the regional provisions that needed to be implemented were based on parameters including the bed occupancy rate (BOR) reaching more than 60%, there was a significant increase in cases, and the achievement of vaccinations which was still below 50%. city ​​district in lu ar Java Bali that must implement emergency PPKM, namely the City of Tanjungpinang, Singkawang City, Padang Panjang City, Balikpapan City, Bandar Lampung City, and Pontianak City, then Manokwari Regency, Sorong City, Batam City, Bontang City, Bukittinggi City, Berau Regency, Padang City, Mataram City, and the city of Medan this arrangement will take effect on July 12, 2021, until July 20, 2021, he said, adding the rules for limiting community activities in regencies and cities outside Java-Bali that stipulate emergency PPKM are set according to and in line with PPKM applicable in Java and Bali. in the instructions of the Minister of Home Affairs number 15 16 and 18 of 2001 also apply to emergency PPKM outside Java and Bali.

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