some traditional medicines derived from plants and fruits native to Indonesia

 A.Getting to Know the Functions of Leaves and Trees of Intaran (Neem)

A few days ago a friend tested positive for covid 19 and had to self-isolate, the image of self-isolation for 2 weeks already flashed in his mind, it turned out that another friend brought herbal Intaran leaves (neem leaves) after drinking Intaran leaf herbal medicine, after 3 days the friend declared negative, and it still has to be investigated again and the functions of other neem or Intaran leaves are: The neem or neem plant has the Latin name Azadirachta Indica, a plant that grows in the tropics of India, Indonesia, and Pakistan. :

1. Neem leaves Useful for curing leprosy, worms, stomach pain, ulcers, heart disease, gum pain, fever, liver.

2. The bark of the bark is used to treat malaria, skin diseases, pain, and fever, the bark of the neem tree secrete a lot of fluid for a certain time, and the liquid is used to treat stomach aches.

3. Intaran leaf flowers, neem can be used to treat hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids, cough, leprosy and,  wound medicine.

4, Neem tree branches Used to relieve cough and asthma.

In addition to the functions above the neem tree also has other functions, including:

- As an Antioxidant Neem leaves, Intaran contains lots of flavonoids, this is a source of antioxidants, the neem plant is often used as a skin medicine after al it contains very high antioxidants, the anti-oxidants in the neem plant contain antiseptics because it is good for reducing acne on the face.

Anti-cancer, extracts from neem leaves can suppress carcinogens in the body, and neem leaf extract is thought to have anti-cancer substances, slowing the growth of some cancer cells.

- Anti-microbial, helps prevent, slows the growth of bad bacteria, in a study, neem tree seeds can suppress micro-organisms that grow in the mouth. In addition, neem leaves contain bioactive compounds that can suppress salmonella and e Coli bacteria. 


B.Get to know more about Kalimantan Kratom Leaves

Even though it comes from Thailand, Kratom is often found in the forests of Kalimantan, its benefits for health, especially diabetes, are really beyond human reason because there are friends who regularly consume Kratom Leaves. Their blood sugar levels become normal, the author is also curious about this type of plant. who have sexual disorders, are also good for treatment, what are the benefits of kratom leaves, among others:

1. Increase stamina, Kratom leaf herbal medicine has long been used for the body, namely increasing stamina, so as not to get tired quickly in carrying out activities, this is due to the stimulant effect in Kratom Leaves, the stimulant effect is, prescription drugs used in the world both legal and illegal, as an energy and power enhancer.

2. Relieves Pain: Kratom leaves are often used as natural painkillers, this is due to kratom leaves the content of alkaloids that have anti-pain and anti-inflammatory effects.

3. Relieves anxiety disorders and depression. Kratom leaves have a sedative effect such as a sedative and also eliminate hallucinations because they contain antipsychotics.

4.Relieve Diabetes and hypertension or high blood pressure, but the benefits must be investigated again so as not to harm the user.

5. Overcoming sleep disorders, some studies say consuming Kratom leaves can cause a drowsy effect, so many people take advantage if they have trouble sleeping, but if you use kratom leaves long term it causes insomnia.

and if the use of kratom leaves is not appropriate it can cause side effects, including:

Nausea, itching, dry mouth, constipation or constipation, frequent urination, loss of appetite, dehydration, insomnia and, seizures. The most dangerous kratom leaves cause poisoning, brain swelling, liver and kidney damage, cardiac arrest means death and the most dangerous is dependence on this leaf.

C.The Bajakah, Plant of Borneo to Cure Cancer and Tumors started going viral since the students of SMA N 2 Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, namely Anggina Rafitri, Aysa Aurealya, and Yazid managed to win gold medals in the International Olympics, International World Invention Olympic (WIKO) in Seoul, South Korea, the content in the root of Bajakah, Among other things, alkaloids, saponins, steroids, flavonoids, terpenoids, phenolics and tannins based on laboratory tests at the University of Lambung Mangkurat Banjarmasin, and from the lab test it was concluded that Bajakah roots can kill cancer cells and tumor cells, in addition to killing cancer cells and tumor cells, Bajakah roots can also kill cancer cells and tumor cells. prevent free radicals in the body and boost immunity

The benefits of Bajakah for body health include:

1. Kill cancer cells and tumors.

2. Anti-Inflammatory, relieves inflammation in body organs.

3.Helps heal wounds.

4. Lowering Hypertension Blood Pressure.

5.Helps Cure Diabetes

6.Reducing bad cholesterol levels.

7 Helps the Heart Work.

8. Cure ulcers and stomach acid.

9. High antioxidant content so it is good for immunity from free particle and virus attacks 

10. as an antibiotic to kill bacteria and germs

Results can be different for each individual because each person's metabolism is different. And the root of the Bajakah can only live in Kalimantan forests which are rarely exposed to sunlight, so the root of the Bajakah cannot be cultivated outside of Kalimantan, the characteristic of the original root of the Bajakah is that the stem is porous when boiled. like tea and tastes bitter/bitter, the stew of Bajakah is safe to drink every day because the inland Dayak tribe has long consumed Bajakah to treat diseases and increase endurance. how to consume Bajakah: first the Bajakah is dried and then cut into pieces according to the size of the container, then boiled with water for 20-30 minutes then cool and the Bajakah is ready to drink, for the sick drink 3 times a day, to maintain endurance, just drink 1x a day, and for boiling, it is recommended that 1 container/pot of Bajakah stew can be boiled 3 times.

D.Mangosteen rind as  prevention of some chronic pain

Mangosteen rind turns out to be beneficial for health, usually, mangosteen is eaten with its contents. Mangosteen peel is able to prevent diseases, namely coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, etc., mangosteen is only useful for boiling and filtering, then drinking. Mangosteen peel contains xanthones that are very important for Body health including:

- Maintain Heart Health; Xanthones compounds in mangosteen peel are very beneficial for cardiovascular, cure coronary heart disease and high blood pressure, etc.

- Prevents Cancer: The antioxidant content in mangosteen peel can prevent cancer

-Improves Immunity: Mangosteen peel contains a lot of Vitamin C and the mangosteen fruit shell contains lots of anti-microbial and has been proven to increase immunity.

- Overcoming Diabetes: Low- Calorie Mangosteen Skin is safe for people with diabetes, it is also rich in fiber and is useful for keeping blood sugar normal.

-Improve bone and eye health: Mangosteen peel contains a lot of calcium and vitamin A, so it is good for bone health, especially for children and eye health.

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