The Vaccination Program for Every Village and Sub-District in Buleleng Regency Continues to Run


To achieve the target of 70% of the population being vaccinated, the Buleleng Regency Covid-19 Task Force continues to vaccinate in every village and sub-district in each puskesmas working area. This can not be separated from the enthusiasm of the residents to participate in vaccination as seen in the centralized vaccination held at the Art Building. This was conveyed directly by the Coordinator of the Data and Information for Handling Covid-19 in Buleleng, Ketut Suwarmawan, S.STP., MM in his office, Friday (2/7).

Furthermore, Suwarmawan said the regional vaccination program would continue. This is a national program to form herd community group immunity. Technically in the field, considering the development of Covid-19 cases is increasing and there will be an emergency Java-Bali Community Activity Restriction (PPKM) implementation, the implementation of vaccinations at the Arts Building will not be fully concentrated.

Suwarmawan who is also the Head of Kominfosanti Buleleng ensured that every puskesmas in Buleleng Regency was ready to carry out vaccinations and in every village had been scheduled for vaccination by the Health Office. “Even if later there is a request from the village due to the high level of enthusiasm of the community, it will be served. So the target of 70% of people being vaccinated can be achieved," he said.

style="font-family: arial; font-size: medium;">Meanwhile, data on the development of Covid-19 cases in Buleleng today recorded as many as 7 patients were declared cured and had been discharged, the details; Gerokgak District as many as 3 people, Sukasada District as many as 3 people, and Sawan District as many as 1 person. While the new confirmed cases were 32 people, where the most cases were dominated by Buleleng District, which was 12 people. The rest are from Sukasada District as or as 9 people, Gerokgak District as many as 8 people, and each as many as 1 people from Banjar, Sawan, and Seririt Districts.

In addition, today as many as 2 Covid-19 patients from Gerokgak District were declared dead. The first patient was a 37- year old woman from Banyupoh Village and the second patient was a 77- year old man from Pemuteran Village.

Regarding the development of the data above, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Buleleng increased to 4,283 people, with details; 3,945 people recovered, 186 people died, 146 people were treated in Buleleng and 6 people were being treated outside Buleleng.

Furthermore, the cumulative suspected cases were 5,025 people, then the cumulative close contact cases were 21,650 people. Meanwhile, non-suspect confirmed cases and confirmed traveler cases remained at 259 and 2 people.Meanwhile, the Head of HR Management Spbe of the Kominfosanti Office Buleleng regency, Ngakan, Gde Dwi Dharma Yudha, SE, MPA. reported from the Gde Manik Art Building, Jalan Udayana Singaraja, Today, July 2, 2021, Vaccine Participants in the Bayangkara Health Service Precision Vaccine Outlet are 1800 Vaccine participants attended and received vaccines from various regions of Buleleng Regency, some of the participants who received vaccines were interviewed feeling grateful that there was a mass celebration of vaccines like this.

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