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This is the Sony Bravia XRX 90j. A while ago we reviewed one of the variants, namely 55 X 90 J when trying the TV. A few months ago there was an interesting feature that turned out to be not active, namely the variable refresh rate or VRR at that time Sony made an update for this TV, so we have a VRR that can be used, of course, the AB has finally arrived, so we borrow again the Bravia X 55 X 90 J so we can try VRR on this Smart TV and all of us will try to discuss what VRR is, what are the benefits as well as the implementation of this Bravia TV VRR, what kind of TV Bravia X 55 X 90 J briefly, yes, this is a Google TV measuring 55 inches Forkey SD full LED which is equipped with a basic cognitive processor. If you want to know more about this TV, just watch it. in our previous video review, on Bravia 55 90 Jenny there are two HDMI ports 2 point 1, namely an HDMI port labeled HDMI 3 and HDMI 4K HDMI 2 port, this one offers a variety of technologies new of them there is an inhands audio return channel or he then there is auto lock and symbol or aelm there is a display stream compression dies and there is Vrr or Vrr yes but what is Vrr variable refresh rate or VRR as the name implies this technology makes the refresh rate on the TV can adjust Dynamically according to the input received by the TV, it is validated when of course it is adjusted to the number of frames received by the TV per second or yes, this is commonly known as frames per second aka FPS, so without this Viar, if a TV like this one with a refresh of 120 today will draw screen 120 times in 1 second while for example if Freddy the game is being played there are only 90 frames per second or 90fps means that several times the drawing process in one second there will be several images that must be repeated or drawn incomplete because of the difference between the number of images received by the TV with the obligation to display 120 images per 1 second this one i makes us look at the display on the TV, we can suddenly feel an effect like Lek has a starter or jadar and plate or it looks like it's broken, OK? This TV is playing a game, so it follows the Freenet or the FPS of the game, if you only get 90 FPS, the TV only draws 90 times per second or 90 days, so instead of 120 times, you won't be forced, the numbers will be completed continuously on-the-go fly and yes, the display results will be free from the light starter gender effect and the plate is interesting, yes, if with this Hansson, so that it can be used here, now this is Bravia X 55 X 90 Y which has not been updated, we will see here if it is in the HDMI signal setting the format for the HDMI port 2 coin 1 on this TV only has this option, yes, if it's been updated, there will be an option to activate this VR now, let's try updating for this TV, an update has been detected. te and there is a description for this update that states that it presents VRR on the Bravia expert series, so we just update it right away, of course, there will be internet mosquitoes. Yes, just wait for the VMware download process to finish, then restart the Bravia X TV today it will automatically run, so yeah wait until the process is complete, after updating, we check again on the HDMI signal format for the same HDMI port, here we can see if the pet option is available now. Now, we can choose this in-hand VRR format if the for is connected to a device that supports VRR, such as a game. Next Generation consoles, for example, regarding national console games for the Xbox series X, VRR support is available and tomorrow at 5 o'clock also just came back again to the options menu to let there be an explanation here if the VRR option is used Pixelmon will be automatically locked to the game Only No everyone will match what's in this game preset if that's whatIt happens, like it or not, we have to adjust the advanced settings for the display quality ourselves to suit our needs by activating the VRR. There are several setting options that can't be changed here either, so let's use them. Yes, this is normal for Mod games because the post process is like No 11 this can increase the input lag in the game. Besides that, motionflow is a feature that can be used to make the display look like an ant, which makes the content, try the highest frame, it also cannot be used here. For this one, right, the reset will be adjusted to the frame obtained in the game. yes this motionflow will insert an extra frame to produce a fremilt display that comes higher than it should, so yes it is not suitable for VRR this feature so it shouldn't exist, okay, let's just see what the effect of VRR is today, so the VRR test will be done using a laptop with Z4 RTX, yes, using the mo compatible de jising which is compatible with VRR So you can use a laptop as well, actually a gaming laptop as a record, the Bravia X 55 X 90 TV, the standard method will be detected as a screen that is already compatible even though the firmware has not been updated to support this VRR when the HDMI setting is not being in hand smoke VRR, i.e. the settings here can already be activated due to the use of the HDMI port to point one here. But of course the pet in this case is compatible, it will only be really active when we use the latest vmware that supports VRR and HDMI settings on the inhands, the pearl that is visible on the pendulum wants to be read as active and when it is run, there is a jising logo that appears there so that it is not active, it can be seen that the pendulum that is moving can be seen being cut or commonly called the plate effect. the difference between the free display and the refresh rate of this screen makes the frem rudimentary forced to be drawn onto the screen causing a part of the pendulum from the previous frame to appear which is what causes the plate effect or the effect to be torn or broken. This is while when the broadcast is active, the screen refreshes immediately according to the frame rate obtained from the laptop, so there are no imperfect frems. forced to be drawn onto this screen, this makes no plate effect appear. Now, directly in the game, we use Assassin's Creed valhalla to check the starter plate, yes, when using enhance pearls, versus if we use ordinary ants, so that it can't be activated when there is movement on the screen. so the object will look the same as in the pendulum demo earlier in the game but using this plate like this often happens when it's not active making the background often look damaged like this Yes, while activating VRR send can be avoided the display will look intact, not damaged though there is consistent movement in g This game will certainly make the experience of playing games better without being bothered by the annoying statherins and plates here with a PlayStation 5 that has been upgraded to a form that supports VRR. Well, it just happens to have been updated with VRR capabilities and here it appears that if VRR is enabled Playstation 5's VRR mode can also be used here, it's different from before, okay, right? In accordance with their promise, Sony is presenting an update to activate VRR on their TV. it is said to have offered support for VRR and also received a similar update briefly to the new Sony Smart TV which will be launched automatically will follow this update and of course Viar must be available so there is no need to wait or update the VRR first to be able to enjoy this one feature. try checking your Sony TV.

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