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The body of the vehicle is a vehicle house built on the thesis of a special vehicle frame or wagon for trucks and buses. The history of the body in Indonesia at first used wood covered with a thin metal plate, then the body industry developed very rapidly, which was around the 1970s. At that time there were so many cars. Passengers or Minibuses that were built from the side are then modified into public passenger transportation and then the bodybuilding company continues to grow every year by releasing its newest products. Until now, the Indonesian body has been able to produce luxury buses and double-decker buses with five-star hotel school facilities, and therefore on this occasion Here we will discuss:

6 of the oldest and best body parts in Indonesia

1. Tentrem Body 1986 The newest body of the body and has a fairly big name in Indonesia, namely the Tentrem Body, almost every work of this body can be found on Jalan Raya Indonesia, be it Sumatra, Nusa Tenggara, or on the island of Java. History of Tentrem Bodybuilding in Malang Starting from a company autobus serene, which was founded in 1986 in the city of Malang, East Java, later this business developed into a workshop. At first, the workshop was only for the maintenance of the fleet of the peaceful autobus company internally, but in 1998 serene grew even bigger and became a body bus maker. The Tentrem body also received an official certificate from the Mercedes-Benz manufacturer regarding the standardization of bodybuilders on Mercedes Benz. The Tentrem body is the only body that built a bus body for the first time on the Scania k380ib session in Indonesia. In a time that can be said to be quite short with the number of loyal customers that can be considered quite large in Indonesia, how could the Tentrem Body not create a body bus that is very elegant, safe, and comfortable, call it the Inspiron Galaxy Jupiter Scorpion King Max and the most handsome at this time, namely the Avante and The Body of Tentrem has also issued a double-decker bus, namely the Avante D2 which is the first double-decker bus for the Body of Tentrem Malang.

2. The 1983 Trisakti body was founded in 1983, and was pioneered by a man named Mr. Widodo. The Trisakti body is said to be one of the trendsetters for the body that made double-decker buses or double-decker buses in Indonesia. Long before the double-decker buses were used by several intercity buses, Currently, Trisakti has produced buses with the double-decker type for tourist buses in the city of Solo and is known as the Werkudara Bus which was released in April 2012 like other body parts, Trisakti also has superior products including the new Setra Marcopolo Ultima UNIX and Infinity. Recently, Trisakti has also introduced its newest bus variant with type H. The Infinity HD Deck is wiped, so it's not surprising that the Trisakti body has become famous today and has many loyal customers.

3 New Armada Body 1974 The fleet was founded in 1978 and was pioneered by Mr. David Herman Jaya. This body shop began operating in 1976 and the main role he performed was a Mitsubishi Colt T120 pick-up car which was transformedbeing a public passenger vehicle with a design that is quite cool and very interesting thanks to the persistence of the New Armada body at this time, the New Armada body is included in the ranks of the best body parts in Indonesia. F1 and its current superior product are the super high deck evolander. In addition, New Armada also produces several double decker buses or double decker buses such as Paradise and high Lander. New Armada also sells its products at quite affordable prices, so it is not surprising that New Armada has many loyal customers in Indonesia.

4. 1973 Adiputro body if you are a bus transportation lover, it seems impossible if you do not know or do not know about this one body, the body is called the Adiputro body. The Adiputro body is a body that was founded in 1973, the Adiputro body has produced many buses in Indonesia with Adiputro's cool and attractive design itself stems from the idea of ​​a brother and sister working in an automotive dealership then they decided to modify a pick-up car into a passenger transport vehicle, their initial success. They then motivated them to use all existing resources and start a body in 2015. 1973 since then they have started to produce more for 2 years coinciding in 1975 the Adiputro body was officially established in Malang city since the beginning Adiputro studied how important it is to maintain quality standards for its customers Therefore Adiputro continues to improve new skills in their work and also added new types of machines in 1982 Adiputro invested in machines known for creating the Vixion body in the body in 1989 he grew the company by establishing a marketing division in Jakarta and then an assembly factory located in Bekasi City. in 1994 Adiputro signed a contract with one of the largest car body companies in Germany the contract opened up a great opportunity for Adiputro to reach the automotive market in Southeast Asia with the same contract Adiputro sent their skilled engineers to attend training in Germany since then Adiputro is known and has quality The best bodywork to date, it is proven by the many works of Adiputro that adorn the highways in Indonesia, namely the Jetbus series which is currently the best seller, besides that Adiputro has also issued Ultra high deck buses and voyagers in Indonesia, guys, the 1970 Laksana bodywork. not familiar with one of the characters who managed to penetrate the foreign market today.

5. Laksana body The Laksana body itself is a character located in Ungaran Semarang, Central Java which has been established since 1970 which was founded by Mr. Yusuf Arman in Semarang since this video was made for more than 50 years the Laksana body has been the ruler of the bus workshop market in Indonesia, the market seems to have been many work on important bus projects such as making TransJakarta buses until now the Laksana body is able to produce 1000 units per year as is the body with the largest number of products among other body industry industries in making their models always adapting to the newest modes of transportation and of course with the addition of quality and product quality that is still guaranteed as evidenced by products such as those that have successfully penetrated foreign markets today such as Bangladesh, Republic of Fiji and others, it is proven that many local bus companies believe that the Laksana body is also called the Sinar Jaya canal or bus originating from Bekasi, the Putra Pelangi auto bus company originating from Banda Aceh and many more.

6. the 1964 Prima morodadi body. The company produced old bus models such as the classic L300 and the T100 minibus. In 1978 the company became an independent company and was named the morodadi body. The term Morodadi means trust and is taken from the Javanese language which means Moro comes Dadi so yes. that name the customers came and bought it more or less like that Indonesia's economic growth made it very possible for the morodadi body to turn a company into a PT. In December 1993, it officially turned into a limited company called PT morodadi Prima. broadcast and ambulance design and technology specifications were also developed as has been seen in the Banteng Bus and Patriot for more than three decades, the growth has won the trust of the public and the government in Indonesia, the body of the Morodadi Prima has tires Yes, loyal customers in Indonesia and have issued double-decker buses or double decker buses, actually Dili, then there is the Rahayu Santosa body which was founded in 1961 but this body has stopped operating since 2018 until 2020.

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