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What will happen after Jakarta is no longer the capital city of Indonesia?

Jakarta will How will it continue to be special and not dim earlier I said there are two approaches, there are approaches, I have to convey I have a little doubt, yes There are doubts Is it possible to move but that is now Mr. The question was Jakarta How After that we open the law Jakarta has a law No. 29 of 2007 which regulates the position of Jakarta, the Capital of the State Capital as the state capital, the government of DKI Jakarta Province as the state capital. special autonomy but it is not implemented as the nation's capital, what about the fate of development and also the revitalization of Jakarta, I think I can answer firmly that it will be better for more than 35 years, yes, 40 years of implementing Jakarta as the capital of the country cannot be based on Jakarta autonomy there is no ultimate autonomy There are many things that are carried out, such as transportation about rivers, water resources are not fixed, DKI cannot implement it. If there is no special autonomy fund and when it is withdrawn, Mr. Jokowi says that he will not let go as a business economy center, meaning that Jakarta will change the government to later an area in East Kalimantan. In that way, Jakarta will take on the role of the economic center as the center of government. It's better, so far, it's been very difficult because there are two functions of dance as the center of government and as an autonomous region. Unfortunately, again, there is no relocation of the autonomous region to East Kalimantan. Jakarta then loses the label. as a special area for the capital city of Jakarta, then it will no longer be the capital of the state, meaning what will the return be like? Are you going to propose a special autonomous region with a super 13 system now or how first, the plan to revise the law 2 9 withdraw the discussion How many times have you revised u ndang2 9 if Jakarta is left, then move to East Kalimantan, then Jakarta will make a new law regarding provincial government as the center of the business economy that is where it is regulated. How is Jakarta's policy going forward now, for now, Jakarta has not been stranded as the nation's capital to get status as a special autonomous region in your opinion What will happen if we refer to Law 29 regarding some provisions of authority that cannot be implemented, maybe this is the time when the status as the center of government is revoked, only one function remains as an economic center, a center for business economic activity, which needs to have its autonomous region. What is a Region? Especially for the capital, there is Papua, special autonomy, there is the Special Region of Jogjakarta and there is Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam with Qanun. Well, if that's DKI, whether the government is revoked as the government as the center of government, what remains is the function as the center of the economy in this city later What kind of impact will it have on the economy, especially for Jakarta, which is more advanced, because of what? Because it is clear which is a matter of government and which is business economics. In the future, people want to be slimmer, what are their affairs, there is no overlap. So far there have been overlaps, so we welcome it positively to live in measurements. Yes, thankfully, when we return home, what development for the implementation of special autonomy will have an increasingly positive impact on Jakarta when the label of the state capital is revoked like that, but what about the use of the central government building which currently being in Jakarta is the basis for what the use of this building should be. What is the central government's policy regarding the central building, but my imagination is yes? If Mr. Jokowi once said that The financing burden is 19% of the state budget, apart from that with the private sector, the tendencies of government buildings will be handed over to not managed by the state because their position is under the inventory of the central government like that. lol Where does the financing come from? If you don't use your assets, what do you expect them to be like before I also don't know the details, OK? opened, what Jakarta rth needs is urgent, from the target of 13%, only 3% of the price, certain parts of the buildings will be used, for example, there is a bigger open space. To pursue the target of tax returns, Jakarta is more comfortable being the DKI Jakarta DPRD. with the Provincial Government itself, what kind of communication is needed to then realize the desired plan for government buildings? The central government or these assets are used for the benefit of Jakarta, especially to create green open spaces for any interactions, yes, we heard yesterday that the governor was invited to the palace and no one was there yet, so let's just wait, let's wait, the most important thing is this, Ma'am, yes, the legal basis is first. the law used to be Bang already in the law there is usually a transitional regulation during transition periods that's where it's called the acetate is taken by whom Is it true or private Is the DKI government said to be taken by the government for this what will be the interests later.

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