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KKN in the Dancer Village is back viral after being made a film

 After the release of the horror film KKN Penari Village, there is now a lot of discussion about who the real KKN people in the Dancer Village are, which has been busy on Twitter lately.

Many are curious about who the original figure of the Dancing Village Community Service Program was, which was widely discussed in 2019 and was adapted into a horror film.

When the KKN film in Penari Village has released its latest version, netizens talk about the original figure again, which eventually goes viral.

Even in the original story, there are differences between the two original actors, Nur and Widya, who were directly involved.

The names of Nur and Widya are not the real names of the people directly involved in the story, but the initials or pseudonyms written by a simple man.

simple man had explained about the pseudonym because the original people involved in the KKN story in the Dancer Village did not want their real identity to be known to the public.

Even so, not a few people have speculated about the real names of the people who were directly involved in the KKN story in the Dancer Village. Until now, it has not been revealed who the original figures involved were. This is because a writer still keeps their true identity a secret.

If you are curious about the original story of KKN in the Dancing Village version of Nur and Widya, to treat your curiosity Is this the location of the KKN in the Dancer Village that was revealed? In the place where the tragic true story occurred, students were trapped by Badarawuhi's trick.

Since going viral in 2019, the true story of KKN in the Dancer Village has attracted the attention of millions of Indonesians.

Not a few are hunting for the location of KKN in Penari Village, as described by the author @simpleman in his Twitter thread. Some believe the location of KKN in Penari Village is at the eastern end of the island of Java where the village is located in a pedestal or forest. This conclusion is reached by following all the characteristics -characteristics given by the author of the true story.

One of them was revealed by Aznar Achmad Chanel's Youtube channel, "FINALLY MEET THE ORIGINAL LOCATION OF THE DANGER VILLAGE KKN?", 10 May 2022.

According to Aznar Achamad, there are several characteristics of the author that can be traced to find the location of the Dancer Village.

By following the instructions from @simpleman, the tragic scene of the students who were trapped by the trick of a supernatural being named Badarawuhi can be pursued. Badarawuhi is a female genie who has a half-human and half-snake body, ruling the Dancer Village area.

He used to dance to entertain astral beings who guard the forbidden forest near the village.

Once upon a time, girls from ordinary people's settlements were sacrificed to the genie who guards the forest. They will be used as dawah or dancers in the unseen realm. But eventually, they leave the traditions of their ancestors, and those who have teenage children usually do not live there.

So in the Dancer Village, there are only parents left without any young children. Therefore, once there are students who do KKN, it is like waking up the gentlemen on a forbidden pedestal.

Even a student named Widya had been targeted by Badarawuhi from the start to become a dawah who would be forced to dance to entertain the jinn who guard the forest.

So the ruse was carried out, by approaching some other students and making a pact with him.

The snake-shaped genie even managed to trap the souls of Bima and Ayu to become his slaves in the unseen forest near the village. According to the indigos' visions, the spirits of Ayu and Bima are still trapped in the unseen realm until now.

Both Sukma was held by Badarawuhi as payment for their mistakes and their agreement with the genie. Meanwhile, Widya was able to escape from Badarawuhi's target because of the help of Mbah Buyout, an elder in the village.

If so, where is the exact location of the viral Dancer Village?

According to Aznar Achmad, the following are the characteristics of the place where the true story took place as described by the author of the KKN story in Dancer Village:

remote village

Located in the East

Smooth Javanese accent

Access only by motorbike

It takes 4 to 5 hours of travel

Stop at the rest area

City S, City B, through City J, Hamlet W , District K, forest D

According to these characteristics, Achmad Aznar said the first clue, which meant City S was the City of Surabaya, East Java.

Then mentioned through City J, if you look at the map then City J which is near Surabaya in Jember.

And the Dancer Village itself is in City B. Based on the map, there are 2 cities adjacent to Surabaya and Jember starting from the letter B, namely Bondowoso and Banyuwangi.

However, based on the third characteristic, namely that the village people use a smooth Javanese accent, Bondowoso does not qualify. Because the majority of Bondowoso people speak using a Madurese accent.

Therefore, the city where the KKN is located in the Dancer Village is most likely   Because the majority of Bondowoso people speak using a Madurese accent.

Therefore, the city where KKN is located in Penari Village is most likely Banyuwangi City, because Banyuwangi people speak using a smooth Javanese accent.

style="font-family: arial; font-size: medium;">For Hamlet W is Watu Ulo (now called Kampung Dukuh), District K is Kemiren, and Forest D is a forbidden forest in Dukuh village.

"So in Hamlet Village there is a large stone that is considered sacred by local residents. Not only that, he said the tomb there was covered with black cloth like the story of KKN in Dancer Village," said Achmad Anzar.

The supporting reasons why Kampung Dukuh is the location most suspected of being a place for KKN in Dancer Village is, because in the past there was an elder in the village like Ms. Buyut. Village Dancers, Widya and Nur were also given coffee by Mbah Buyut to find out if there were spirits following him or not.

If coffee tastes bitter, then no spirits follow it. But if it tastes sweet, it means someone is following it.

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