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 Film Clockstoppers 2002

The film begins with a bearded man who didn't want to stand in line to get on the plane Everyone was grabbed right away without knowing what it meant to be queuing it's just that at Satria was about to enter the plane suddenly he was immediately pulled back and drove so fast that it turned out that the man was carried into the plane. a car and in the car there were already several people who were ready to reveal the identity of the Brewok man from here it was known that he was named doctor Doppler, investigate this doctor-Doppler has abilities beyond the limits of smart people and his abilities made him be forcibly kidnapped by a company called Qutycorporation or Quantum Tak corporation After that we were immediately transferred to a single son named Zake, Zake happened to be very interested in various unique items including a car that he had dreamed of, very much different from his father named George and works as a teacher in the field of physics But that's why Zake never got along with his father. Even in determining something, including complying with a request that had been asking to buy a car, then he approached his friend, Maker, for their information, this is a musician who focuses more on playing instruments. The DJ in the middle of their conversation, the music accidentally saw a beautiful woman that he had never seen before, so Zake didn't want to waste his time and he started to show his crocodile side on that occasion. Francesca where is a newcomer and comes from Venezuela but the conversation means nothing to Zake himself Because he feels that his initiative is not considered at all when time passes so quickly Zake has just arrived at his house where Mom and his sister have been waiting but again instead of being busy greeting each other Zake even went back to arguing with his father because of the same problem none other than forcing his father to buy him a car at that time regardless of the price, unfortunately, George did not want to comply with his son's request and he said that he would go out for a few days to attend a science conference downtown a few hours later George was busy working in the basement doing something that seemed very serious not known for sure What George was working on but he certainly looked like he had just put his watch on In a small box on the other side, the Doppler doctor is already in the QutyCorporation's laboratory. At this point, the Doppler doctor is forced to create a new tool that can turn humans back to their youth, even though this is very draining on the brains of the Doppler doctors themselves. to the point that he could not even yes. On the other hand, Zake's younger brother, who is cleaning up, accidentally drops a small box that was used by his father to store a clock who would have thought the clock was no longer in the box, which led to Zake being interested in wearing the watch before he went to campus together. Maker, but just arrived at the Jakmall campus, he was greeted with a situation that made his heart heat up. How could the woman he has a crush on was deliberately seduced by a guy? A flirty guy who ended up with Zack himself had to step in and for his defense, Dek managed to get Francesca's attention and was even invited to come to his house to get acquainted more closely, yes, without thinking, Jack arrived at Francesca's house and he was immediately greeted by his ideal girl at this moment. Started the approach stage by helping Fransiska to clean the yard of his house, but an unexpected moment happened suddenly after Zake accidentally pressed the button on the yellow clock Yes, as you can see, all activities just stopped right away as well as the mouse that didn't move at all at first it was really bad to feel this only imagination but no longer after he brought the mouse into the house and the mouse moved again suddenly after he pressed the button on the clock. Just like Fransisca, who just stood there near the refrigerator, it was clear this situation immediately made Jack surprised - wonder why a watch can do extraordinary things that not only stop time he can also use the clock to move faster than normal humans Yes basically he can be and move in time conditions 11 times faster than normal time from here also realized that he could invite others to enter that position as long as the person he invites must come into contact with the watch wearer, you can guess, this immediately makes Francesca amazed, especially since he is also able to do things that were never thought of by humans at first. Basically, in dating conditions like this, he doesn't care about other people anymore, so he is willing to work on all the residents without being afraid of what he has done, then the two of them deliberately go to the DJ competition that Maker will participate in. Maker didn't get support from the visitors who were in that place, they didn't have the heart for Zake and Francesca immediately intervened to help Maker win this race. A maker that will be seen in normal time. Just imagine being 11 times faster than other humans, making Zack and Francesca invisible again and it's been confirmed that the help of the two of them immediately made masks to become champions of the competition a short time after leaving with Francesca and Maker The deck has arrived at the house, However, unlike usual, there was something that looked different from his house. It turned out that Jack's house had just been invaded by an unknown person. With the condition of his mother and sister frozen like that, it was clear that the QutyCorporation was looking for something in this house and couldn't stay. silent zake was forced to face to face with these people he didn't know But he still without any aids couldn't do much so he started to be shouted at by the Doppler doctor who was in a car the doctor said that these people are Corporations I don't want any of their work to be leaked to the public, so I couldn't help but insist on helping Zake to go as far as possible while continuing to rely on the power of the watch, only that it had no impact at all because the parties involved Qiuti Corporation also wears a similar watch In addition, the Doppler doctor didn't really want to help Jek, but he still wanted to take the clock which in the end didn't trust the Doppler doctor anymore and he had to escape by dropping the car under the bridge the next day Zake Bangun in a hospital where Iya was immediately greeted by her mother and sister and also the police, the police said that it was suspected that Jek had committed theft of a car and tried to escape last night but the problem only reappeared when I realized that the clock had fallen into the water. luckily by relying on the hand dryer Zake managed to reactivate the ability from that hour daana Zake also managed to exchange his costume with a costume from one of the police who were outside for this action Zake was able to freely leave the hospital so relaxed and even followed up to Maker's house to change clothes didn't end there Zake also sneaks into Francesca's house to invite her to go to Zack's father's inn. Unfortunately, Zake was not faster than Qutycorporation, who had planned to kidnap George after leaving the hotel with Fransiska, but they didn't think that a truck that passed in front of the hotel had been driven by a Doppler doctor, none other than a Doppler doctor. Planning to take them to headquarters. from Qutycorporation but luckily Francesca didn't want to stay silent and Doctor Dopler himself fell unconscious Immediately after the bird was beaten by Francesca they always took the doctor straight to an inn for further interrogation. At this moment he also invited the Doppler doctors to cooperate I also remember that his father had gone to a sense convention which was in the city center. Of course, by taking advantage of her beauty, Fransesca Zake and Doctor Doppler deliberately took some items that could be designed further where they would design all the preparations. As good as that might be from repairing Zake's watch which had been immersed in water to making a nitrogen-free freezing weapon and when everything was ready, the three of them immediately sneaked into the Qty Corporation headquarters. Unfortunately at this point, Doctor Doppler was unable to continue the journey because of his life. It would be very dangerous if they were found to have helped the two of them. It didn't take long. The big boss of QutiCorporation immediately realized this, until Zake and Francesca were also locked up with George in a large dome. From here, George also understood why QutiCorporation was very forbidding the watch to be circulated to the public at large, after examining it, it turns out that the clock still has many shortcomings and a solution has not been found until now, one of which is when the ability of the clock is intentionally activated in the space-time which is also available from the same hour. This clearly can be used by Jack to form a collision when he is secondary directly in both space-time and he can overcome all obstacles like it hard even though he can penetrate everything without worrying at all. activated the explosive device that he had designed inside the dome and in the end, the three of them managed to destroy all the existing officers to the point that the Big Boss of QutiCorporation also had to lay down after being frozen by a doctor-doppler doctor-doppler still has a sincere heart to save his former teacher along with Jack and also Francesca, not long after that the place was immediately searched by the police and all watches were deliberately confiscated without leaving anything at all while for the first time Doppler-doctors will try their latest invention, a device that can keep humans young and predictable by doctors -Doppler is no longer a wet is young but his whole form also returns as if he were young.

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