Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC)

Welcome to the review of building materials for the house construction process for today's era, many people are looking for solutions or innovating to find ways to build it cheaper, can produce nice neat buildings and the process is faster in general, in the finishing process when people generally work using after masonry using stucco and plaster for finishing modern buildings today, such as hotel apartments or multi-storey buildings or modern buildings, yes, on average, they already use silica board or GRC board or kalsiboard installation applications or other names because I mentioned what GRC kalsi is using, what kind of tablet is that child is the most familiar for now, so for architects or contractors or builders who are building modern buildings today, on average, in the finishing process, they don't use the Play Store application and they replace plaster fund The cian uses bot bots from the results of the tabot or GRC Board or kalsiboard The goal is to get maximum work results that are economical and fast, people generally do the house using plaster of Acian and then finishing is usually to smooth the Acian using white cement on the plamir, yes, that usually spends the cost is greater than the innovation of using boards or GRC Boards for the plastering process and Acian usually requires sand and requires cement and there are also those who use Gamping nil artisans which also require more than 2 people to work on plaster and Acian the time required is also much longer than we use CFC or kalsiboard because in order for the plaster process to filter the sand it must contain the master cement and sand so the process must be done step by step to be able to produce plaster and plaster, that's why this method is no longer used for buildings. modern buildings as I mentioned earlier, apartment hotels or modern high-rise buildings. The contractors or architects no longer use the plaster and plaster process, they use silica GRC board to replace the Asian implementation with the aim of faster installation, the results produced by GRC or Kalsiboard the results are immediately smooth without having to be plastered or processed. The next lesson is light, so for high-rise buildings, we use GRC Board or using silica board, it will reduce the burden on the building very much because it does not use sand, does not use cement, or other materials so that the building load will be lighter than How is the process of installing the GRC Board on the wall as many methods are used to be used to install the GRC Board on the first wall if all of the walls or the masonry of all fulfillment bricks are neatly straight or flat for gold packaging. It can be directly attached to the wall in the freezer or on a concrete nail. It can be directly affixed to the freezer. Have you ever given an example before that DVD was Aplus or Compound or Thursday it was mixed with white fox glue, it could reduce the effect of cracking on the GRC connection if the wall it's even, what if the installation of the stems is uneven or the walls are uneven, several methods can be used by friends? All of you first can use a plaster head. Usually, if I'm not that good, Master makes a plaster head, which is in the line using thread to make it even if it's usually just leveled with a restaurant. Now if you use the GRC Board, quickly use the market head, it's a bit wide, maybe we measure 10 inches according to the width of the GRC.GRC stands for Glass Reinforced Concrete or also known as Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. a mixture of concrete and fiberglass. The composition of this material generally consists of high-strength and alkali-resistant glass fibers, which are combined together with cement mixtures such as concrete and so on.

Compared to ordinary concrete, GRC has similar physical and chemical features and identities. This material also offers durability like tough and hardwearing concrete and is easy to apply according to the type of decorative glass. Advantages of GRC

The main advantage of the GRC board compared to other concrete panel alternatives is its lighter weight. As a result, transportation, handling, and panel erection costs become more efficient. By utilizing GRC from the design stage, it is also possible to build building foundations that are more environmentally friendly and economical—both for low-rise residential buildings to construction for high-rise properties. In addition to functioning as an ideal heat and sound insulation, this material is also non-flammable or explosive, so it is considered suitable for buildings that are safe from natural disasters.

Functions in Interior and Exterior

GRC is not suitable for use as a structural element in a building, for example as a roofing material, retaining walls, or parts that must withstand certain loads. However, do not doubt the greatness of GRC when used for other functions such as exterior retaining, wall panels, countertops, or solid surfaces and interior furniture such as bathtubs, sinks, or ordinary furniture.

GRC can be used for homes or private residences, as well as for public buildings such as buildings for commercial needs, parks, and the like.

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