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This is what happened in 2016 so Louisa wanted to go to her sister's place in Cicalengka, so she took the train from one of the stations in Bandung at around 11 pm, as usual, she just bought a ticket and after that, she waited for the train to come the train came around At 11.40 while waiting for the train to come, Luisa bought some bread, which was around the station. After she finished buying bread, she sat on a bench while waiting. Some women were in their 50s or 60s sitting next to Louisa. Ask Louisa, why do you want bread? It's impossible with a smile, but the mother looks at her while keeping a straight face, and not long after that, Mrs.'s face changes to a sad face that is holding back tears. The mother keeps saying that she is very sorry. don't forget to God, good luck on the road, be careful, don't forget to read about it, that's how it is, just say Oh yes, ma'am, not long after n finally a lot of surprises to he kept getting up from his seat Wanted to walk up to the train Just a few steps and thought about it Oh yes, I said goodbye to the mother but when she looked back at the seat how come the mother was not there may be the mother had just left Yes if you think about it, the new era goes quickly. Just walk a little and look back, it doesn't make any sense. Continue with Louisa's story. Riding the train, she sat in the middle of the carriage and the trip to Cicalengka station was nothing strange. It was normal. Arriving at Cicalengka station he immediately got off and took a motorcycle taxi to go to his brother's house, it was quite expensive, around Rp. 45,000 maybe because the distance from the station to Luisa's sister's house was a bit far. Long story short, he arrived at his brother's house, he had business there, he continued to eat and after eating it he was lying down until finally, he fell asleep Woke up at 3 pm wanted to catch a train that was at 4 pm that was the only time it was raining heavily and where was it Where is the motorcycle taxi that wants to take it, how far is it from Loisa's brother's house to Cicalengka station, finally he is escorted by a gentleman. If I'm not mistaken, Mr. Ucan, the father took Louisa to the station, it was raining, luckily wearing a raincoat on this trip, Pak Ucan Says Neng You're not alone, be careful when you get home, someone wants to take you for a walk. After a long journey, you arrive at the station again before Mr. Ucan leaves. He says, Grandma, don't forget to read the verse. The chair won't work with other letters except for the Ayat Kursi or not I understand there, what do you mean? I don't know where you can not forget to say thank you to Mr. Rain and he left at that time, the station was strange. The atmosphere was very strange and kept going to the counter to buy tickets. There were three people, right at that station. I'm sure there will be someone selling it. Well, there wasn't that day at all. No one was selling it. Louisa kept looking for a bench to sit on and wait for the train, and the train schedule. it was 16 30, so when Louisa sat down, it was already 16.26. long story short, finally the train came, Louisa just took the usual ride like ordinary people, but again there was something strange that in 2016 the train was modern. On the old train, the ticket was billed. Inside Louisa, enter the third carriage from the back Louisa was quite full in the carriage, but fortunately, she got a seat. There's something strange about the seat. As far as I know, the train is going to Bandung Cicalengka or vice versa. It's like the commuter line benches so face to face, but how come the seats are all in the front, you're already tired, Louisa just sit down, don't want to think about it too much for about 1 hour the train runs suddenly from the seat a bit ahead there is a man He calls Louisa just calling like people are hiding louisa asking why did the man say his seat moved here Hurry up, the one behind the brother on the right, brother, is all demons, hurry, Sis, he said that in a whisper. Louisa couldn't believe it, she just kept looking around and sure enough, the people there were all pale and none of them were moving. He was frozen when he wanted to look behind the guy who tapped Louisa's knee and then he said don't look back. Hurry up and move, for fear, Louisa moved to sit next to the boy and then the boy said he was sitting like this, Sis, so the guy told Louisa to sit down a bit down like this so that the head can't be seen and the legs don't show up on the ground, so you hold them with your hands, something like this That's it, the boy said again Sis, now my sister is on a magical train, I can't believe he's there. Then he asked the guy. How can you know I know because I've been here for a week. if the clock doesn't change, for example, if it's 10 o'clock, it's already 10 o'clock but what has changed is the date the guy said again we can be safe As long as we really know where we are going to get off If this train stops don't go out except at the destination or we will be lost in this world listening to that Louisa was scared but also curious because according to her it was like a dream she looked back ahead and it's true that the people there now have changed their appearance, someone's neck was split until it almost fell off so that there was a baby's face on the other side it was damaged her mother also had a hole in her eye and blood was coming out of it all wanted to vomit louisa could be there and then Rafa suddenly said horrified, sis, i'm already I've been holding this for a long time, could it be that Rafa is not a human, also asked the guy, you're human, right, look at my feet, they're floating, how are you doing, Sis, there are two kinds of people going up here, there are humans like us, there's also Jin Louisa. Look around again and it's true that the legs of the people sitting there are not there, he's there, he really wants to give up because it's so bad that it smells rancid and stinks. Really wants to throw up. Where else is he? something good happened that after a long time the train suddenly stopped because it was no longer strong enough in the end louisa immediately ran out of the train she was so stupid there she was really scared she just wanted to get out when she was running out she could hear Rafa screaming- shouted and called him if I'm not mistaken Rafa said like this, don't worry, that's not where you're going, but louisa doesn't care about that guy, he still gets off the train and he doesn't dare looking back at all When I got off the train, the train tracks turned into a straight line, which was even weirder, it was already late at night. Even though when we got on the train, it was still light, at around 5 pm there was no other choice, you could just walk along the road and take a walk. Not long after, he met two women, he could continue to ask the women, ma'am, the way to go home, take the bus or train, you got lost. Finally, the 2 women were able to take them to a shop not far from there. Sir, arrived there. the shop the women said to rest here first, Grandma, she already rested there, she looked around and she felt very strange she still couldn't believe her current situation then the women bought something at the shop that you could remember The women bought camphor Sugar Razor and raffia, know what to do when you're done, you can take the 2 women for a walk again. They walk for a long time, it looks like it's really the middle of the night. it's raining again, not heavy, just raindrops, but strangely the 2 women don't looks completely cold and also the rain water looks like it's mental when it touches the mother's body So ​​the two mothers are not wet at all After a long walk, finally louisa saw at the end of the road there was a very large white building but the whiteness was already dull It's like an old building and on the outskirts of the building is a banana garden. All of Louisa was told to go in there with the two women. One of them said just take a break last night, tomorrow, just go again. Louisa went into the building. She opened the fence. Actually, she was hesitant to enter. When she arrived right in front of the building, she saw that it was a very dark building and many pairs of eyes were watching her from the windows in the building. Louisa was scared and she immediately turned around wanting to get out of the area but the fence was now closed and it was very difficult to open it too. for the mothers it has been far he reads all the letters of the Koran he can but nothing works and he remembers the words asked Mr. ucan who took him to the station, Neng, don't forget to read the verse of the chair, it won't work with other letters except the verse of the chair, he immediately reads the verse of the chair and it's true that the door opens right away, he can immediately run from there and meet again with the women earlier and one of them said where they were going because they were scared. louisa said she wanted to find food and finally the mothers brought it back looking for food, it didn't take long for the grandmother and the grandmothers to say that louisa was being targeted by supernatural beings who else is really tired there, her stomach hurts from cold It's been mixed up and the old lady says come here, follow me, but because she wants to get out of there. Yes. She just followed Louisa. Followed the grandmother to a small house in the middle of the palm oil plantation. Grandma kept telling her to come in. Just go inside. it's nothing strange, it's normal, the grandmother said that if Louisa wanted to survive she had to enter the big building at the end of the road. The big building that was Adi earlier then from there there will be a magical station and you have to take a train from there to get out of the supernatural world and if you get up don't look anywhere other than out the window and when the train stops at the first stop don't get off but get off at the next stop -4 Before going down, Louisa is required to read the verse of the chair after saying that. The grandmother gave Louisa food and drink and told her to leave tomorrow morning because if she went out at night it was dangerous, many would run down in the morning. In the morning, she could leave the house and say goodbye to her grandmother. the road again leads to the building until in front of the fence of the building he enters while reading the verse The chair continues to walk again until in front of the door of the building he opens it and he walks in not long after the way from Open the door it is dark everyone wakes up wakes him up in one of the hospitals in Bandung, things are back to normal, there is Louisa's mother, now her mother said that when she was at the train station, After being escorted by Mr. Ucan, Louisa fainted, so he was immediately taken out of the station with Mr. Ucan. He was brought home, but he couldn't. Louisa was unconscious for so long that they panicked and took her to the hospital. The question is whether this incident was just a dream or real. ?

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