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Facts about Fakar Suhartami Pratama, a wealthy trading mentor who is now a fugitive

Fakar Suhartami Pratama's name has been publicly highlighted for being a trading mentor for Indra Kenz, who is being hunted by the police.

The man who is familiarly called by Fakarich often appears in various videos belonging to Indra Kenz.

Indra Kenz said that Fakarich was a mentor who taught him the trading business so that he could earn billions of rupiah in profit.

1. Architect Graduated in Building Engineering

Judging from the Linkedin website, Fakar Suhartami Pratama is a graduate of the State University of Medan.

From the data, it was noted that Fakar was a student in the Department of Building Engineering Education from 2009 to 2014. His work history also states that he has been a visualization architect since 2011.

Continuing his work as a visualization architect, Fakar also worked as a concept maker and design architect in 2013.

2. Classes with a price of millions up to a fine of Rp. 500 million

As a Binomo trading mentor, Fakar is known among members as Fakarich.

He opened a trading class with two different classes, an executive class with a fee of Rp. 7 million to a standard class of Rp. 1.4 million.

From Frederica Lim's social media account, it was revealed that there were requirements from Fakarich before taking his Binomo trading class.

One of them is a written agreement that must be signed on stamp duty by the participant before starting trading.

Under the agreement, students who take part in the training must devote themselves to Fakarich for three years. For those who violate the rules, Fakarich will be fined Rp. 500 million.

3. Owner of E-Sports to Online Media

From the traces of the goggle page search, one of the news media made an article about the figure of Fakar Suhartami Pratama.

In the news that was written on Wednesday (15/7/20), local Medan online media published an article about Fakar who was successful at a young age.

He is known as the owner of e-sports such as the legendary car based in Jakarta.

In addition, the man, who is known to be almost 30 years old, owns a company and a school of engineering experts as well as trading classes. Fakar also has an online media portal that is named after his name but has a different letter at the beginning, namely Pakarberita. Profile of Fakarich, Trading Guru Indra Kenz, Formerly a Hard Worker Now Fantastic Income, a man named Fakarich is excited to be called a teacher who teaches the world of trading to Indra Kenz.

Compiled by Simkom Media from Okezone, Friday (18/3/2022), Fakarich's full name is Fakar Suhartami Pratama.

Fakarich was widely discussed by the public because it was mentioned by the Director of Special Economic Crimes (Dir Tipideksus) of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police, Brigadier General Whisnu Hermawan, that he had sent a call against him, but it never came.

This is related to the Binomo investment fraud case that ensnared Indra Kenz. "This is what we want to call. We will call Fakar next week. (The teacher), the information is Fakar, but it hasn't come yet," said Whisnu, Thursday (17/3/2022).

So, who is Fakarich?

It is known, Fakarich often appears in several videos of Indra Kenz which are shared on his YouTube account.

Fakarich was born in Medan in 1991. He also comes from a simple family, his parents are traders. Fakarich also had odd jobs from parking attendants, buskers, dishwashing workers, and office boys.

However, this 31-year-old man is now one of the people who has succeeded in changing his family's life since entering the world of trading.

This is because Fakarich is said to have succeeded in making billions of rupiah in profits thanks to trading. He has opened a Binomo class since 2020. Not only teaching offline classes, but Fakarich is also actively providing trading materials through social media.

He uses Telegram, Instagram, and Facebook to introduce him to the world of trading.

Fakarich's trading class is expected to cost around Rp. 7 million.

There are two classes offered, namely ordinary and exclusive classes.

If ordinary classes are taught by ordinary affiliates, exclusive ones will be directly mentored by Fakarich. ak only about the trading world, Fakarich on YouTube Indra Kenz in a video uploaded on March 17, 2022, said that he had established an online media.

The online media is called the News Expert.

"So bro, here we are all inaugurating news," quoted from YouTube Indra Kenz.

The reason, Fakarich is suspected of being Indra Kenz's trading teacher is because the Crazy Rich Medan had shared a video on YouTube on February 17, 2022, with the title Meet a Mentor Who Teaches Trading Caves.

Thus, many people claim that Fakarich is Indra Kenz's mentor.

Where in the video, Indra Kenz visits a birthday event held by Fakarich.

Now, Fakarich is being hunted by the police because it was reported that there was no news after being called to give information.

There is an allegation from the police that Fakarich was the person who helped Indra Kenz eliminate evidence of the Binomo fraud case.

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