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PPATK's Terrible Findings Of Binomo's Money Flow to the Caribbean

The Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) continues to track the flow of Binomo's illegal investment funds overseas. PPATK made a number of gruesome findings regarding this flow of money.

Crime and LawHead of PPATK Ivan Yustiavandana emphasized that PPATK continues to track the flow of money categorized as suspicious transactions overseas. As for this search, several modes of fund transactions were found. Here are the findings.

1. 150 Accounts Frozen

So far, there are 29 accounts whose transactions have been terminated. A total of 150 accounts were frozen.

PPATK continues to search. Currently, the temporary suspension of transactions is carried out on 29 accounts with a nominal amount of Rp. 7.2 billion. The results of this search increase the number of frozen accounts to 150 accounts, with a total amount of IDR 361.2 billion," said Ivan in his written statement, Friday (18/3/2022).

2. Funds Up to Bank Belarus to Switzerland

As a central institution (focal point) in the prevention and eradication of money laundering (TPPU), PPATK also coordinates with Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) from other countries. According to Ivan, based on the results of coordination with PPATK partners from FIUs abroad, it was discovered that there were significant outflows of funds to bank accounts located in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Switzerland.

3. Recipients in the Caribbean

He added, the recipient of the funds is suspected to be the owner of the Binomo platform located in the Caribbean Islands with a total fund for the period September 2020-December 2021 of 7.9 million euros. The funds are then transferred back with the final recipient of the funds being an entity that manages a number of online gambling sites and is affiliated with gambling sites in Russia.

"In addition, based on transaction analysis conducted by PPATK, it was also found that the flow of funds to watch shop owners amounted to Rp 19.4 billion, car showroom owners/developers amounted to Rp 13.2 billion," he said.

4. Toddler Age Wear Mode

The mode used to disguise this transaction is by using the age of a toddler. The results of the PPATK analysis also found efforts to disguise/or obscure the recipient of the funds who are known to be underage (toddlers)," said Ivan.

PPATK has the authority to temporarily stop transactions for 20 working days and then coordinate and report to law enforcement on suspicious transactions in large amounts related to investments that are suspected to be illegal.

5. Focus on ML Green Financial Crime

Ivan explained, after two decades of focusing on preventing and eradicating money laundering in various sectors, PPATK is now increasingly focusing on preventing money laundering from environmental crimes or green financial crimes.

"Environmental crimes or crimes are far more dangerous because of the impact not only on the value generated but the impact on the environment which is likely to be much greater. Prevention and eradication of green financial crime is also a form of PPATK's support for government efforts to create a green economy, " he said. The Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police has not specifically collaborated with or involved police authorities in other countries to investigate the owner or mastermind of the Binomo online gambling application.

Head of the Public Information Bureau of the National Police Public Relations Division, Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan, emphasized that, however, the opportunities for cooperation are wide open in the future. Including the authorities or other agencies outside the police.

"If necessary, of course, we will also coordinate with other relevant agencies," he said when contacted, Saturday, March 19, 2022. experts and other stakeholders.

"In handling criminal acts of online fraud and fraudulent investments, for example, coordination is carried out with the Investment Alert Task Force," he stressed.

What is certain, Ramadhan stressed, the Bareskrim Polri will continue to uphold the sense of justice and always pay attention to human rights in uncovering the mastermind behind the Binomo case in Indonesia, including upholding professionalism.

As is known, the Financial Transactions and Analysis Reporting Center (PPATK) found a flow of money suspected of being linked to the Binomo online gambling application abroad. PPATK said the flow of funds amounted to millions of Euros.

It was obtained through a joint search with Financial Intelligence Units in other countries. According to the information they received, it was discovered that there were significant outflows of funds abroad to banks located in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Switzerland.

PPATK suspected that the recipient of the funds was the owner of Binomo located in the Caribbean Islands. In the period from September 2020 to December 2021, the amount of money flowing was 7.9 million Euros, or around Rp. 125 billion.

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