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 These 4 women enter the list of the richest people in Indonesia,The Real Crazy Rich

Lately, many people have been dubbed 'crazy rich because they often indulge in wealth on social media. But it turns out that not all of them are really as rich as they appear. Some have been proven to pretend, cheat and even engage in criminal acts that break pride. Unlike the fake crazy rich, these three women never show off their wealth but have succeeded in getting on the list of the richest people in Indonesia.

Late last year, Forbes revealed the 50 richest people in Indonesia. Although dominated by men, there are three successful women who became the most valuable entrepreneurs and entered the list. You may not be familiar with their names because the trio has never flaunted their glamorous lifestyle on YouTube or Instagram. Anyone?

Marina Budiman - Rank 30

Marina Budiman is one of the richest women in Indonesia from data compiled by Forbes. Marina could be called a newcomer because she had never been on the list before. Reported by detikFinance, his wealth cannot be separated from the increase in shares of PT DCI Indonesia Tbk (DCII) after going public.

The woman born in 1961 who is one of the founders of PT DCI Indonesia is said to have a net worth of US $ 1.5 billion. The company itself is engaged in data center operators and is the largest in Indonesia.

Arini Subianto - Rank 44

Arini Subianto ranks 44 on the list of Indonesia's richest people in 2021. The woman who serves as president director of the family holding company, Persada Capital Investama, reportedly has a net worth of US$ 975 million. Her business is from processing wood and palm oil to processing rubber and coal. Unlike Marina, Arini is arguably the richest person on the list. She is indeed known as one of the successful entrepreneurs and the first Indonesian woman to have the richest status. The 52-year-old socialite is Benny Subianto's first child who bequeathed the company to him as the first child.

Kartini Muljadi - Rank 50

Even though she is ranked the most distended in the Forbes 2021 list of richest people, of course, Kartini Muljadi's assets are not small. He is said to have a total net worth of US $ 695 million. Kartini is one of the owners of the Tempo Group which oversees Tempo Scan Pacific.

It is said that previously the 91-year-old woman was a judge. No wonder he also owns a law firm called Kartini Muljadi & Partners.

Grace Tahir, The Real Crazy Rich Who Is Stylish As It Is, Doesn't Like Jaim

Grace Tahir is in the spotlight after uploading Indra Kenz's 'crazy rich' parody video on her YouTube channel. Mentioning his name as Indri Benz, the second child of conglomerate Dato Sri Tahir gave a striking satire to people who like to flaunt their wealth on the internet. Apart from her viral parody videos, Grace Tahir is an inspirational figure and likes to appear as she is. He chose to look simple which he felt comfortable with.

Coming from a wealthy family, this mother of three children is actually reluctant to maintain her image, aka jaim. Both at work and at home, he is proud to be himself. Honestly, I don't want to be a jaim anymore. But indeed, if you meet me personally, whether in the office or anywhere else, I am exactly what I am," said Grace Tahir to HaiBunda recently. It turns out that Grace Tahir has received comments about his appearance. commented on the brand of the watch she was wearing. The brand of the watch was deemed out of sync with Grace's wealth, which was considered 'real crazy rich.

"For example, yesterday when I had someone interview me, my watch was Casio. Apparently, a lot of people commented, why is this Casio watch? I didn't realize that, I just like the watch. So I can't pretend, I really like it like this," he said.

Although the camera is rarely highlighted, Grace Tahir admits that he often gets negative comments from netizens. The woman who is the Director of Mayapada Hospital admits that she has a way of dealing with these comments.

This method is obtained from celebrities or famous figures he meets. According to them, Grace must be prepared to face various negative comments from netizens when she decides to be active on social media. When I meet a celebrity or famous person, I ask how do you respond to negative comments? And I learn from them. If you are ready for social media, you have to be ready to accept that and you have to be strong to handle it," he said.

"You don't have to respond too much, focus on the positive, don't be negative because it's not you. They say that because it's their problem, not ours. So I learned a lot from those people."

Later, Grace Tahir went viral for parodying Indra Kenz's video. Even though she is busy, Grace is already actively creating content on social media to channel her passion.

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