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 Indonesia Wins Thomas Cup 2020

The Indonesian badminton team won the 2020 Thomas Cup after silencing defending champion China in the final with a score of 3-0.

Indonesia's success in defeating the defending champion China in the Thomas Cup 2020 final after Jonathan Christie managed to defeat the Chinese representative in the third match.

Jonatan Christie again became a hero for the Indonesian badminton team in the 2021 Thomas Cup final after going through a dramatic match to defeat the Chinese representative. Meanwhile, two Indonesian representatives who previously contributed points for Indonesia, namely Anthony Sinisuka Ginting and Fajar-Alfian Anthony Ginting from the doubles sector appeared in the first match in the 2020 Thomas Cup final against Chinese representative Lu GZ who managed to win with rubber sets 18-21, 21-14 and 21-16.

Meanwhile, the Fajar-Alfian men's doubles also managed to easily defeat the Chinese double representatives in the second match in the 2021 Thomas Cup final with a score of 21-14, 18-21, and 21-14. The victory of the Indonesian badminton team became a curse breaker for the country after 19 years failed to win As is known, Indonesia last won the Thomas Cup in 2002.

After that, China's dominance could not be dammed in the Thomas Cup. China managed to control the Thomas Cup for 14 years before finally returning to Indonesia. The Indonesian men's singles player, Jonatan Christie, became the determinant of the Red and White Team's success in winning the 2020 Thomas Cup. However, Jonatan Christie was reluctant to be called a hero.

As is known, Indonesia won the 2020 Thomas Cup after defeating China in the top party. The match, which was held at Ceres Arena, Aarush, Denmark, Monday (18/10/2021) early in the morning, was completed with a score of 3-0.

Jonathan himself, who played in the third party, became the winner of Indonesia's title. He bulldozed Li Shi Feng in a three-game fight.

In the first game, Jojo - Jonatan's nickname - appeared confident and won easily, with a score of 21-14. However, his performance declined early in the second game and made him lose 18-21. But then, he won in the deciding game with a score of 21-14.

Although he deserves to be called a hero, the 24-year-old player does not want to be said like that. According to him, colleagues and teams involved behind the scenes are also suitable to be called heroes because they also have a big role throughout the tournament. Indonesian badminton legend,

Taufik Hidayat also celebrated the success of the Red and White Team in winning the 2020 Thomas Cup title. But on the other hand, Taufik mentioned the Red and White Flag which did not fly at ceremonial moments.

As is known, when the anthem Indonesia Raya was sung, the Red-White flag was not flown. This is related to the warning given by the World anti-doping Agency (WADA) to Indonesia some time ago. Taufik also questioned this through a video he uploaded on his personal Instagram account @taufikhidayatofficial. The upload shows the Indonesian squad singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya after the awarding of trophies and medals. Congratulations on the Thomas Cup return to INDONESIA. Thank you for the hard work of the Indonesian Badminton Team. But there's something strange that the red and white flag doesn't exist? Replaced with the PBSI flag..." Taufik wrote in the caption of the video he uploaded.

"What's wrong with LADI and our government? In particular, Menpora Koni and Koi? What have you been doing all this time? It's embarrassing for the country of Indonesia," he continued.

"Don't expect to be the host of the Olympics or the World Cup... even small things can't be done... This sport is a mess," said the 2004 Athens Olympic gold medalist.

For the record, while still active as a player, Taurik Hidayat was noted to have succeeded in leading Indonesia to win the Thomas Cup title twice, namely in 2000 and 2002.

In the 2000 edition, Taufik Hidayat also became the determinant of Indonesia's victory over China in the final. His success in subduing China's men's singles, Ji Xinpeng ensured Indonesia's 3-0 victory over China in the final. The Thomas Cup winner put Indonesia in the top position with 14 trophies. Indonesia won the 14th title on Sunday, (17/10/2021) evening WIB, after winning 3-0 over China in the top party which took place at Ceres Arena, Aarhus, Denmark.

The Indonesian Badminton Team only participated in the Thomas Cup event in 1958, or the fourth edition. Amazingly, when they first performed, Team Thomas Indonesia came out victorious! At that time in the top party, Indonesia won 6-3 over Malaya (now called Malaysia). Meanwhile, the last title before this year came in 2002.

Again, Malaysia is the victim. At that time, Hendrawan and his friends won 3-2 over Malaysia.

Then, the second most successful country in the Thomas Cup in China with 10 titles. China itself is a bit late to participate in the Thomas Cup.

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