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 243 Residents' Houses Was Heavy Damaged by the 4.8 M Earthquake in Karangasem Bali

A total of 243 houses of Karangasem residents were seriously damaged by the earthquake with a magnitude of 4.8. Not only that, hundreds of other houses also suffered minor damage.

BPBD reported that based on data developments on Sunday (17/10), at 16.20 WIB, as many as 300 houses were lightly damaged and 3 others were moderately damaged. In addition, 21 units of sacred buildings, 6 passes, and 2 temples were also heavily damaged in Bali.

The impact of damage also occurred in 1 unit of educational facilities and 3 road access points which were covered by landslide material. The damage in Karangasem Regency, Bali Province, was spread over several villages in 4 sub-districts, including Ban and Dukuh Villages (Kubu District), Rendang, and Pempatan (Rendang), Jungutan (Bebandem), and Amerta Buana (Selat). also claimed lives in the Karangasem area. A total of 1 citizen died, 6 were seriously injured, and 69 were slightly injured.

"The impact of fatalities in this district was recorded as 1 resident died, 6 seriously injured, and 69 minor injuries. Residents who were injured have received medical treatment at local health facilities," said Plt. Head of the BNPB Disaster Data, Information and Communication Center, Abdul Muhari.

Then, in addition to Karangasem, the earthquake that occurred on Saturday (16/10), at 03.18 WIB at a depth of 10 km also had an impact on Bangli Regency. A total of 26 houses were heavily damaged in this district, while 9 were moderately damaged and 2 were lightly damaged. BPBD Bangli Regency recorded public facilities and assets of affected residents, including village office 1 unit, Puskesmas 1, Bumdes 1, houses of worship 2, kitchen 2, and toilets 2.

In addition, the earthquake also resulted in 2 deaths, 2 serious injuries, and 5 minor injuries. BPBD informed that as many as 5 families or 19 people were displaced due to the earthquake. Two earthquake victims in Terunyan Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, Bali, survived even though they were buried under the rubble. The two people are Ni Made Mudawati (50) and Putu Novita Sari (18).

"It's true (two people survived even though they were buried)," said the Head of the Emergency and Logistics Section of the Bangli Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), I Ketut Agus Sutapa,  Saturday (16/10/2021).

Based on the Bali Provincial BPBD report, the two victims suffered injuries. Ni Made Mudawati suffered serious injuries and Putu Novita Sari suffered minor injuries. Agus explained that there were actually eight victims of a hill landslide in Terunyan Village. In addition to Ni Made Mudawati and Putu Novita Sari, there are Ni Kadek Wahyu (25), Lionel Adi Putra (8), Dede Solikin Adi Putra (28), Ni Putu Wahyuni ​​(28), Devina (4) and a 4 month old baby who has not yet been born. identity is known.

Of the eight people, as many as four people were buried. They are Ni Made Mudawati, Putu Novita Sari, Ni Kadek Wahyuni, and Lionel Adi Putra. Meanwhile, four others, namely Dede Solikin Adi Putra, Ni Putu Wahyuni, Devina (4), and a 4-month-old baby, were not buried so they could evacuate independently.

Of the four people buried, two, namely Ni Made Mudawati and Putu Novita Sari, survived. While the remaining two, namely Ni Kadek Wahyu and Lionel Adi Putra, are confirmed dead.

"(The landslide victims) are eight people in one family. Four can evacuate independently, four are buried," explained Agus Sutapa.

One of the landslide victims, Dede Solikin Adi Putra, said that his house in Terunyan Village is located near a hill. At around 04.00 WITA, the hill was about to collapse due to the earthquake.

"Less than a minute it immediately collapsed. We were sleeping and ran away, but we didn't have time. We didn't want to run to the lake either. The hill immediately collapsed from behind," explained Solis.

"Six of us survived, two died, including my son. The late (my son Lionel Adi Putra) and his aunt (Ni Kadek Wahyu) wanted to save themselves, but they fell to the ground (and eventually died)," he said.

style="text-align: justify;">Previously, three people were reported to have died due to a 4.8 magnitude earthquake centered 8 km northwest of Karangasem Regency, Bali. In addition to the victims who died, seven people suffered broken bones.

"Two people died in Bangli Regency. 1 person died in Karangasem Regency, 7 people broke their bones," said the Chief Executive (Kalaksa) of the Bali Province Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), I Made Rentin, Saturday (16 /10).

Besides Ni Kadek Wahyu and Lionel Adi Putra, one person who died as an earthquake victim was Ni Luh Meriani (3) from Jatituhu Hamlet, Ban Village, Kubu District, Karangasem Regency.

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