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Bagnaia beats Marquez in 2021 United States MotoGP

Francesco Bagnaia assesses that Marc Marquez will get a great opportunity when racing at the Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas, Sunday (3/10/2021).

History records that Marc Marquez is indeed superior when competing at the Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas, because he always wins between 2013-2018.

Unfortunately, Marc Marquez's sweet record did not continue in 2019 because he fell after starting the race from first place. After 2020, the race in the United States was canceled, this season all riders can pave at COTA.

In addition to favoring the figure nicknamed Baby Alien at COTA, Bagnaia also considers his teammate, Jack Miller, and the Suzuki riders. In Austin, I think Marquez will be very strong, but also Jack Miller and Suzuki, "said Bagnaia, reported by from Sky Sport. There I was able to get my first top 10 in MotoGP in 2019. Our bike is adapting well to this track. Let's see."

Quite a lot of MotoGP racers have nicknames. Some of them even become identities, such as Valentino Rossi and The Doctor. There is also Marc Marquez who is called The Baby Alien. The nickname was not casually given. Besides appearing from fans or fans, the nicknames of MotoGP racers also sometimes have a background story. Then, what is the meaning, meaning, or cause of the nicknames that are pinned to MotoGP racers?

1. The Doctor (Valentino Rossi)

For MotoGP lovers, the term The Doctor is familiar. The nickname is synonymous with one of the living legends of MotoGP, Valentino Rossi.

There are several versions related to the nickname The Doctor given to the Italian rider. Some say that this Yamaha racer had wanted to become a doctor. Some think that Rossi wants to think and work like a doctor. Meanwhile, Rossi himself thinks that the nickname The Doctor comes from a comment he made in 2000. "In the 500cc class we don't need superheroes, what we need is calm and think like a doctor," said Rossi.

2. The Baby Alien (Marc Marquez)

The MotoGP racing event is also quite familiar with the nickname The Baby Alien which is intended for Repsol Honda's mainstay racer, Marc Marquez.

This nickname was given because of the greatness of Marquez who managed to become world champion at a very young age. More than that, the Spanish rider has even dominated the MotoGP premier class since making his debut in 2013.

3. El Diablo (Fabio Quartararo)

Fabio Quartararo earned the nickname El Diablo which means The Devil long before starting his career in MotoGP. The Yamaha factory team rider said he got the nickname since he was a teenager.

style="text-align: justify;">It all started when Quartararo had a helmet with the image of a demon on it. Since then, his rivals often call him El Diablo.

4. Top Gun (Maverick Vinales)

Maverick's name was given by his father, Angel Vinales, which was inspired by the main character named Pete "Maverick" Mitchell in Tom Cruise's Top Gun.

In the film, Tom Cruise plays the pilot of the American F14 Tomcat fighter. The title of this film later became the nickname of Vinales. Even the fighter jet became the Vinales logo on various racing equipment and merchandise for his fans.

5. Einstein (Miguel Oliveira)

KTM Red Bull racer Miguel Oliveira has the nickname Einstein. Yes, this nickname is meant for Albert Einstein, the genius scientist who discovered the very famous theory of relativity.

This is also the reason why Oliveira always celebrates sticking out his tongue in front of the camera when he won the 2020 Styria GP and the last Catalunya GP.

Not without reason, Einstein's nickname was addressed to Oliveira. The Portuguese rider was considered very intelligent. Because, in addition to racing, Oliveira continued his education to college and majored in dentistry.

Valentino Rossi Loses at Home

Valentino Rossi is still not able to consistently appear competitive with his new team this season, namely Petronas Yamaha SRT.

Efforts to be able to look good continue to be carried out by Valentino Rossi and his team considering that MotoGP 2021 will be his last season.

Previously, Valentino Rossi had decided to hang up his helmet or retire from the prestigious motorcycle racing event at the end of this season. Good results did not come until the racer nicknamed The Doctor completed the San Marino 2021 MotoGP series last week.

style="text-align: justify;">Paving the track at the Misano Circuit, Italy has always been a special moment for Valentino Rossi considering this is his home race.

Although different regions, the distance between the residence of the 42-year-old racer in Tavullia, Italy, and the Misano Circuit is less than 20 kilometers.

Valentino Rossi himself must be willing to end the 2021 San Marino MotoGP race in 17th position after starting from 23rd or second only

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