Bali Tourism Opening Plan

Bali Tourism Opening Plan

 The Bali Provincial Government has prepared three plans for opening tourism for foreign tourists in the midst of fluctuating COVID-19 cases. This mechanism will be chosen based on the COVID-19 situation.

"Because this (COVID-19 case) is fluctuating, so we hope that in the context of this re-opening it will not be black (and) white," said Deputy Governor of Bali Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati (Cok Ace) at the Bali Tourism Polytechnic (Poltekpar), Friday (24/9/2021).

"It means that if there is a slight change suddenly (immediately) it doesn't happen, don't do that! So we make several plans, several plans," added Cok Ace. Cok Ace said that his party had a plan A to open Bali as a whole for foreign tourists. This first option is taken if the COVID-19 situation or condition on the Island of the Gods continues to be under control.

"If we can first cover (the opening of foreign tourists) for all of Bali," explained the Chairman of the Regional Management Board of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (BPD PHRI) Bali.

This first option extends compared to the previous plan which took plan A only for the green zone area. But this time, plan A to open Bali for foreign tourists is carried out thoroughly.

"Because in the past there were three green zones, the spirit was based on vaccines. The vaccine in Bali is now at 73 percent. We're aiming for 100 percent," explained Cok Ace.

Plan B: Open 3 Green Zones

Cok Ace emphasized that if, for example, something happened or cases of COVID-19 in Bali began to spike, it did not mean that Bali was immediately closed. His party will reduce the plan A from which all of Bali was opened to a second plan which only opened three green zones.

"Later on, we will target the green zone plan B, firstly Ubud, Sanur and Nusa Dua," he explained. Only Open Nusa Dua in the Worst Situation

Meanwhile, if the situation is really bad, Cok Ace emphasized that Bali is still planning to open for foreign tourists. However, in this plan C, the area that is opened is only around the Nusa Dua tourism area, Badung Regency.

Only Open Nusa Dua in the Worst Situations

Meanwhile, if the situation is really bad, Cok Ace emphasized that Bali is still planning to open for foreign tourists. However, in this plan C, the area that is opened is only around the Nusa Dua tourism area, Badung Regency

"Hopefully, Incase won't happen, even if it's worse, we just use Nusa Dua," he said.

"It is possible that if something happens somewhere later, it does not mean that we will close it, we will reduce it again (the area). We will reduce it to the smallest possibility that we have thought about," added Cok Ace.

Prepare 35 Quarantine Hotels

On the other hand, Cok Ace confirmed that 35 hotels have been prepared for quarantine for foreign tourists coming to Bali. These hotels are prepared by the Denpasar Class I Port Health Office (KKP).

"We have prepared 35 hotels (for quarantine places), and they are in collaboration with hospital hospitals. So the KKP decided because there are conditions that must be met, accessibility, entry and exit, is there an MoU with the hospital? and so on," he explained.

The 35 hotels are located in the green zone of Ubud, Sanur and Nusa Dua. However, some of them are also located outside the green zone. Although the hotel has been prepared, Cok Ace admitted that there has been no decision on how long foreign tourists must undergo quarantine. Meanwhile, to limit social mobility during the Implementation of Level 3 Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM), the Bali Provincial Government has implemented an odd-even system in the tourist area of ​​Kuta Beach, Badung. , and Sanur Beach.

This rule is contained in the Circular Letter of the Governor of Bali Number 16 of 2021 concerning the Enforcement of Traffic Flow Restrictions with an Odd-Even System in Tourist Areas in Bali.

"The purpose of this regulation is to control and regulate fluctuations in tourist area visits (DTW), ensure a gradual easing, so that crowds can be avoided," said Head of the Bali Provincial Transportation Service IGW Samsi Gunarta, in an official statement recently. road points that apply the odd-even system on Kuta Beach starting from the Simpang Jalan Kuta to Jalan Bakung. Meanwhile, in the Sanur area along Matahari Terbit Beach to Mertasari Beach, the odd-even system will be implemented every Saturday and Sunday. Starting at 06.30 – 09.30 WITA and 15.00 – 18.00 WITA. Even so, there are several types of vehicles that can pass during odd-even restrictions. Namely, the type of employee operational vehicle used to pick up VIP guests, as well as the type of online transportation that brings food. For vehicles that are allowed, a special sticker will be installed by the officer. That way, officers on guard at the entrance to the area that apply odd-even will easily detect exempted vehicles. 

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