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 Manny Pacquiao had an extreme match at welterweight against WBA champion Yordenis Ugas on Sunday (22/8/2021). 

Why? All through the match, Manny Pacquiao attempted to destroy the strong protection of Yordenis Ugas. 

Accordingly, Manny Pacquiao needed to swallow an unpleasant outcome in the match which occurred at the T-Mobile Arena, United States of America. The fighter from the Philippines lost to Yordenis Ugas by consistent choice after battling for 12 rounds. 

Almost certainly, Manny Pacquiao presently needs to truly surrender the WBA title belt falling under the control of the Cuban fighter. 

Not long after going through the battle, Manny Pacquiao uncovered the reason that made him swallow rout. 

The 42-year-old fighter feels unfit to acclimate to the battling style of Yordenis Ugas. Even though he has hurried up, Pacquiao has not yet given his best to Ugas. The senior fighter appeared to have been pushed and fell, yet was isolated by the arbitrator and the first round finished. 

In the second round, Ugas' remote chance reach made it a bit hard for Pacquiao to track down an opening since his protective blend was exceptionally close and perfect. Nonetheless, Pacquiao kept on beating him with a progression of hits. 

In the third round, Manny Pacquiao hurried up again by dispatching an uppercut to Yordenis Ugas. The two of them proceeded to sell and purchase compelling assaults, making the match significantly more tense and savage. 

Ugas' guard hole was opened with Pacquiao's left snare hitting Ugas' face, which had been cornered. Ugas, who attempted to quiet down, returned the blow however was halted because of the finish of the third round. In the fourth cycle, a blend of punches and strikes was dispatched by the two of them. In any case, Ugas was criticized for a third time frame for striking Pacquiao's underside, disturbing the senior fighter. 

Ugas' striking distance gave him a benefit, with a straight smacking Pac-Man in the face. Nonetheless, having a little height makes Pac-Man hard to battle since his developments are extremely spry. In the fifth round, Manny Pacquaio's left eye looks marginally harmed because of a blow from Yordenis Ugas. The Cuban fighter additionally gave Pacquiao various punches, yet was compensated with four uppercuts from the adversary which made the duel much more extraordinary. In the 6th round, Pacquiao's pokes couldn't infiltrate the safeguard of Ugas who kept on doing twofold covers. The counter uppercut neglected to hit the adversary's face since it was quickly impeded by the senior. In the seventh round, Ugas' left snare missed after Pacquiao figured out how to evade. The two fighters started to show forcefulness, however, both likewise showed great safeguard. The duel developed fiercer after the finish of both of them selling and purchasing punches. The eighth cycle, a long snare and a successful hit from Ugas shaded this round, denoting his counter-assault against Pacquiao which appeared to begin to dial back the rhythm of his game. Notwithstanding, Ugas looks harmed and somewhat draining all over. 

In the 10th round, Pacquiao fell because of a pressing factor from Ugas. The body shot from Ugas looks powerful. In the meantime, Pacquiao attempted to assault yet Ugas' guard was still very close. In the tenth round, Pacquiao's hits began an inexorably extraordinary round. The left snare can destabilize Ugas. Be that as it may, the right long snare hit Pacquiao in the face. Purchasing and selling snares followed yet they were isolated as the round finished. 

In the eleventh round, the two fighters looked drained. One hits from Pacquiao then, at that point got back with a pillar snare from Ugas. Anyway 

The last round or the party of life and demise promptly starts with a serious duel from the two fighters. Ugas is showing his solidarity, while Pacquiao is beginning to look exceptionally mindful. Ugas' uppercut was guarded by Pacquiao until the duel finished in 12 rounds. 

The jury then, at that point gave Yordenis Ugas triumph over Manny Pacquiao through the Unanimous Decision in a battle in 12 rounds .

fight in 12 rounds. 

Boxing Duel Result Recap, Sunday (22/08/21):

Jordan Ugas def. Manny Pacquiao – R12 Unanimous Decision

Robert Guerrero def. Victor Ortiz – R10 Unanimous Decision

Mark Magsayo (c) def. Julio Ceja – R10 TKO

Carlos Castro def. Oscar Escandon – R10 TKO

Frank Martin def. Ryan Kielcweski – R10 Unanimous Decision

Steven Torres def. Justin Rolfe – R1 TKO

Cameron Seville-Rivera vs. Burley Brooks – R6 Split Decision

Antonio Contreras def. John Leo Dato – R8 Unanimous Decision

Mickel Clements def. Eliseo Villalobos – R4 Unanimous Decision

Jose Valenzuela def. Donte Strayhorn – R4 TKO

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