The Governor of Bali Appreciates the Centralized Isolation of Covid-19 Patients in Buleleng


The Governor of Bali Appreciates the Centralized Isolation of Covid-19 Patients in BulelengThe Buleleng Regency Covid-19 Task Force (Satgas) by collecting data on the number of centralized isolation places in dealing with Asymptomatic People (OTG) received appreciation from the Bali Provincial Task Force, in which the Governor of Bali Wayan Koster directly appreciated the coordination meeting with the Regent/Mayor. , Sekda, Kadiskes, BPBD, Kapolres, and Danmdim throughout Bali which was held this morning. This was stated by the Coordinator for the Data and Information Sector of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force of Buleleng Regency Ketut Suwarmawan in his office through a press release on Saturday (24/7).

In this appreciation, he stated that Buleleng Regency is the only Regency that has provided a centralized isolation place in several places, namely the Undiksha Singaraja Dormitory in Jinengdalem Village and Bali Mandara High School / Vocational School in Kubuaddan Village.

Therefore, Suwarmawan, who is also the Head of the Kominfosanti Service, hopes that the centralized isolation in Buleleng Regency can minimize the transmission of Covid-19.

Meanwhile, the development of the Buleleng Covid-19, today 109 people were declared cured of Covid-19 from the Buleleng District as many as 35 people, Gerokgak District as many as 24 people, Sawan District as many as 24 people, Sukasada District as many as 11 people, Seririt District as many as 6 people, Banjar District as many as 4 people, Kubuaddan District as many as 3 people, and Tejakula District as many as 2 people.

While the new confirmation was 121 people, namely, Buleleng District 46 people, Sawan District 20 people, Sukasada District 15 people, Kubuaddan District 11 people, Banjar District 10 people, Gerokgak District 7 people, Seririt District 5 people, Tejakula District 5 people, and Busungbiu District 2 people.

Regarding the data above, the cumulative confirmed cases in Buleleng became 6,122 people, with details, 4,967 people recovered, 250 people still died, 899 people were being treated in Buleleng, and 6 people were being treated outside Buleleng. In the government's implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM), which was originally an Emergency PPKM but has now become a Level 3 PPKM, the rules regarding merchant opening hours in the culinary sector have changed. The change was originally only allowed to open until 8 pm, now allowed to open until 9 pm. This was stated by Ketut Suwarmawan as the Coordinator for the Data and Information Division of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force (Satgas) of Buleleng Regency through a press release on Wednesday (21/7).

Furthermore, Suwarmawan explained that the changes to the rules were contained in the Circular Letter (SE) of the Governor of Bali No. 11/2021 Regarding the Implementation of PPKM Level 3. The Culinary Sector is allowed to open until 21.00 WITA. However, the stipulation is that culinary sector business actors are only allowed to serve orders to take home.

"For now, the dine-in service cannot be carried out, but take away or take-away services can be provided to buyers," added Suwarmawan.

Suwarmawan hopes that the public will understand and comply with the rules related to PPKM Level 3, because this rule was made to protect the public by suppressing the surge in Covid-19 cases due to mobility and crowds. He did not forget to remind the public to always apply the Covid-19 prevention health protocols.

Meanwhile, regarding the latest Covid-19 developments, Suwarmawan said that today 46 new recovery rates are consisting of 2 people from Banjar District, 18 people from Buleleng District, 2 people from Busungbiu District, 7 people from Gerokgak District, 1 person from Kubuaddan District, 12 people from Sawan District, 3 people from Seririt District, and 1 person from Sukasada District.

While the new confirmation figures, today there were an addition of 71 people consisting of 4 people from Banjar District, 26 people from Buleleng District, 1 person from Busungbiu District, 9 people from Gerokgak District, 2 people from Kubuaddan District, 14 people from Sawan District, 9 people from Seririt Subdistrict, and 6 people from Sukasada Subdistrict. One person died today.

Cumulatively, confirmed cases in Buleleng Regency were 5,712 people with details of 4,649 recovered, 232 people died, 827 people were treated in Buleleng, and 4 people were treated outside Buleleng.For health workers and public servants, it has been running until the second dose, the schedule for administering the second dose of vaccine for the general public has also been prepared. Later it will be disseminated thoroughly to the public. Let's follow the vaccination and stick to the 6M prokes.

In addition, Suwarmawan invites all parties to unite, work hand in hand in synergy with the government, so that all programs carried out to suppress Covid-19 can always run well, so that our common goal, namely Covid-19, especially in Buleleng, can end soon.

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