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 Police Name Six Slashing Suspects in Monang-Manning Police investigators from the Denpasar Police moved quickly after the slashing scene in the Monang-Manning area, West Denpasar, Friday (23/7) afternoon.

After conducting the crime scene and asking for witness statements, the police also immediately arrested Wayan S (Wayan Sinar), the main perpetrator of the slashing.

Apart from arresting the perpetrators of the slashing that killed Victim Gede Budiarsana alias De Budi alias Kadek Budi, 34, a resident of Kubuaddan, Buleleng, the police also examined 6 other (witnesses). this case.

Regarding the determination of the new suspect, Denpasar Police Chief Kombespol Jansen Avitus Pandjaitan when confirmed, Saturday (24/7) confirmed.

According to him, in this case, the police have named 6 people as suspects.

"Yes, there are six. Two Balinese and four others from Ambon. Meanwhile, the main perpetrator in the slashing was Wayan S," said Kombes Jansen. As we know, residents of Denpasar, Bali, were shocked by the slashing action on Jalan Subur, Monang-Manning, Friday afternoon (23/7/2021). The victim, I Gede Budiarsa (32), died covered in blood in the middle of the road. According to the information gathered, the incident allegedly involved members of a mass organization and debt collector Mata Elang. The victim is said to be a member of one of the mass organizations in Bali.

The incident began when Budiarsa and his colleagues went to the Mata Elang headquarters on Jalan Gunung Patuha to inquire about the motor unit being towed. Then they got into an argument and then proceeded to beating and destroying the Mata Elang headquarters. Not accepting it, Mata Elang members put up a fight. Budiarsa and his partner then chose to run away. The pursuit was carried out by several members of the Eagle Eye.

Until finally Budiarsa was found on Jalan Subur. The tattooed man was then attacked with a sharp weapon until he fell covered in blood in the middle of the road.

Denpasar Police Chief Kombes Pol Jansen Avitus Panjaitan confirmed that he was still at the location. "Still an investigation. We will inform you later," he said.

The police moved quickly to uncover the murder case of an Ormas member in Denpasar, Gede Budiarsana (32), Friday (23/7/2021). One perpetrator, I Wayan S, has been arrested. According to him, Wayan S is the main perpetrator. It was he who carried the machete and slashed the victim's head and hands to death.

The number of perpetrators is likely to increase. "This (at the office) is full, there are still many," added Mikael while not explaining the chronology of the bloody event because it was still under investigation. "This is between debtors and creditors. The issue of tug of war in finance. It has nothing to do with Ormas," he said.

As previously reported, the stabbing took place on Jalan Subur, Friday (23/7/2021) afternoon at around 15.00 WITA. The victim, Gede Budiarsa, died covered in blood in the middle of the road after being brutally attacked with a sharp weapon. The slashing case that killed a member of the mass organization Gede Budiarasa alias GB on Jalan Gunung Rinjani, Banjar Sanga Agung, West Denpasar, Friday (23/7) around 15.00 WITA slowly began to unfold.

The latest information, before the bloody incident, was that the victim, who was from Kubuaddan, Buleleng, was involved in an argument when he came to the headquarters of the Eagle Eye on Jalan Gunung Patuha, Denpasar. Is it true? Now that the police are investigating, information is circulating that the slashing case that led to Budiarsana's death began with the victim and a colleague who is also a member of a mass organization visiting the headquarters of the eagle eye or a debt collector on Jalan Gunung Patuha, Denpasar.

At the house, the two members of the mass organizations asked where the motorbike that had been towed was located.

Even when he came to the Eagle Eye Headquarters, the victim and his partner got into an argument with one of the Eagle Eye members.

In fact, one of the Mata Elang members with the initials J was reportedly beaten by the victim. Meanwhile, his partner broke the glass of the eagle's eye headquarters.

Not accepting that his headquarters were damaged and his members beaten, the eagle eye member who had been hit by the victim then contacted other colleagues.

Furthermore, receiving information, as many as 7 (seven) members of the eagle eye came to the headquarters to help a colleague who was abused by the victim.

Well, allegedly due to outnumbering, the victim and his friend fled when the seven members of Mata Elang came to the headquarters.

Seeing the victim and his partner running away, another member of the eagle eye who was near the scene immediately joined in the pursuit.

Long story short, after a chase took place, finally the victim was slashed at the intersection of Jalan Subur and Jalan Kalimutu.

As a result of being slashed with a sharp weapon, Gede Budiarsana finally died with bloodied wounds in the middle of the road.

"So the victim was stabbed on the street," said the source.

Furthermore, after slashing the victim, the perpetrators then went north.

Regarding this incident, the Head of the Denpasar Police Public Relations Subdivision, Iptu Ketut Sukadi, said that the police were still carrying out the investigation.

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