Some sources of business capital during the pandemic


It is a public secret now, the income of all sectors is decreasing, therefore everyone who still has assets will use their assets as collateral for credit loans, both unofficial and official red plates, such as pawnshops and banking, this event as we all know is the result the prolonged covid 19 pandemic, another theory of paying debts is not quite right, because now people are in need and are looking for sources of income that are also very minimal, whatever is done in order to survive, such as selling goods will be done, if the goods sold are already no more, finally looking for sources of loans that are still possible to lend money, of course with guarantees, many economic theories are no longer used with this pandemic, difficult people everywhere experts have to create new theories to overcome this pandemic , in normal situations there are still many of our people who lack, especially in this day and age, aid is not enough anymore because there is confusion about which one to prioritize, plus the natural disaster of the Majene earthquake, the eruption of Mount Semeru and floods everywhere. It was a stressful and challenging start to the year, but hope remains, hard efforts are still being made, The author's advice is to be careful opening new businesses, because the current situation is uncertain, and can't be predicted, so don't dare to speculate, current businesses are only those that are suitable for opening orders and maintaining existing businesses. At the same time, the groceries that are bought first, then others, even shopping must be more careful, so that our expenses are not in vain, every money that comes out brings something useful, the most of which are daily, premium purchases, groceries, facilities , prayer facilities, just the basics, and don't accumulate monthly shopping, what's finished is all that's bought here are tips from housewives, who had time to don't forget to write interviews, internet quotas to help school children's assignments, that's about what can be done in these difficult times, look for simple information and help businesses, don't get information that is mostly theoretical and confusing because nowadays there is a lot of hoax

Many entrepreneurs in the area are confused about finding business credit, so they often ask through social media the procedure for finding credit here, the author tries to introduce people's business loans and with the requirements to help the businesses of friends affected by the 2019 coronavirus disease pandemic which aims to help community businesses affected by the covid pandemic 19, especially those whose status is MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises). Government assistance through banking is aimed at business development, with the following requirements:

1. Individual or Individual

2. Have a business that runs for at least six (6) months

3. Running a business through one of the e-commerce platforms (Shopee, Toko Pedia) that provides ride-hailing services (Gojek or Grab.

5. Administrative requirements such as KTP, KK, Business Permits can be in the form of certificates from e-commerce.

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia continues to accelerate people's business loans digitally through digital loans. It is hoped that this will make it easier for the community to finance loans and increase the absorption of loans so that people's businesses can survive during this pandemic. Since May 2020, opening access to loan applications means that government assistance is true there are and are distributed from various sectors and institutions in charge of finance, namely the banking sector and financial institutions in charge of finance, now it is up to the people to choose and determine their loan and adjust their ability to repay the loan so that later they will have the opportunity to borrow again, the important thing is that the initial loan can be repaid correctly. time and smoothly, it affects the customer's track record to gain trust from the bank in future, on the one hand, this digital chart is made so that customers do not come to the office but are quite generous via cellphone or computer, the list is through the Bank Bri.Kur website.

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