History of World Corruption


The First Corrupt in the World Is a servant of the Babylonian King Hammurabi that occurred before the year AD, maybe even corruption existed simultaneously with the existence of humans in the world Hammurabi became king in 1200 BC where when Hammurabi ascended the throne ordered a governor to investigate his subordinate employees, and the king punished the corruptors with the death penalty, similar cases occurred in ancient India seen from these cases can be concluded, human ancestors including corruptors in his era.

The history of the biggest corruption in the world, ten years ago there was the biggest corruption in the world involving the world's largest electricity company, Siemens, the world was very shocked when the police raided the company's headquarters in Munich and other subsidiaries on November 15, 2006, and the company's reaction was to claim innocence, for years the company has pretended to do business with ethical standards, the reality is very different since 1990 Siemens has organized a global corruption system and was able to escape because there are huge loopholes in the legal systems of several countries including Germany. Anti-corruption has only existed on paper for a few years. decades of bribery is an acceptable business norm at Siemens. Channeled through hidden bank accounts, obscure intermediaries, and quasi- consultants, when calculating a project Siemens employees use the common tax termnutzliche aufwendungen which translates as a useful expense. t or bribe.

The history of corruption in Indonesia, corruption in Indonesia has been entrenched for a long time, before and after independence in the old order and new order eras. Continuing to the reform era this culture of corruption continues endlessly because it is driven by the motives of power, wealth, and women, various efforts have been made but the results have not been seen, maybe in terms of punishments that are still very light, which causes people to still dare to commit corruption, if they were traced, there would be a lot of corrupt practices, collusion and nepotism going on around us, but someone is still in power, people around are afraid to report it, but Usually after the term of power ends, cases will be revealed one by one as has happened to former Governors, Mayors, Regents, so continuously because there is a sense of satisfaction and dissatisfaction as well as likes and dislikes, we should just watch the community, let it proceed natural, like flowing water seeking its last rest in an estuary.In Indonesia, corruption cases also occur and are carried out by state officials. Misappropriation of funds and budgets in Indonesia occurs almost every week, no matter the funds for covid assistance and national economic relief funds, usually the perpetrators have studied the situation and conditions of the place that will be victims or Studying opportunities for things that can produce, regulations in Indonesia are now quite strict regarding budget and funding issues, but individuals are always looking for loopholes to take action, indeed to arrest corruption law institutions are now quicker to find an activity that is detrimental to the state but after advancing to court trial the punishment for the perpetrator is very small, yesterday the reader read that a perpetrator of embezzlement amounted to 5 million, the perpetrator was only sentenced to 1 year so it was very light, indeed a judge in making decisions looks at several factors in determining the punishment of a criminal, but The criminal act of corruption must be different, because many people are harmed, especially those who are corrupted are aid money for the covid disaster, natural disasters and other social assistance, because the perpetrators' intentions are very real, they already know that money for disaster assistance is also corrupted by the perpetrators, and those who do it is a person who knows the rules and who takes care of the assistance to those who need it, the author suggests giving severe punishments to corruptors so that there is a perceived deterrent effect and does not infect other perpetrators, as in China, China, a corruptor must be sentenced to death if he commits a crime. corruption, in Indonesia, is still within the limits of discourse because there are still unscrupulous officers who facilitate corruptors such as a comfortable room with all the facilities, especially the lure of money and facilities by many officers who want to work together. This happens all over the world, so the bad guys get out of the institution. , back to doing evil, crime occurs because there is a good intention and opportunity g support for committing crimes, we often hear about acts of bribery, many gratuities return to the manual system to avoid checking online, in banking, it is an example of intentions carried out by individuals and the intention to commit crimes is very real, renting a special hotel for transactions or make payments for certain things in cash, that's what a minister does, so the investigative team found several suitcases containing money in a hotel, and many more findings from corruption actors who are very well organized, sometimes without us realizing it is in front of our eyes but  We are powerless to take preventive action because our limitations do not have the authority to prevent corruption so that acts of corruption still occur even on a small scale.

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