Cyber Crime Now

This morning I was a little surprised because the former boss of Mesengger, with a little unusual small talk, because I memorized his style of speech, I answered the messenger earlier with the video of the messenger not being answered I started to suspect, and because my former boss's house is close I finally arrived, it's true it turns out his fb account was hacked, I immediately reported it to the Santi field who handled similar cases and still checking whether the account was controlled or cloned or duplicated, cases like the one above are now getting more and more common, the cause is that those who have accounts rarely change their account passwords, rarely open emails, lazy to update profile accounts, filling in passwords carelessly and weakly easy to guess, and most often we encounter forgetting to log out and forget to clear browsing history, after we carry out browsing activities we forget to log out this happens in internet cafes or online game rentals so hackers use cookies before for retrieval Switching accounts, laptops and cellphones do not contain passwords, even though personal cellphones and laptops are welcome f is filled with password because it is quite easy to take an account using remember password, hijacking this account is very sophisticated and does not look at people including Bill Gates or former American President Barack Obama, so hacker crimes are

The crime that is currently rife is online loans swallowing victims, this time a husband and wife did not know anything, suddenly there was a phone call stating that your friend owed and did not pay, we were told to tell, we are confused too if we get a call like that, who borrowed return who and who reminds us why we are told, sometimes seeing situations and cases of online loans the author laughs to himself in today's sophisticated era, there are those who borrow money just by shouting on their cellphones with various threats and dirty words, a friend suddenly makes status so that the debt collector does not call her and her husband because her and her husband's contact numbers are listed on the contact number of their friend who borrowed money through borrowing, this makes her smile, she should have contacted her friend to check if her cellphone contact number is actually listed on the borrower's loan, not for status on social media so if this happens to the readers of this blog the solution is

-Information to the borrower is borrowed so that he checks the contact number and deletes the application on the borrower's cellphone.

-Don't pay attention to threats and if you feel disturbed, change the first number, of course, note all existing contact numbers

-For borrowers, return the money according to the loan without paying interest

-For borrowers, how much do you receive, pay that much money, usually, debt collectors play threats, don't ignore them, they have never been in Bali, there has been a case until a debt collector is looking for

-If you do not borrow but you are on the phone as a partner or brother of the borrower, then it is your obligation to provide this information for sure you will be rewarded by God Almighty

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