Some Efforts When Working From Home


Today's life cannot rely on 1 (one)

Income but it must be more because the current situation is uncertain, it is difficult to predict so a backup business is needed, there are several business opportunities that we can try, among others

-Business services and all-around business, opening this type of business only requires the rental of energy and space, sufficient permission from the neighborhood or RT and urban village of this type of business such as salons, laundry, stalls.

- Handicrafts and skills, making woven bamboo, knitting, wall hangings, wooden sculptures, ceramics, and textiles

-Contemporary coffee shops, models of tent cafes or bale Bengong cafes, can be bus cafes or use minibus cars as very promising cafes like  GWK Jimbaran using the VW Combi as a cafe.

-Home of the Balok ice industry. Cakes and snacks, considering that Bali has many religious ceremonies, and holidays, many cakes and snacks are needed, to make your own it will take a lot of time and complicated so most of the mothers now buy it.

The Trader is one of the most promising jobs

Treding is a business and a job that is quite promising so far, where we can get so big and many results, some pretty well-known and still paying treding vendors are on our computer screens and cellphones, some friends can support their families from the results of treding but not a few who went bankrupt from falling, not a few who wanted to kill themselves because they lost playing trading, the author still remembers how many millions had time to enjoy the results of trading and were paid, and the author had time to observe a trader maybe other traders will experience another situation again, specifically what the author observes is a trader choosing a comfortable place for traders to trade, because he has been trading in other places and has experienced a lot of losses, a trader makes suggestions to computers or certain tools, changing computers is also something that traders avoid, a trader must focus so he must have capital to support their trending so they don't think about things On the other hand, a trader's background is not a problem, the important thing is that there is ability, a trader is not complicated to take care of administrative problems, a trader is not required to look fashionable, or a car to work, or a lot of capital. Flexible and dynamic, traders do not need an office, leave work stuck in traffic every day, don't have to get up early, can do free activities in the morning, afternoon, evening, what is needed is internet and laptop, decides to work is yourself there is no boss and boss, a trader manages his own social life wants to deal with people or we manage ourselves, becoming traders learn many things, currencies and prices, foreign exchange to business movements through the capital market, etc. a trader can have a career for life, a trader has a lot of time for his family because he works at home and while analyzing the market so a lot of time for family, often now as a result of busy work Many families are separated from different principles. The conclusion that work becomes a trade is one of the best the authors see in terms of capital, time, results, and the long term.

One more business opportunity is to open a laundry service

Many people complain in this pandemic season about lost income and a declining business, but not with my neighbors who do laundry business, because this type of business is needed in households, especially those who don't have housekeepers and have small children really need this type of service, and now it's the rainy season, wow, laundry and ironing orders are piling up, my neighbor's laundry business is not on the roadside but in the middle of the alley behind my house, the service is delivered, so the laundry is picked up when it's finished, it's delivered, it's convenient, isn't it, customers just collect dirty laundry and then someone takes the contact make Whatsapp or Sms, I have observed that this laundry business has been ten (10) years long, isn't it? The income and customers are still constant, how come that is, and once again I have observed that the owner is very agile and committed to this business. always call on the cellphone in less than 5 minutes someone will take our laundry, according to I'm cool because I can maintain an employee's work ethic for up to 10 years. It's cool. Besides, the owner has another job, it's great, owning a business and the customer has to have consequences. The service must be steady and if the price goes up, it's not a problem because the customer is comfortable with the service. This, and several times I took the laundry in the middle of the night because I was still out of town and the owner served friendly. Wow, this is an entrepreneur who has succeeded in attracting customers, and automatically customers will be very comfortable getting good service. We have to have entrepreneurs because we have to prepare a comfortable situation when customers come to our place of business in certain situations, especially our place of business at home, yes, you know, the household atmosphere is, of course, the reader will understand, the author has had a Video CD Rental business, and Car Rental is a business. This type of business does not need not a place on the side of the road, because, in addition to renting shop houses and expensive shops, business ventures like this can be heard by word of mouth and this type of business in my city is rather rare, so customers or service users will look for them when they need our services, the same as my neighbors choose This laundry service can immediately do orders or laundry because this type of service requires speed and punctuality if all of that is fulfilled then the customer will judge the quality of the work, for 10 years the quality is good, the laundry has never been lost, complete, neat and fragrant.

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