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Kliwon Wuku Dungulan Is a Galungan holiday for Hindus in Bali which is a form or symbol of Dharma's victory against A Dharma, Galungan which in ancient Javanese means victory, besides being a day of victory, Galungan is a warning of the creation of the world with all its contents, on this day the Hindus in Bali will arrange offerings and will wear all white clothes, offerings are made at home refining as well as temples in Pakraman villages such as Dalem Temple and Puseh Temple, Praja Pati etc., on Galungan holidays usually those who live abroad will return home. or the area of ​​his birth on this day is also used to pray together with family while releasing the miss, by eating with a special dish of pork will be issued as a banquet with vegetables jackfruit Balung (bones) and pork or chicken Pepes, the order etc. usually the Balinese women will praying together at the village temple while greeting neighbors or friends People who have not seen each other for a long time, on the road will be greeted by a variety of decorations.

Every Soma pon Sinta day is a soma Ribek day which is still associated with the Saraswati holiday where knowledge can make self and family prosperity, on soma Ribek day there is a worship of Sang Betari Sri Dewi Padi / rice is a symbol of prosperity and on that day it is forbidden to pound rice if not want to get cursed from Betari Sri, if knowledge is used directly or indirectly it will create glory that reigns in oneself, a knowledge that is useful for the public will also be useful in creating prosperity for those who are knowledgeable. For this reason, humans should want to seek knowledge and learn that knowledge in such a way that their life is not lacking. There's no shortage of meaning how that knowledge is used to make a sack of rice remain in the kitchen as prosperity in life is created Tercipta

The existing standards are for that knowledge to be used following the truth or dharma and relate to the Swadarma of each owner of that knowledge. Knowledge of how self-defense is formed is part of how to choose the self.

Banyu pinaruh, Kaweruh, (Redita Pahing Shinta) or Air

life or asking for water, science is carried out the day after Saraswati feast day. It also aims to clean and purify oneself, the implementation can be on the beach or freshwater holy water sources in the mountains, which are many in the mountains in Bali. happens when we are clean and drained through Tirta Amerta. because after all, from a mystical and magical aspect, that all sins can be washed away through the goddess Ganges on earth. that we already know, Banyu Pinaruh is as a self-purification we have obtained or flowed existing knowledge to be used for the greatest prosperity of the community.

 Unique things that exist in Buleleng are not found In Bali, the other is celebrating Pagerwesi Day, and the day before Pagerwesi Day is Penampahan Pagerwesi Day, the people of Buleleng on this day do the slaughter of animals, namely chopping pigs, pigs are symbolized as lazy animals, they only work eat, sleep and humans want to get rid of the lazy nature, butchering pigs is usually done in groups and groups and (mepatung) one pig is bought together and slaughtered in groups, it used to be now on average buying in the market is considered more practical, residents Buleleng People who live outside the city usually return home because of the uniqueness of this pagerwesi only found every 6 months so Buleleng residents who are outside the city take advantage of this pagerwesi day to release the feeling of longing with their extended family while praying, usually the residents of Buleleng go home on the day of the addition of Pagerwesi, where on this day pork-based dishes are cooked with va various kinds of makeup such as red lawar, peanut lawar, white lawar, satay, tum or pepes (order) all of them are still fresh and delicious, those who naur sesangi or pay a vow will cook pork bolsters this tradition of penmpahan pagerwesi only exists in North Bali, namely Buleleng which means is The word Penampahan which is basically nampah or nampeh which comes from the word nempa which means offering, while the word nempa comes from the word namya which means worship which means to bring back the source, this penampahan is very important to be carried out to neutralize evil forces or negative energy into positive or good energy. , so that balance occurs both in the inner Bhuana alit or the great Bhuana, the earth, and the universe. 

Rahina Purnama Kepitu today, December 29, 2020, comes from the word full which means perfect, Purnama means around or perfect moon, worship is addressed to Sangyang Chandra and Sang Yang Ketu, as the god of brilliance to invoke holy perfection from Ida Sang Widhi Wasa in various forms of the gods, usually, on full moon day, Hindus offer Daksina and Canang sari, on every Pelinggih and Pelangkiran that is in every house, in general Hindus feel a high sanctity on every holiday, both full moon and other Hindu holidays, so-called Devasa Ayu, every holy day that meets full moon is called Nadi. Activities on a full moon that are recommended are positive activities such as Tirta Yatra to the temple, Melukat, which is self-cleaning of all dirt and negative energy that is inside can be done by Melukat to a place. lightning or rushing water sources or can be at home with a bouncy Nyuh ivory if you don't ngkak Nyuh Gadang (green) for medicine.

Coconut moon or Balinese people call Bungkak Nyuh Gading a means to wound and cleanse themselves of the negative energy that is within themselves

this is green coconut or Bungkak Nyuh Gadang indeed to treat other than the pain caused by magic, it is often used by people to treat poisoning people, detox the lungs of smokers, etc.

Another activity that is recommended at the time of full moon is fasting or Upawasa, namely getting closer and Wasa which means almighty god, so fasting means getting closer to God Almighty, according to Hinduism, fasting is not only holding back thirst and hunger or feeling poor but is to restrain the sensual desires, control the senses and must be under the control of the mind, if our senses can be under the mind then holiness is getting closer and with God will also be close. Then positive activities that are recommended on the full day are, Dana Punia is a sincere gift As a form of dharma teaching, Dana Punia is one way to increase our Srada and devotion to God Almighty, besides that, Dana Punia trains empathy, caring for others.

Ten days after Galungan Day is Kuningan Day, Kuningan Day falls on Saniscara (Saturday) Kliwon Kuningan, it is held every 210 Balinese calendar days, Kuningan Day is a continuation of Galungan Day and is the time when Ida Betara and her ancestors return to Indonesia. heaven after 10 days of Nyejer from Ida Betara Tedun On Galungan to Ida Betara Mewali to heaven on Kuningan day afternoon, Hindus are expected to pray before noon while Ida Betara is on Earth, Kuningan Day Derived from the word Kauningan which means achieving spiritual improvement, employing introspection to avoid danger. On the Kuningan holiday, Hindus worship and give offerings to their ancestors, asking for protection, prosperity, safety, and guidance to Yang Widhi Wasa.

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