Some Opinions About How to heat a Matic car

 Not a few automatic car owners are still wrong in positioning the transmission when heating the car engine.

When heating the automatic car engine, the transmission is in the Parking or P position.

With the P transmission position when heating the automatic car, it is wrong behavior. This is as conveyed by Hermanto from Hermanto Matic.

"The car should be heating, put the transmission lever in the N (Neutral) position, and don't forget to pull the handbrake," explained Hermanto.

What is the reason? and what effect does it have on the engine and transmission? Before doing any driving activity, heating the car is mandatory. Although today's cars have been designed not to need to be warmed up for a long time, leaving them in a sluggish state in the morning for a short time could not hurt.

However, some things must be considered for those of you who own an automatic transmission car. That is, if the pump does not work, then the transmission has a shorter lifespan.

“When we heat the car engine, it also heats the contents of the transmission. If the pump is working, the lubricant or automatic oil has flushed the components in the transmission," he added.

"If the transmission has not been warmed up due to lubrication not flushing the components, of course, it can cause parts to wear out quickly and the clutch lining can slip, making the life of thematic shorter. Regarding this automatic transmission, various information is developing in the community. Recently, what has been spread on social media is about heating the car with the lever in the P position. In the information, it is said that heating the car in the P position will make the oil pump not work and not lubricate the existing components which ultimately makes the transmission wear out and shorten its life. The information also mentions that it is better to heat the car in the lever position at N. In response to this information, Head of Product Improvement Technical Service Division of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) Bambang Supriyadi revealed that the information was incorrect and led to errors. At the P position, lock the output shaft. locked manually. When the lever is moved to the N position, the key is released from the shaft. In the working process of an automatic transmission car, the transmission oil pump will immediately work in harmony with the engine speed. As soon as the engine starts, the oil pump works, the oil pressure moves directly to lubricate the canvas. "So it doesn't have any effect on P and N. Besides, now heating the car doesn't take long, material and oil technology is more sophisticated. As soon as the engine starts, it doesn't matter if you want to use it immediately. "You need to do this regularly to keep the car in optimal condition. By heating the car also has many benefits. You don't need to heat the car for a long time. It's enough to take some time.

Many like automatic cars because they are more comfortable when using them when the streets are jammed. Moreover, how to operate an automatic car is also more convenient and practical. So that the driver does not get tired easily. You should not do this car care carelessly, such as when heating for example. There are several steps you need to take so that the car does not get damaged quickly and lasts a long time. Caring for an automatic car does not cost too much when you compare it to a manual car. This is because automatic cars use an automatic transmission system. Even so, you should still maintain it regularly. Like a manual car, you also need to warm this car regularly. By heating the car every morning, you can keep the engine running.

Because this healing process will help the circulation of lubricating oil to lubricate all sides of the engine components. Although heating sounds simple, there are some highly recommended tips for you to follow.

The first step you need to do is start the car engine. Heating an automatic car is great if you do it every day. However, don't heat the car for a long time. You just need to take about a minute to warm up the car. Always take the time to warm it up before using the car while driving.

2.When you warm up a car engine, it is very important to put the transmission in the P position. This you need to do because many consider it safer than placing the N transmission. jump car.

It's different when the lever is in the N position, the car can go forward or backward instantly during the process of heating the automatic car. Because there is no grip on the engine to the transmission. Especially if you don't pull the hand brake lever.

3.You need to pay attention when shifting gears from N to D. You should accelerate slowly and indirectly by lifting your foot from the brake pedal. Because when the automatic transmission shift also takes at least one second.

4. When heating the automatic car, you can see the temperature indicator available on the speedo. To reach the car you are ready to use, that is when the temperature indicator has shown the position of at least one-third of the needle. If so, it means the car is ready for you to use.

The Benefits of Heating the Car Every Day

Heating the car engine can help the components to expand. If the components of the car have expanded and have an ideal shape or are in accordance with the engine's working temperature, then the engine can work perfectly. Especially at the optimal point of car engine performance and efficiency.

By heating the car, it can also maintain the circulation of oil so that it is easily evenly distributed to all other components in the engine. Although at this time the car does not need a long time to provide oil circulation. However, if you don't heat the car first, it will have a bad impact on other components

In addition to these two things, heating an automatic car can also provide electricity to the car. Such as car batteries, regulators, and alternators that require electricity before working. Especially in car batteries that require the production of electricity from the car engine.

Not only that but heating the car can also reduce the potential for compression leaks. Certain parts of machine components that they deliberately do not make precise. Well, this component will automatically return to precision when exposed to heat. So as to prevent compression leakage.

This leak will cause the fuel and air mixture to not burn properly. This can result in the power that the engine produces. So it is a waste of fuel.

Those were some tips and benefits of heating an automatic car. The need for your car engine to warm up regularly to maintain its performance.

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