Indonesia at Tokyo Olympics 2020

 Indonesian lifter Rahmat Erwin Abdullah donated a bronze medal for the Red-White Contingent in the 73kg weightlifting sport at the Tokyo Olympics, Wednesday (28/7/2021).

Rahmat is entitled to bronze with a total of 342kg, with a snatch of 152kg, and a clean and jerk of 190kg which he recorded in the Group B match which took place today.

Meanwhile, the gold medal belongs to Chinese lifter, Shin Zhiyong with a total lift of 364kg (166kg snap and clean and jerk 198kg), which is also a new world record for the men's 73kg class. Rahmat's success in donating the third medal for the country at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics then make the people of Indonesia feel proud, including Jokowi. Jokowi did not forget to congratulate the easy-to-achieve athlete.

“One more medal from the Tokyo Olympics for Indonesia. The men's weightlifter, Rahmat Erwin Abdullah, won a bronze medal in the 73 kg class in last night's match. Congratulations to Rahmat Even more amazingly, Rahmat was not expected to collect medals. Because he who went down in the men's 73 kg number was not the athlete who was championed to win a medal in that class.

Where Rahmat can only join in Group B when appearing at the number 73 kg. Rahmat was unable to compete in Group A which contains the mainstay lifters at the 73 kg number. This medal is the third medal from weightlifting as well as for the Indonesian contingent at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Previously, lifter Windy Cantika also contributed a bronze medal in the 49kg class, while Eko Yuli Irawan won silver in the 61kg class. It turned out that the 21-year-old lifter not only achieved personal ambitions, Rahmat also helped realize his father's dream. His father, who is now his coach, accompanied Rahmat in Tokyo during the Olympics. Rahmat explained that he always remembers his father's message, which always motivates him to succeed in playing in the Olympics. I still remember your father's words. 'Mat, you want to feel what you've felt at the Olympics. It's because you haven't had time to complete it yet. It's always been repeated with you lately, "said Rahmat, in a press statement from NOC Indonesia, Wednesday (28/7/2021). "At that time, I said this. Olympics. Now, I'm not only doing it at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics but also coming home with medals, "he continued.

Rahmat also added that his father had the opportunity to appear at the 2004 Athens Olympics. However, that dream had to be buried because at that time he was injured. – Rahmat Erwin Abdullah won a bronze medal while fighting in the 73 kg weightlifting event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. His achievements made the people of South Sulawesi very proud.

The 20-year-old athlete is behind China's athletes in the first place and Venezuelan athletes in second. Rahmat managed to collect a total of 342 kg, resulting in 152 kg in the snatch (direct) and 190 kg in the clean and jerk (two stages). Erwin's success was warmly welcomed by the Indonesian people, according to them this is a matter of pride for the people of South Sulawesi in general. One of them, Sri Syahrir admitted that he was proud of Erwin's achievements at the Olympics. "As a Makassar citizen, of course, I am proud of the achievements made by Rahmat Erwin Abdullah at the world sports event, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics," Sri Syahrir said, Wednesday (28/7/ 2021) He added, Erwin is still very young and winning a Bronze medal is the best achievement.

"We are very proud because at the young age of 20 Erwin has been able to achieve achievements. He is proud, but keep in mind that Rahmat Erwin is a debutant athlete in the Olympics. He was able to beat other world-class athletes. Once again I am proud to see his achievements," he added. In the final round, Rahmat Erwin Abdullah lost to Chinese lifters, Shi Zhiyoung (gold) and Julio Ruben Mayora Pernia (silver) Venezuela.

Shi Zhiyoung posted a snack of 166 kg and a Clean & Jerk of 198 kg for a total of 364 kg.

Meanwhile, Ruben collected a total lift of 346 kg from the 156 kg snap and 190 kg clean & jerk.

According to Olympic information, Shi Zhiyoung managed to break the world record he set himself to win the 2021 Olympic gold medal in the men's 73 kg weightlifting event.

Shi Zhiyoung achieved an Olympic record in the wrestling force with a lift of 166kg before pulling another Olympic record in the net and jerk (198kg) for a total lift of 364kg - one kilo more than his previous world record.

Rahmat Erwin Abdullah completed the third medal from the 2021 Olympic weightlifting branch after previously won by Windy Cantika Aisah who contributed bronze from the 49 kg women's class, and Eko Yuli Irawan who contributed gold medals from the men's 61 kg class.

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