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Suppressing the Spread of Covid-19, Buleleng Emergency PPKM Covid-19 Officially Implemented To anticipate the increasing spread of Covid-19 in Buleleng Regency according to the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs (Inmendagri) Number 15 of 2021 and revealed to be Circular Letter (SE) of the Governor of Bali Number 9 of 2021 , the implementation of the Covid-19 Emergency Community Activity Restriction (PPKM) was officially enforced today July 3 to July 20, 2021. This was conveyed by the Coordinator of the Data and Information Sector of the Buleleng Covid-19 Task Force Ketut Suwarmawan, S.STP, MM when delivering the update release Covid-19 in his office, Saturday (3/7).

Suwarmawan, who is also the Head of the Communications and Information Technology Office of Buleleng Regency, said that the number of Covid-19 cases in several regions in Indonesia, such as Java, including Bali, tends to increase. The Covid-19 Emergency PPKM effort which will officially be implemented for the next 2 weeks, one of which is by holding joint troops with the TNI-Polri at the Buleleng Police Field for the readiness of personnel in implementing and maintaining the Covid-19 Emergency PPKM.

The policy in Buleleng Regency according to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Bali Governor's SE regarding the Covid-19 Emergency PPKM, explained Kadis Suwarmawan, is the closure of public facilities managed by relevant agencies, sports and cultural facilities and infrastructure, one of which is Green Open Space (RTH) managed by the Environmental Service. Long live.

"This closure aims to anticipate the potential for people to gather or gather who are vulnerable to Covid-19 transmission. The exception is for vaccination sites, because vaccination is a government target and a powerful effort in suppressing the spread of Covid-19 in Buleleng Regency, of course with a very strict process involving the Satpol PP assisted by the TNI-Polri in its supervision, "he added.

Regarding the vaccination program, Kadis Suwarmawan said that efforts to achieve the target of 70% of the population being vaccinated continued. govt. Buleleng through the Buleleng District Health Office in synergy with the TNI-Polri continues to carry out vaccinations according to the schedule that has been prepared

Back to the Covid-19 Emergency PPKM policy, for places of worship or religious activities in Bali and Buleleng in particular, explained Kadis Suwarmawan, it is permitted, but in very, very limited numbers with the application of strict health protocols and with the permission of the Buleleng Regency Covid-19 Task Force .

In addition, Kadis Suwarmawan added, adjusting the work system of ASN employees in the Regency Government Scope. Buleleng as a result of the Covid-19 Emergency PPKM is to implement a Work From Home (WFH) and Work From Office (WFO) system following its sectors such as critical sectors including BPBD, Health Office, Buleleng Hospital, Pratama Giri Emas Hospital, Tangguwisia Hospital, puskesmas throughout Buleleng Regency, Dishub, BPKPD implement 100% WFO.

“For the public service sector such as the Licensing and Investment Office, Disdukcapil, DLH and the division or field that issues licensing recommendations, a staff presence of a maximum of 25% WFO is applied with strict procedures. The goal is to ensure that public services continue to run effectively and reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission," he explained.

Regarding the release of Covid-19 handling developments today, 12 people recovered significantly as many as 6 people from Gerokgak District, 6 people from Sukasada and Buleleng Districts each, and 1 person each from Sawan and Seririt Districts. Meanwhile, there were 14 new confirmed cases from Buleleng and Banjar sub-districts, 4 each, Gerokgak and Sukasada subdistricts 2 each, and 1 each from Sawan and Busungbiu subdistricts. In addition, 2 more people died from the Kampung Baru and Bungkulan villages.

According to Kadis Suwarmawan, the confirmed cases were 4,297 people, 3,957 people recovered, 188 people died, and 152 people were being treated. Meanwhile, cumulative suspected cases were 5,053 people, cumulative close contacts were 21,691 people, non-suspect confirmed cases/close contacts were 260 people and confirmed travel cases were 2 people. 

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Covid-19 Emergency PPKM, RTH in Buleleng Temporarily Closed

To ensure that the implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM), especially in public spaces, goes well, the Buleleng Regency Environmental Service (DLH) temporarily closes all Green Open Spaces (RTH) during the PPKM period 3 to 20 July 2021. This was revealed by the Head of the Service. DLH Gede Melandrat when met on Sunday (4/7).

Furthermore, Melandrat said that the temporarily closed green spaces include Singaraja City Park, Yuwana Asri Park, and Small Sunda Park.

"It is temporarily closed as part of the emergency PPKM," he added.

For this reason, his party put up several notification banners on the green open space as information for the public. So that crowds in these places can be avoided.

In addition, Mellandrat also mobilized officers to supervise the green open space 24 hours a day divided by a shift system. His job is to advise people who are found to have violated the PPKM in the green open space.

Melandrat hopes that the public can understand that PPKM is held for mutual safety. Sports Venue is Temporarily Closed, Kadis Astika Prepares Supervision

The Head of the Buleleng Regency Education, Youth and Sports Agency (Disdikpora), Made Astika, S.Pd., MM confirmed that all sports venues in Buleleng Regency were temporarily closed. This was done as a follow-up to the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) No. 15 of 2021 concerning the Implementation of the Emergency Covid-19 Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) for the Java-Bali region, Circular Letter (SE) of the Governor of Bali No. 9 of 2021, and SE Buleleng Regent.

Previously, the Regent of Buleleng, Putu Agus Suradnyana, ST asked all his staff to carry out socialization and supervision related to the implementation of the Emergency PPKM, both in terms of restrictions involving many people to limiting trading business operating hours. “Emergency PPKM takes effect tomorrow, (Saturday, ed), we adopt the SE Governor of Bali. Regarding our prayer activities in more detail, which is limited to a maximum of 30 people. Trading business is limited to 8 pm, and we seriously apply all the details in the Emergency PPKM," said Regent Agus Suradnyana.

Following up on the Regent's directive, the Head of the District Office, Made Astika, took quick steps by issuing an announcement letter No. 426/6272/PO/Disdikpora/2021 regarding the closure of sports venues in Buleleng Regency.

Confirmed via telephone, Sunday (4/7), Head of the Department of Education, Made Astika, confirmed that sports venues in Buleleng were temporarily closed from July 3 to July 20, 2021. The closure was considered very important in suppressing the spread of Covid-19, especially venues. Sports is a place that creates a crowd during training. “All sports that use the venue are closed. Such as GOR, tennis courts, swimming pools and several other venues that are crowd-inducing. Because this is an instruction, we must obey it,” said the Head of Astika.

He added that as long as the sports venues are closed, the Head of the Astika District Office will monitor or supervise every venue that is an asset of the Buleleng Disdikpora, so that the Emergency PPKM is strictly adhered to. “The public fields in each sub-district are not under our authority, but directly by the sub-district government. So they will be the ones who will arrange it," concluded the Head of Astika.

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