Central Social Assistance and the Buleleng Regency Government Distributed, Followed by the Bali Governor's Social Assistance

Central Social Assistance and Buleleng Regency Government Distributed, Followed by Bali Governor's Social Assistance The social assistance (Bansos) of the Central Government and the Buleleng Regency Government (Pemkab) have been carried out quickly and precisely in the technical distribution. The accuracy of the distribution of social assistance is a strategic step for the Buleleng Regency Government in helping to ease the burden on people who are affected and have not been touched by assistance. The Head of the Buleleng Regency Social Service, I Putu Karimaman Putra, S.Sos., MM conveyed that the distribution of the social assistance rice to villages/Kelurahan throughout Buleleng Regency had been completed yesterday, (Monday, 26/7, Red). The rice food assistance is addressed to beneficiary families (KPM) whose data are not included in the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS) and have never received assistance. "The distribution has been carried out, each KPM gets 5 kg of rice. This is based on reports from villages/Kelurahan that were sent to us in the form of receipts and photos. This KPM data is also a proposal from the respective villages/Kelurahan,” explained the Head of the Kariman District Office in his office, Tuesday (27/7). In addition, his party also explained that the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs was also preparing a social assistance program for Buleleng residents whose data had been meanwhile, a total of 20 packages of rice have been distributed directly by the Head of Sangsit Village, Putu Arya Suyasa, to residents who have never received assistance. It was observed today, Wednesday (28/7), Perbekel Arya Suyasa accompanied by several Kelian Dusun (Kadus) went straight to residents' homes to distribute aid packages of 5 kg of rice.
On that occasion, Perbekel Arya Suyasa explained that there were still many residents who had never received assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic. For the assistance of rice packages from the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs and the Bali Provincial Government, and the Buleleng Regency Government, his party expressed their deepest gratitude for the government's concern for the residents of Sangsit Village. “Today, I and several Kadus directly came to the residents' homes to distribute rice packages, this is specifically for residents who have never been touched by aid. We focus on these residents first so that they are evenly distributed," explained Arya Suyasa, head of the workshop.
In addition, his party has also synergized with several entrepreneurs in the Sangsit Village area, such as Indomaret, Alfa Mart, and the gold pawnshop office to donate to provide food packages. "We are doing this collaboration to accelerate the distribution of social assistance to the community. Astungkara, we are targeting that this August, all Sangsit Village residents who have never received assistance will be completed thoroughly," said Arya Suyasa.
After distributing the rice packages, Perbekel Arya Suyasa again received rice package assistance from the Governor of Bali which was distributed by the Social Service of Buleleng Regency through PD. Singaraja Market.
The rice packages received were 76 packages, each weighing 5 kg. His party will coordinate with all Kadus in Sangsit Village to directly explore residents who have never received assistance. “I ordered the Kadus to collect data on the residents in the Banjar or hamlet. Those who know for sure which people have not been touched by aid. I make sure that the distribution of this aid is right on target,” he concluded.In addition, after distributing basic food assistance for rice to affected communities, the Regency Government (Pemkab) of Buleleng is currently coordinating with the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) regarding the continuation of basic food assistance to other beneficiary families (KPM). This was conveyed directly by the Coordinator for the Data and Information Sector of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force of Buleleng Regency, Ketut Suwarmawan, S.STP., MM in his office, Tuesday, (27/7).
Based on data received from the Social Service of Buleleng Regency, Ketut Suwarmawan explained previously, 3,000 kg of basic food assistance in the form of rice from the Ministry of Social Affairs had been distributed by the Buleleng Social Service to 148 villages/kelurahan throughout Buleleng Regency.
It was further explained that the assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs would continue shortly. However, the target is villages/kelurahan that have integrated social welfare data (DTKS) that have received the PKH, BPNT, and BST programs.
Ketut Suwarmawan, who is also the Head of the Communications and Information Technology Office of Buleleng, explained that the number of aid recipients that had been recorded was 49,683 KPM. "Later on, these residents will be given additional social assistance in the form of 10 kg of rice per KPM. In its distribution, it has been coordinated with transporters to receive and distribute aid to villages/kelurahan,” he said.
Meanwhile, related to the development of the handling of Covid-19 cases in Buleleng today, as many as 91 patients were declared cured and have been discharged.
Kadis Suwarmawan said that today's recovered patients mostly came from Banjar District, as many as 17 people. The rest came from Buleleng District with 11 people, 8 people from Busungbiu, 12 people from Gerokgak, 2 additional people from Kubu, 14 people from Sawan, 10 people from Seririt, 12 people from Sukasada, and 5 people from Tejakula.
In addition, today there are still new confirmed cases in the daily release notes of Covid-19. Kadis Suwarmawan said as many as 158 residents of Buleleng were included in the new confirmation case. The highest cases still came from Buleleng District with a total of 61 people.
He added that the Covid-19 patient who had undergone intensive treatment at the hospital had died. 5 patients died.
Cumulatively, the total number of confirmed patients is 6,461 people with details of 5,258 recovered, 271 people died and 932 people are being treated.

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