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The billing system is a system that helps e antrepreneurs to manage and record all transactions that occur. For example, for internet cafe entrepreneurs, billing systems are used to monitor the use and income of their cafe. At this time the use of technology is growing and provides many benefits to its users, where users will be assisted in doing their work. Every job must use technology to speed up a job, so that the work will be on time as desired and provide accuracy for the results of its work. A real example is that nowadays it is certain that all fields and circles must use assistive devices in carrying out their duties, because it cannot be denied that the presence of technology is very helpful in completing work. One part that uses this technology is the cashier, which uses the system billing. Billing, which can be interpreted as proof of payment transactions, then billing can be interpreted as sending proof of transactions or announcing proof of transactions. According to the billing system is a system that helps entrepreneurs to organize and record all transactions that occur. For example, for internet cafe entrepreneurs, billing systems are used to monitor the use and income of their internet cafes. Meanwhile, for entrepreneurs in the hospital sector, the billing system is used to record the service process, starting from the patient arriving until the patient goes home. Automatically calculates the costs to be paid by patients, and provides information for quick and accurate decision-making analysis. Billing systems are very useful for companies that have a lot of transactions every day, where the company needs a tool that can process the data.

This billing system is only in the form of a recording system or a tool to monitor in the form of software only. But now, with the internet, then the software can be downloaded through the sites provided. There are various models of billing systems with advantages and disadvantages, some are free and some are charged. To download safely so that the hard drive is not exposed to the dangers of viruses, we can use FDM (Free Download Manager), this software works to help us make the download process on track

So in general, this billing system is very helpful for any work in large quantities, making it easier to generate evidence and send evidence to customers. Over time the billing system developed and many vendors made these applications with various specifications and capabilities for each software they made.

 Billing system capabilities

1. Capability of the Billing System After understanding how the billing system works and also the tools needed in general, we need to know the extent of the capabilities of the Billing system. Every Billing system software has the same capability, namely as a monitor for transactions that occur in every entity or business that uses it. But then each user develops it in a different direction, so that in the end it has more capabilities that are different for each system. As shown below: - internet cafe billing system and online games. This Online Warnet Billing Information System can provide information: • Usage of each workstation (client) • Total cafe income per day • Number of internet cafe users per day • and several other features. The following is an example of an image regarding the Billing system: - Hospital Billing System 1. Registration • •  Registering new patients and providing registration numbers automatically Accepting old patients (visits) Recording initial diagnoses of patients' illness handling ticket transactions providing information on patient data, Room conditions and rates at the hospital. There are print outs of tickets. 2. Outpatient/Supporting Installations (Laboratory, Radiology, etc.) • • Handling action transactions, use of medical devices. Displaying rates automatically 3. Emergency treatment installation • • Handling action transactions. , use of medical devices Displays tariffs automatically 4.Installation of inpatients • •  Handles action transactions, use of medical devices Handles visite and consul transactions Handles bed usage transactions Handles the process of moving rooms/rooms/classes Handling transactions between service points Handling paramedic replacement transactions Displaying tariffs 5.Payment automatically

2. • •  Handle patient payments (in full) Handle patient payments in installments Handle patient payments with subsidies Handle patient payments with guarantees/ASKES Availability of print out types of transactions and patient bills 6. Reports • •  Presents the type of transaction for each patient including details of costs Presents a list of patient visits and their disease history Calculates and automatically presents medical services Presents the amount of income, subsidies, guarantees, including details of receipts Presents reports on the 10 most diseases Apart from internet cafes and also hospital billing system is also used by other businesses, and in its development of course directed to different things, as needed. And it still needs to be underlined that this billing system is a system for recording and monitoring all transactions that occur in a business.

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