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 After divorcing Gisel, Gading Marten's love affair has always been a mystery.

Often matched up with a handful of beautiful women until it is rumored to be reconciled with Gisel, which the news is just a figment.

It's been a long time since Gading Marten has been seen sharing his intimate portrait with the beautiful artist, Ariel Tatum.

Rumors of the two datings are getting stronger, moreover, this intimate upload is not the first time Gading Marten has shared it.

In the photo, Gading Marten is seen behind Ariel Tatum. Gading Marten also smiled while kissing Ariel Tatum's hair.

As if to end his widowhood, Gading Marten also wrote a sentence that became a code if he was indeed dating Ariel Tatum.

"I found you @arieltatum (I found you)," said Gading Marten as quoted from the Instagram account @gadiiing on July 20, 2021.

Shortly after the upload, Ariel Tatum wondered about the seriousness of Gading Marten. Guys, if suddenly romantic posts usually have intentions, or do they make mistakes? which one is @gadiiing?," said Ariel Tatum on his Instagram story.

Like a couple who are intoxicated with romance, Gading calls himself showing his romantic side to Ariel Tatum.

"It's really sweet, isn't it," said Gading Marten while re-sharing Ariel Tatum's Instagram Story. Are Gading Marten and Ariel Tatum dating?

Several netizens are also still doubting this and consider their closeness part of a film-making collaboration or other things

 Sad news that came from the entertainment stage of the country, the psychic Mbak You some time ago was reported to have died.

The news of the death of Mbak You's psychic circulated after one of Mbak You's YouTube team, Yan Pratama Adhi opened his voice to the media crew.

Mbak You's YouTube team explained that the psychic died on July 1, 2021, at Premiere Bintaro Hospital.

But apparently, there are still many people who are curious about what is behind the death of the female psychic. Even recently, there have been rumors that Mbak You is still alive and that her death was faked.

Suddenly the news became the hot spotlight of the public, and conspiracy theories then began to spread.

One of the slanted news was raised by the owner of the TikTok account @andri_aan1, who said that Mbak You, who died on July 1, is still alive.

"He is still alive, not dead. Because Mbak You's aura is still felt. For some reason I believe that he is still alive," Andri said.

Andri concluded that Mbak You might have faked her death.

"I don't know what the purpose is. If it's still alive, it means Mbak You faked her death," he said.

The heat of the issue, Denny Darko also spoke up and admitted that Mbak You had predicted his death due to illness. "He has also predicted that he will die sick," said Denny Darko.

Denny Darko also confirmed that July 1, 2021, would be the time for Mbak You to pass away from the creator's lap.

"Mbak You may physically die, but what she conveys, the positive pieces of advice we can still try to do, and the negative things that we can try to avoid," he said, as quoted by Mind-People.com from YouTub Denny Darko. which was uploaded on July 5, 2021. However, he also invites people to forgive if Mbak You's words are not pleasing to the heart.

"If maybe he is controversial, I see that he is indeed someone who thinks faster than he speaks so he has difficulty defining things,"

"And that's what makes him choose words that sound more sarcastic or make people's hearts not accept," he said.

Shocking news came from the family of Bollywood actress, Shilpa Shetty. Her husband, Raj Kundra has just been arrested by the police for pornography cases that were reported to the authorities since last February.

Four months after the report was received, Raj was named a suspect and picked up by the police. Reporting from NDTV, Raj is called the police as the 'main conspirator' of the case of making porn videos.

Raj is credited as the initiator of the making and publication of adult films. The film was shot in Mumbai and distributed over the internet.

"We have sufficient evidence of this," police said.

The Beginning of the Raj Kundra Case This case began in February 2021, when the police received a report that there was a porn film shooting activity in a bungalow on Madh Island. The police immediately went to the field and carried out raids.

During the raid, the police found two people naked and filmed for intimate scenes. That night the police arrested 5 people who helped in the filming process.

That same night, the police rescued a woman from the house. This woman later became a reporter and led to the arrest of Raj Kundra.In her report, the woman admitted that pornographic scenes were not included in the script she received. But in the middle of the shooting process, the script was changed and he was asked to take off his clothes and do intimate scenes.

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