Helping Communities Affected by Covid-19, Deputy Regent Sutjidra Distributes Social Assistance

To help the community to reduce the burden due to being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Buleleng Regency Government has again distributed social assistance (Bansos) from the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) to people who are economically affected. The handover was carried out symbolically by the Deputy Regent of Buleleng, dr. I Nyoman Sutjidra, SP. OG to representatives of Beneficiary Families (KPM) in the Atiti Lobby of the Buleleng Regent's Office on Wednesday (21/7).

On that occasion, Deputy Regent Sutjidra was accompanied by the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Buleleng Regency, Drs. Gede Suyasa M.Pd distributes social assistance which includes regular programs consisting of the Family Hope Program (PKH), Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT), and Cash Social Assistance (BST). The regular program will be given to residents according to the Social Welfare Integrated Data (DTKS) in Buleleng Regency, currently, 64,198 households are consisting of 239,314 people.

In addition to the regular program, the assistance is also distributed including the social assistance program in PPKM situations including the 10 kg rice assistance specifically for KPM PKH and BST, 5 kg rice assistance as many as 3,000 packages for people who have not received any social assistance. Specifically for KPM, BPNT will receive an additional 2 (two) times the allocation of assistance.

In his remarks, Deputy Regent Sutjidra said, the Buleleng Regency Government always tries to be present in helping reduce the burden on people affected by the pandemic. He admitted that he was very concerned about the increasing number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Buleleng. For this reason, his party appeals to the public to always be disciplined in implementing health protocols and staying at home if there is no urgent need. In addition, Sutjidra also asked the public not to easily believe hoax news which is increasingly troubling in the current pandemic situation.

In addition, Deputy Regent Sutjidra also appreciated all parties who supported the distribution of social assistance to the entire community of Buleleng, so that the distribution could be carried out properly.

"On this occasion, we would like to thank BRI Singaraja Branch, Perum Bulog, and the Singaraja Post Office who have been working hand in hand to help us to be able to carry out the distribution of social assistance," said Sutjidra.

 Also present on this occasion Assistant I Secretariat of Buleleng Regency Ida Bagus Suadnyana, SH, M.Si, Head of Buleleng Regency Social Service I Putu Karimaman Putra, S.Sos, MM, Regional Head of Perum Bulog Bali Regional Office, Head of Singaraja Post Office, Branch Manager BRI Singaraja and representatives of social assistance recipients. Meanwhile, along with changes in government policy in the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM), which was originally an Emergency PPKM but has now become a Level 3 PPKM, the rules regarding the opening hours of traders in the culinary sector have changed. The change was originally only allowed to open until 8 pm, now allowed to open until 9 pm. This was stated by Ketut Suwarmawan as the Coordinator for the Data and Information Division of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force (Satgas) of Buleleng Regency through a press release on Wednesday (21/7).

Furthermore, Suwarmawan explained that the changes to the rules were contained in the Circular Letter (SE) of the Governor of Bali No. 11/2021 Regarding the Implementation of PPKM Level 3. The Culinary Sector is allowed to open until 21.00 WITA. However, the stipulation is that culinary sector business actors are only allowed to serve orders to take home.

"For now, the dine-in service cannot be carried out, but take away or take away services can be provided to buyers," added Suwarmawan.

Suwarmawan hopes that the public will understand and comply with the rules related to PPKM Level 3 because this rule was made to protect the public by suppressing the surge in Covid-19 cases due to mobility and crowds. He did not forget to remind the public to always apply the Covid-19 prevention health protocols.

Meanwhile, regarding the latest Covid-19 developments, Suwarmawan said that today there are 46 new recovery rates, consisting of 2 people from Banjar District, 18 people from Buleleng District, 2 people from Busungbiu District, 7 people from Gerokgak District, 1 person from Kubuaddan District, 12 people from Sawan District, 3 people from Seririt District, and 1 person from Sukasada District.

While the new confirmation figures, today there was the addition of 71 people consisting of 4 people from Banjar District, 26 people from Buleleng District, 1 person from Busungbiu District, 9 people from Gerokgak District, 2 people from Kubuaddan District, 14 people from Sawan District, 9 people from Seririt Subdistrict, and 6 people from Sukasada Subdistrict. One person died today.

Cumulatively, confirmed cases in Buleleng Regency were 5,712 people with details of 4,649 recovered, 232 people died, 827 people were treated in Buleleng, and 4 people were treated outside Buleleng 

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