Pos Indonesia is ready to disburse Cash Social Assistance in Buleleng

 In order to support the Buleleng Regency Government (Pemkab) in carrying out the distribution of Cash Social Assistance (BST) to communities affected by Covid-19, PT. Pos Indonesia again supports the distribution of BST to Beneficiary Families (KPM) in Buleleng Regency. This was stated by the Head of the Singaraja Post Office, Kamarudin Suman when met after the symbolic BST handover in the Atiti Lobby of the Buleleng Regent's Office on Wednesday (21/7).

Furthermore, Kamarudin explained that the distribution of BST each month is Rp. 300.000, - it was distributed directly to KPM through the post office.

The BST, said Kamarudin, was distributed to 16,184 Beneficiary Families (KPM) in Buleleng Regency. The distribution of the BST by the Singaraja Post Office has begun.

"So we just started distributing it last Monday, July 19, and today we are distributing it in Kampung Baru Village. For other sub-districts and villages in Buleleng District and other sub-districts in Buleleng Regency, we plan to schedule it to go directly to each village," explained Kamarudin.

For this reason, his party always coordinates with relevant agencies in determining the schedule to go directly to the community.

"We are coordinating with the Social Service of Buleleng Regency to make a schedule, after that we will inform each village," he added.

Regarding the procedures for the community to get assistance, Kamarudin explained that the KPMs would later come to the nearest Post Office counter or at the village hall.

Kamarudin continued, people need to bring the requirements for an e-KTP and original Family Card. Because in distributing aid, his party needs to match it with the KPM NIK.

"If it doesn't match, we recommend going to the Dukcapil Office to fix the NIK while the Implementation of the Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) is planned to be extended until the end of July 2021. Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani has also prepared a scenario of the Emergency PPKM social safety net for six Sunday during a meeting with the House of Representatives Budget Board (Banggar) on Monday (12/7/2021) Several safety nets called Sri Mulyani, including the Family Hope Program (PKH) assistance, the Ministry of Social's cash social assistance (BST), BPNT (card basic necessities), additional 10 kg of rice, discounted electricity rates, Village BLT and Pre-Employment Cards.

1. PKH assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs Social assistance PKH (Hope Family Program) The Ministry of Social Affairs will also be disbursed in July 2021 based on the distribution scheme quoted from the Ministry of Social PKH website. The PKH Social Assistance Ministry of Social Affairs will be distributed in January, April, July, and October 2021 through BNI, BRI, Mandiri, and BTN. The amount of assistance for this PKH varies, for example, for families with pregnant women and early childhood, they get Rp. 3 million. While assistance for those who have elementary school children will get Rp 900 thousand, children who are already in junior high school get Rp 1.5 million, and for high school, children get Rp 2 million. Meanwhile, families with disabled or elderly members will receive IDR 2.4 million. In addition, there is an additional 10 kg of rice per beneficiary in the Family Hope Program (PKH) with a budget of IDR 2.5 trillion. "This is at the same time for Bulog to use the rice in its warehouse so that they can use 200,000 tons to help community groups, so Bulog can buy farmers' grain which is now harvesting again," said Sri Mulyani.

2. BPNT (Sembako Card) This assistance is issued every month in the amount of Rp. 200 thousand per month per family. The distribution is done through banks and agents appointed by the government. The BPNT disbursement schedule starts from January - December 2021. This BPNT social assistance can be used for food ingredients such as sources of carbohydrates (rice, corn, sago), animal protein (eggs, chicken meat, beef, fresh fish), and sources of vitamins and minerals, vegetables, and fruits. For the basic food cards, said Sri Mulyani, they will be paid in July 2021 through the Ministry of Social Affairs. "Because the actual allocation of 18.8 million recipients as of June is still 15.9 million. We understand that the Ministry of Social Affairs is fixing DTKS. However, this also requires speed, and therefore BST and distribution of food cards because the budget has been provided for Rp. 40 trillion and the realization in June still Rp. 17.75 trillion," he explained.

3. Cash Social Assistance Direct cash assistance has also been budgeted at Rp40 trillion. Sri Mulyani explained that the Emergency PPKM was also supported by social assistance that was accelerated in payment. In its announcement, this cash social assistance (BST) will be distributed for the months of May, June, and July 2021 so that it will be given at once Rp600 thousand, the Ministry of Social Affairs wrote. "Residents will receive Rp600 thousand at a time, but I ask that it be not allowed and only to meet basic needs," said Social Minister Tri Rismaharini. The distribution of BST has not changed or is in accordance with the January - April 2021 scheme, namely through the Post Office and the State Bank Association (Himbara). "So hopefully it can be realized in the second week of this month at the latest and we will try to distribute everything to the residents," said the Minister of Social Affairs. In addition, the Head of the West Jakarta Social Service, Mursidin, explained that as many as 326,345 Beneficiary Families (KPM) in West Jakarta had received cash social assistance (BST) from the Ministry of Social Affairs. The amount of assistance received is Rp. 600,000. "For today, the schedule is East Cengkareng, there are 8,400 (recipients) that will be sent in cash by PT Pos Indonesia," said Mursidin when contacted Monday (7/19/2021).

4. Electricity Subsidy For electricity subsidy extended until September 2021, Rp7.58 trillion for 450-900 VA customers. Sri Mulyani explained, the Ministry of Finance did another extension, initially 3 months and then 6 months until June 2021. Then because of the Java-Bali Emergency PPKM, the government finally decided to extend it again for 6 months until September 2021. "This is 32.6 million customers, an additional Rp1.91 trillion for the allocation in the first semester has been used Rp5.67 trillion so the total to help 450 and 900 VA customers is 7.58 trillion. For the minimum account assistance, we gave the subscription for 1.14 million customers, this semester 1 allocation is already Rp. 1.27 trillion, we have also extended it for 3 months, so it will be recorded at Rp. 420 billion," he said.

 5. Village BLT Then the village BLT with an allocation of 8 million recipients has been budgeted for Rp28 trillion, but until June it has only been realized to 5 million participants with a budget of Rp4.49 trillion. "So the budget space is still sufficient and the target is 8 million, but only 5 million has been realized. We hope that this will be done especially when dealing with emergency PPKM which does require support for our community in order to survive, "explained Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani.

6. Pre-Employment Cards There is also a Pre-Employment Card until June 2021, which has realized 2.8 million with a total budget that has been prepared of Rp. 10 trillion. There is also Productive Micro Business Assistance (BPUM) which will be given to 3 million new recipients. “From 12.8 million recipients, 9.8 million participants have been realized. So with this additional 3 million, an additional IDR 3.6 trillion is added. So the total is Rp. 15.36 trillion," said Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani.

 Social Assistance & Subsidies Provided Together with PPKM Schedule

Emergency Responding to government subsidies and aid which only started to disburse earlier this week, Bhima Yudhistira, Director of the Center of Economic and Law Studies (Celios) assessed that the government's plan should have been more mature. The disbursement of subsidies should be carried out simultaneously during the Emergency PPKM. "The conditions will certainly be tough, for the lower middle class the conditions are getting even more severe. Due to the current situation, where the wages are daily and then freelancers, yes, that's what I'm afraid will trigger a wave of people from the city to the village [ruralization]. Because you can't survive in the city anymore. So they decided to go home," he explained. Therefore, the government needs to strengthen the social safety net for the lower classes, to ensure that the community can survive during the emergency PPKM period. “I fear that there will be a rising tide of poverty. Then it will not rule out the possibility that many will fall hungry. Social security also we are very small. The realization is also still small, if I'm not mistaken, it's only 30-40 percent for the total PEN," he explained.

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