10 traditional medicinal plants part 2

11. Flower Knobs, Beautiful Medicinal Plants

knob flower

Other herbal plants can give a beautiful impression to your yard. This plant is a knob flower or commonly called a button flower and this puter flower comes from America and Asia. In addition to functioning as an ornamental plant, flower knobs are also rich in benefits. Among them, efficacious treat inflammation of the eye, headache, fever, dysentery, cough, asthma, also increases appetite.

How to grow medicinal plant flowers is also quite easy. Flowers only need to be maintained by keeping watering, checking the soil moisture sensor, and fertilizing regularly. To get the benefits, you can boil ten flowers with ginger, then drink the boiled water three times a day on a regular basis. This herb is useful for curing asthma or shortness of breath.

12. Broken Leaves for Fractures

broken bone

Besides being useful, plants that have interesting shapes are often used as ornamental plants for some people. As the name suggests, fractured leaves are useful for treating fractures and various other diseases. Starting from a toothache, skin disease, as well as minor injuries. But, you need to be careful when you want to use this plant as medicine. You should first consult a health professional. The sap of this plant is dangerous if it gets into the eyes because it has the potential to cause permanent blindness.

13. Tempuyung Leaves

Tempuyung leaves

You may have encountered this one plant. Who would have thought, this plant that is often found around us turns out to have many benefits. Reporting to indtimes.com, Tempuyung leaves contain many natural sources that are good for the body such as amino acids, polyphenols, protein; alpha and beta-amyrin, lipids, polymeric hydrocarbons, lupeol, Pseudotaraxasterol, and Taraxasterol. This herbal plant is useful for reducing uric acid levels, overcoming kidney stones, preventing hypertension.

14. Duck Bill Medicinal Plant

Bebe bill plant

This plant often grows wild in the garden. However, the duckbill plant is also widely used as an ornamental plant and its properties are used to treat various diseases. This plant with the shape of a duck's beak has antiseptic properties to heal wounds, relieve headaches and fever, treat toothache, treat hemorrhoids, relieve breathing, treat mosquito bites, and relieve sore tonsils.

15. Vile Beling, Medicinal Plants from Tropical Countries

vile buy

The vile shard leaf is a medicinal plant that can grow in tropical countries like Indonesia. This plant which has a smooth and slightly hairy surface is known to be able to help treat various diseases. Such as diabetes, cancer, tumors, kidney stones, hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, ward off free radicals, and can also relieve depression, you know.

16. Gout Leaves for Joint Disease

gout leaves

As the name suggests, this plant is used to treat rheumatic diseases, joint pain, low back pain, and also several other diseases such as headaches, skin diseases, smooth urination, to blood cancer. This is because it contains chemicals that are good for the body. However, you should still be careful when using it because these leaves are poisonous. Do not stick gout leaves too long so that the skin does not scald.

17. Sage Leaf

sage leaf medicinal plant

Although not as well-known as other leaf medicinal plants, sage leaves are commonly used as spices and herbs and are even widely used as a component of fragrances in soaps and cosmetics. These leaves contain many nutrients and vitamins that are good for the body. Its benefits include lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, treating Alzheimer's, controlling inflammation, reducing menopause symptoms, nourishing the mouth, preventing diarrhea, healthy bones, and curing various skin diseases.

18. Medicinal Plants Pasak Bumi

earth peg

This medicinal plant has long been believed to be efficacious for male vitality. But it turns out that the benefits of Pasak bumi are more than that, you know. This plant can also help overcome other diseases ranging from overcoming fertility problems, reducing stress, helping to build and enlarge muscles, increasing testosterone, to increasing energy.

19. Gandheli: Rare Medicinal Plant

Gandhi medicinal plant

Do you know? This flower medicinal plant is very rare and was even considered extinct. Gandhi is only found in the Borjan region, Tinsukia, India. Although rare, this plant is much sought after because of its properties that can help cure uterine cancer, colon cancer, and help fight the HIV virus.

20. Gotu Kola Medicinal Plant

gotu kola medicinal plant

If this one plant, maybe many women are already familiar with its Latin name, namely Centella Asiatica which is commonly used in skincare ingredients. The benefits of Gotu kola leaves for the face are to treat acne and premature aging. But apart from that, it turns out that this leaf has a myriad of other benefits. Such as improving brain function and memory, overcoming depression, improvin.

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