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3 Ways Tourist Bus Drivers Earn Extra Money in Indonesia

Don't think the tourist bus driver's salary is big. Their salary in one trip or trip, sometimes not as much as our income in one day.

Like he bears the cost of his own trip, the money could run out and even have to call. But even though the salary is from a small company, bus drivers usually earn extra money in the following ways

1. Commission from the restaurant visited

If on a trip, usually the bus driver already has a restaurant subscription. So if the bus driver stops by with a lot of passengers, the bus driver will get a hefty commission.

The calculation system is also uncertain, depending on the policy of the restaurant visited. What is clear is that in addition to getting extra money, the bus driver can also get a free meal package. So don't be stingy when traveling, don't get used to a group bringing their own food, in order to save the finances of bus drivers whose salaries are small.

2. From the gift center calculated from sales

In addition to restaurants, bus drivers also get extra money from the souvenir center. The souvenir center that is often stopped by large tourism buses already understands this one scheme. So the more souvenirs the passengers buy, the bus driver can also get a hefty commission. But if only a few shoppers, it's not uncommon for drivers to only get souvenir packages.

3. Tips from passengers

You can also get tips from kind passengers. Tour organizers usually set aside a small portion of the budget for bus drivers. In the form of an envelope according to the willingness of the heart. Unfortunately, not all committees want to do something like this. Especially if the profit or budget obtained is too tight.

It is conceivable that if additional money is not obtained, relying solely on salary, the bus driver may often have no money.

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