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Pros and Cons of Sunroof, Moonroof, and Panoramic Roof

Car lovers must be no stranger to the sunroof. This one car body panel is one that is of particular concern.

Now, the sunroof is growing until a similar panel with the name moonroof and panoramic roof appears.

Although they have the same function, these three panels certainly have their own advantages and disadvantages. Curious about anything? here is the review.


Sunroof is a body panel with two types of openings. The first with a hinge opening system and the second sliding.

Both types of sunroof certainly have advantages, one of which is in terms of good lighting.

This sunroof also has the advantage that the air circulation is quite large. This panel also has a noise that is not too noisy.

In terms of appearance, a car equipped with a sunroof will feel more luxurious. This feature also adds to the selling point of the car.

Behind these advantages, the sunroof also has disadvantages, you know. One of them is the reduced cabin space. This is because the installation of sunroof equipment takes up quite a lot of space.

Another drawback is that it can make the car wasteful of fuel because the load is quite heavy. A set of sunroof weighs about 20 kg.

This sunroof can also make the cabin hot if it is opened for too long and in very hot sun conditions.

Another drawback of the sunroof is that it can cause leakage if there is damage to the bulkhead. Water can enter and seep when it rains.


Basically the benefits of a moonroof are not much different from a sunroof. But there is one thing that distinguishes it is the opening system which looks neater.

This feature has also been widely adopted by manufacturers so that it does not affect the cabin space or the weight of the car itself.

The drawback of the moonroof lies in its maintenance. Must be diligent in cleaning the rails so as not to jam. In addition, the insulating rubber on the moonroof must also be cleaned frequently to keep it safe.

panoramic roof

Unlike the previous panels, this panoramic roof has a very wide size, so passengers can see outside more freely.

In addition, this panoramic roof makes the car look more luxurious and elegant, because the roof is mostly made of glass material.

This panoramic roof can also still be open even in rainy conditions, so passengers can see the scenery when it rains.

However, this panoramic roof also has drawbacks. One of them is that it is permanent so it cannot be changed.

Another drawback of this panel is the price is quite expensive. This feature is still rarely used in cheap cars.

The high price of this panel is influenced by the size that is quite large and uses a fairly thick glass material.

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