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Presidential Appeal and Backflow Management Plan

Managing Backflow It's certain, Mr. Jaka, but if we discuss it, it's not easy, maybe we will listen to what President Joko Widodo has to say regarding this backflow. Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Ladies and gentlemen, whom I respect, we celebrate Eid Fitri in our hometown, of course, we will return to our respective places to work or other activities I want to remind you that the government predicts the Peak of Backflow will occur on May 6, 7 and 8, 2022 to avoid the density of Backflow and so that we are all safe on my journey urges me to invite you and your brothers and sisters who travel by private vehicle to return early or return after the Peak of Backflow, of course, following the permission obtained from the workplace now again the government will always try to do the best for the community, including arranging travel Backflow with traffic management to unravel traffic jams, the odd-even policy, the one-way rule or RW and the ban on trucks entering the toll road will still be enforced. Everything is done so that the community remains comfortable, that is what President Joko Widodo or the government has conveyed regarding the appeal for home comes to return to their hometowns. return home to their respective hometowns can return to their place of life earlier or not on the six seven eight eighth of May but the question is Mas yes Sis Is it going to be done because yes it was in "what kind of deep longing is there?" revenge after 2 years of not being able to go home, eventually it will gather together on the 7th and 8th, the government, in this case, can only give an appeal regarding the decision whether the youth will now return early or after the peak of the reverse flow, yes, it depends on the community including the community but again that yes they have to stake risks when they travel backflow when the peak of the backflow day will be jammed very very angry as usual, yes. Although we must also give appreciation to all officers who work day and night to make arrangements by giving what traffic engineering is to implement what has been done, when he does the volume of the vehicle exceeds the capacity, the road will be there. At least it's not bad traffic, if you look at the lessons from the homecoming flow, there have been several incidents with long traffic jams, yes, at the Merak crossing, of course later from the Bakauheuni, they will return to Java at Arus Balik and then in the rest area on the toll road. Is it possible in less time? from 1 week, yes, all stems can fix the problem, mas That's a bad thing if you can use the Merak-Bakauheni method, you can't, in the end, the boats are added and the eyes are patched. What if we look at the data from the crossing from Java to Sumatra and later from Sumatra to Java, there are around 200 thousand vehicles that want to enter? Yesterday in Sumatra, the total accumulation was per day, but the capacity of the mangrove port is only around 3,000, which means that when the hundreds of thousands close or at least the tens of thousands are waiting for Papa Port, vehicles that refuse to be diverted must first settle in a rest area on several grounds, yes, then there is also engineering, such as motorcyclists. will there be a special get if the number is very large, you don't need to mix it with cars, so we can at least hope that methods like this won't break down the traffic jams, but again when what are the Homecomers piled up at one point at the same time, tired of traffic jams or overcrowding, if indeed all preparations had been made to the worst case scenario, yes, because if we remember several years ago, before the pandemic, Mas Jaka, there was a long traffic jam on the road The Trans Java toll road was just starting to finish, yes. There was a mechanism, for example, for those who ran out of fuel, then wanted a car from the gas station or the motorbike that picked it up and then the paramedics were ready, no Yes, but that has already been done, right? yesterday's homecoming flow, the toll road manager was also there providing petrol pumps, gas stations that wanted to pay for it could happen, did the vehicle run out of fuel on the streets because of regular traffic jams and what the people's authorities had prepared was good enough to anticipate traffic jams -6 on the 7th of the 8th it will be applied one and that means the 6th bro Even number from Kalikangkung means even date from Kalikangkung to Cikampek toll road KM 47 then 7th means vehicle with odd odd number plate from Kalikangkung to Halim Toll Gate 8 odd-even from Kalikangkung I am in what situational situation I realized that it reached Halim Toll Yes ways like this can minimize congestion.

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