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 Get to know Flexing closer

Flexing or showing off is a manifestation of one's ego. The ego is the self-image we have of ourselves. The higher the image we create of who we are, the more we try to find justification or proof from other people. With the existence of social media, the flexing phenomenon becomes more widespread. Previously, showing off was considered taboo, prohibited, and inappropriate, but now it has become a common thing. Some of the things that are often exhibited are ATM balances, piles of money, expensive clothes, private jets, vacations abroad, luxury bags, luxury cars, and a series of other luxury items. Then recently came the terms, sultan and crazy rich. The purpose of flexing Launching, flexing or showing off is done to achieve various goals, including showing social status and position, creating an impression for others, and showing ability. According to business expert Rhenald Kasali, flexing is widely used as a marketing strategy. Flexing is generally done subtly by speakers, through their CV they will explain their educational background, achievements, awards, and others. It aims to make the listeners or participants present confidently in the speaker's capacity and ability. Some people also do flexing by showing off their achievements, work achievements, and awards on their social media. Instead of self-promotion, they get the impression of being tacky, and arrogant, which in the end is self-defeating, said Ronald Kasali. "Although flexing is one of the marketing strategies used to attract consumers, there are still many other strategies that are "much better" than excessive flexing," said Ronald. Flexing: showing off Meanwhile, personal clinical psychologist Growth Stefany Valentina said, flexing is simply can be interpreted as showing off. From a psychological point of view, Stefany said people showing off could be for two reasons. First, show off because you have something to be proud of and just share it with others. "It could also be because he has something, but what is being exhibited is a form of insecurity, because he feels he is lacking. So he feels the need to show off his achievements so that the insecurity is not visible," Stefany said when contacted by, Monday (14/2/2022). According to him, flexing is not only about wealth and possessions, but can also be achievement, success, or even a relationship. He said flexing is still considered normal as long as it is within reasonable limits.

Flexing and appreciating success Because Stefany also said that flexing is a way to appreciate someone's success, but it can be problematic if done excessively. "Not all things are exhibited. There are certain limits that separate which flexing is reasonable and which is not," he explained. "For example, after finishing college, you can continue to graduate, it's okay to continue to show it off, as a form of self-appreciation as well. So it's not always interpreted negatively," he added. Stefany explained, that as long as the exhibited items are personal property and the result of self-achievement, it is a natural thing. However, if flexing is done to cover up his shortcomings, he will not solve the root of the problem. "So being rich is just covering up that insecurity by showing off. Over time, maybe people around you don't like him.

Meanwhile, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, flexing is showing something you have or achieve but in a way that is considered by others to be unpleasant. Meanwhile, referring to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, flexing is showing something or something that is owned prominently. An example of flexing is an influencer flexing designer bags or other luxuries on social media.

The origin of the word Flexing Summarized from the page, the origin of the emergence of the meaning of the word flexing is black slang to "show courage" or "show off" since the 1990s. Rapper Ice Cube specifically used it in his 1992 song It Was a Good Day with the lyrics Saw the police and they rolled right past me / No flexin', didn't even look in a n*gga's direction as I ran the intersection. In addition, the origin of the word "flex" or flexing is to flex one's muscles, which is to show how physically strong one is and how ready one is to fight. This becomes a metaphor for the meaning of flexing is that they think better than others. Furthermore, the word "flex" or flexing became popular in 2014 thanks to Rae Sremmurd's No Flex Zone which means an area for people who relax, act like themselves, and don't show off or pretend to be different. It can be concluded in slang, that flexible person are considered to like to lie and have a lot of wealth even though in reality they don't.

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