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Hi film lovers, welcome to the story of the film, this time I will tell you about a film called the Adams Project, this film will tell the story of a man who travels time to save the situation in Neglia's future. at the beginning of the film, it is written that this time is right in the year 2050 and it is also written that time travel is a reality then shown a man who is driving a fish fighter plane this man named Adam Adam is a special force who intends to time travel to the past using the universe wormhole to do time travel, but Adam also has to deal with several other forces who want to block him for the reason you are time-traveling will be explained later according to the storyline then after Adam managed to get into the wormhole we move on to 2022 right on h From that day on, Adam, who was 12 years old, was always bullied by some of his friends. This is not the first time this has happened. Even Adam has been suspended for Mama twice by his school. Adam's mother saw her child being bought again. Then protested to the principal but the principal decided to take a boarding house. Adam, the third time that night, saw his mother who looked like she wanted to have a date night, it turned out that Adam's father had died 2 years ago that's why Adam's mother wanted to have a date night with other men when Adam was playing a game suddenly there was an unprecedented power outage So before Adam with his dog then Planned to go down to a forest to find out about his curiosity in the forest there saw a spaceship that had an accident that burned some trees feeling if it was an alien ship Adam decided n to return to his house Arriving in front of Adam's house he heard a voice from inside the warehouse when someone checked him he saw a man who is now in his warehouse the man is none other than an adult Adam who comes from 2050 before continuing to the storyline the name of the adult Adam let's just call him old Adam while we call little Adam by the name of Adam, we have continued to the storyline, there is young, but he doesn't realize that the man he sees is himself who is in the future. Old Adam then plans to enter the house of young Adam to take some of Adam's food. The old man then checked One part of his body which was injured by being shot by the old Adam then said the identity of the young man and even explained the incident of the young who were often bullied. Their bodies were young and they began to believe that this person was him in the future. Old Adam then invites young people to go to the middle of the forest to a place t The old Adam turned on his spaceship which suffered slight damage to the engine on the plane. Old Adam realized that his DNA was starting to be undetectable by the plane, so old Adam needed the DNA from young adam to start his plane. After examining the plane, old Adam decided. to rest in the warehouse before there was young Put thought that this was all very extraordinary when going to sleep old Adam saw one of the photos of a woman who was on his cell phone switched to there young when Adam's mother had returned to his house Adam saw a man who was his mother's date the next day Adam's mother told young Adam if he might not be home for a few days there was young then came to the warehouse where old Adam was in the warehouse it was easy to feel amazed by the state of his very burly body in the future but there are old then decided to uk went to a pharmacy because old Adam's clothes were full of old Adam decided to change his clothes old Adam then took one of the clothes from their father who has now died because Old Adam did not have much money he decided to look for a drug in the supermarket there was a young man who was outside the supermarket suddenly visited by several people who always bought it when old Adam came out of the supermarket he immediately advised a young man to dare to fight the bullies instead of defending young Adam Old Adam instead said that this fight must continue because old Adam has tasted these purchases in the past and the destiny of the past cannot be changed in the slightest Old Adam then makes sure that it is easy If he can fight the buyers But the result is in vain Old Adam who is very upset then scolds the buyers so that the buyers it no longer makes purchases to young Adam when when he came home old Adam saw there was young he locked himself in the warehouse old Adam apologized to the young man for letting him be bullied there was young then took a cell phone and showed a photo of a woman Old Adam said that the photo was his wife who named Laura with a sad face, old Adam decided to go to a place, it turned out that old Adam went to a bar to meet his mother. Old Adam realized one thing if his mother in the past felt very burdened by young Adam who blamed himself for the death of Adam's father at the time. Adam is still young, he hates his mother very much for reasons that are not clear. Old Adam, who heard a story from his mother to one of the bar owners. Old Adam explained to young Adam that he should have time travel to the year 2018. Old Adam also explained his reason for time travel, namely to find his wife who had previously committed time travel to the year 2018 old Adam then invites young people to immediately go to the plane with his fighting skills Old Adam managed to defeat the entire army But from one direction a woman appeared who was the leader of time travelers in the future this woman named Maya when Adam was old about to be caught suddenly Aura appears who then saves the life of old Adam Laura invites them both to immediately leave the forest. managed to escape Laura took old Adam and ada young to go to her house in Laura's house explained many things about the reason for going to the past Laura traveled to the past to stop the time travel machine created by Adam's father but after Adam's father died Maya lit use the machine for his interests, that's why Laura went on time travel to destroy the time machine. Adam then invited Laura to come to 2018 to destroy the time machine. But Laura refused because the future plane could only be climbed by Laura's DNA owner. told old Adam to destroy the time machine While he would attract the attention of future troops on the other hand there was young with old Adam planning to board the previous plane which was in the middle of the forest. Old Adam did not intend to invite young ada to go to the past. it requires body DNA, two of them are forced to invite young Adam as the key to the activation of the plane. Young Adam and old Adam plan to build a wormhole to go to 2018 before making a wormhole. Old Adam tells young that if this mission doesn't work, they will both be trapped. In the past, some young people were passionate about telling old Adam to start his mission, then it was shown that in 2018, Adam's father, Louis, was teaching at a campus. Old Adam and a young, slithering young man who they were still alive, planned to meet him at this time. Louis was explaining physics material, old Adam suddenly answered Louis' words. Louis was surprised by old Adam because he didn't recognize him, but suddenly the alarm after class sounded. Louis, who saw old Adam, now began to realize that he was close to Louis after Louis died. While in a motel, old Adam explains all future events including the death of Louis, in which the situation in the future should not be bad. The time machine that was supposed to be used for the common good was misused for personal gain, but their father didn't want to change future events because it is the same as going against the destiny of i God turned to an old Maya company that previously chased Adam now comes to young Maya to report a land where old Maya is trying to spread lies, namely about Louis's child or Adam who is a threat to the future era, turns to old atom here he also explains to Young Adam if he will continue to destroy the time machine that has been made by their father on the other hand Luis who is at his house is worried about the condition of Adam who is from the future So Louis shows a different attitude like the previous days the next day there are young and Adam old man also plans to carry out their previous mission, old Adam divides the tasks to young Adam, if there is a young man in charge of controlling drone weapons to fight the invaders, guard with enthusiasm, old Adam begins his plan, a fight ensues between all of them, Adam, the master with his weapon, managed to defeat the troops comes from the future of a The direction to come Then is, who has now changed his mind, Louis plans to destroy his found time machine to change a better future outside the room. Adam has not realized that he is being watched by some future troops when Louis has taken the core of controlling the time machine. old with young Maia who wants to stop the three of them Old Maya threatens to kill young Adam who is now his support there is easy with his agility then thwarts Maya's gun shot but the gun bullet destroys a glass which is the energy of the time machine. This also causes electromagnetic energy to leak, all objects that have a magnetic field must be carried to the machine. On the other hand, the fight between Adam and special forces from the future is still ongoing, there are easy ones who saw it and immediately tried to help old Adam. it got worse the machine could not be controlled old Maya then asked for the core of the time machine which was still carried by Louis because Louis refused it so he immediately shot Louis with his gun but the gun bullet which contained an instant magnet in the form of direction and hit the body of young Maya this it also made old Maya also experience death at that moment the situation became even more so Louis asked his son to leave the place because the explosion security had been fully activated luckily the three of them were still safe from If the two children would return to where they were Luis then took him Adam is old and there is young to play a game for the last time. Old Adam who also realized that they would return to their respective times then he left a request to adam young that is to hug his mother tightly because there are young people will feel very lost later If he has gone After a while Luis realized that his two children had returned to their respective places, there was a young man who was already in his time and then he fulfilled the request from old adab, namely to hug his mother without meeting sometimes old, it turns out that he was in the period when he first met with Laura who is old Adam has to start his initial struggle to have Laura's heart and then the movie ends.

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