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what's wrong don't remember anythingAfter a busy day at the office you rub your eyes wake up and look around you are in a tiny studio apartment filled with knick-knacks and strange objects there is a small kitchen next to the door and a small bathroom you wash your face and when you look in the mirror you scream you are new you realize your voice is too loud you cover your mouth with your hand the reflection of your eyes in the mirror is too big and your skin and hair are so perfect you touch your face to make sure everything is real you can still hear people talking somewhere outside your room you sit in bed trying to think what are you going to do you look in the window and the view makes your head spin you see the magnificent view of the future city from a height You might live in one of the tallest skyscraper apartments in the area it rains heavily but looks perfect no wind makes the rain change direction someone is knocking on your apartment door me looking down trying to hide someone is trying to open the door handle they are chatting in a language that sounds like Japanese and you don't understand what they are saying you From his intonation he asks you but you don't answer he is angry his eyes change shape and his mouth widens he grabs your hand and leads you down the corridor the building all the rooms look the same in this beautiful hallway there is a window at the end of the corridor and no stairs nothing makes sense he breaks the window still holding you jumps and lands on the roof of another building yes you scream in fright you look behind your new building leave you see a group of people dressed in black wearing scary masks luckily they didn't jump after you the biggest one must be the leader yeah he's standing in the middle watching you from behind that scary mask you and the girl head to a secluded alley he keeps talking to you in Japanese until he realizes you don't understand him he BER stop talking and just smile at you You look at him confused you ask about people chasing you in English and he replies they are bad guys you don't understand the rest of what he's saying He tells a little about himself than you understand a little he grew up on the streets of survival by eating leftovers from the trash after a while he started working for a few people to earn a lot of money but now he is one of the fiercest Pickpockets in the city you are confused why did you follow that girl or is it all honest you talk to him but he doesn't understand at all anyways you have to follow him until you find a way to escape you are now in a square full of typical Japanese street food you and the girl are trying to mingle you still don't know where you are going all that delicious food makes my stomach growl but it arrives -Suddenly you notice several masked men bun up tutimu the girl holds you tight and pulls you the men are suddenly in front of you trying to surround you the girl opens Open the sewer hole and you go down there you can't stand the smell and see a lot of rats everywhere the girl goes into the little tunnel and you arrived at a place like a small apartment while we are safe here he says you realize you are starting to understand you sit while he Locks the door and looks into several cameras those people can't find the entrance to the hiding place yes he breathes a sigh of relief and relaxes he explains it's you who will lead them to victory You are the chosen one you say you don't know who you are or How did you get there he is confused knows you are telling the truthbut it's too late for you to run away those people already recognize your face they won't give you mercy the girl explains there is a group of people you need to meet but they live quite far away tomorrow morning you will continue your journey to the next day the girl cooks a nice breakfast then you guys go safer traveling during the day there are lots of people who can be eyewitnesses if something happens to you so the girl uses a strategy of hiding in the crowd You ride a cart pulled by a creature like a cow a few moments later you enter the forest the trees are tall with big leaves the forest floor dark but covered with hundreds of colorful flowers you reach the location have to leave the cart and continue on foot as you walk through the forest you see some magical creatures walking and flying here and there you finally reach the destination of the tiny little mating that looks abandoned but the girl knocks on the door with a signaland the door opens you and the girl comes in and suddenly all goes dark for a while you cant see or hear anything once you reach the end of the tunnel you see some people dressed weird and ready to fight looks like they are ready for anything the girl explains to them you are the chosen one and you don't remember anything You think this must be my fault I'm nobody everything I know is not in this world I can't trust them I can't trust anyone in this strange world I have to find a way out of this world but how do you look around girls the one in a dark corner and wearing a hood looks like he understands your thoughts you keep looking at him you can't take your eyes off him it's like he's in your head somehow he managed to show you a broken world all of that would have happened if you didn't join ya You walked into the middle of the room and told that you are ready to lead them m they are excited and making plans while in town the residents are celebrating some kind of big day there are many masked people patrolling your streets and east gathering behind the building to discuss where you are going the girl points to the building Moving to the roof masked men are everywhere So you disguised to blend in so far all smooth you pass the first line of guard but the next plan It's quite difficult everyone who wants to enter the building has to pass through security one of the MU team members on the roof causing a commotion which attracts the attention of the guards some of them leave their post thanks to this commotion you and the girl managed to break through the second row Your guard is inside the building ready to take down the leader yes you ask the girl why did you go back there and what makes this building so important she says you are being held hostage and she infiltrated To free you unfortunately the mission didn't work last time Because S The leader wasn't there when he sneaked in but after he saved you security was tightened the building was huge from inside you started to feel weird nothing felt real anymore you turned around and looked for the girl but she disappeared one of the masked guards Finds you and chases you you get to dead end the leader of these masked men approaches you and says your name he says the girl who brought you here has betrayed you You are confused and don't know who to trust but suddenly a voice inside your head tells something then everything turns dark.

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